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Mother-Daughter Wedding Photos From the Albums of Industry Experts

We dug into the albums of Industry Experts to find the most heartwarming Mother-Daughter wedding looks and photos.

Image Courtesy - Ishita Dutta 

At WeddingWire India, Mother’s Day 2020 is more than just a celebration of our love and respect for our mother. We are celebrating #LovewithLegacy. It is a party of the relationship we share with our mother, brought to life by a symphony of Mother and Daughter wedding looks that were either inspired by our mother’s timeless charm or a reflection of how she has raised us to be our own person. Come join our celebration as we take a stroll down the memory lane to pause, stare and admire Mother-Daughter Wedding photos dug out of albums of our industry’s famous faces and names.

Actor, Ishita Dutta  

Image Courtesy - Ishita Dutta

Television actor, Ishita Dutta shares, “Most of my wedding jewellery was from my mother’s old jewellery collection. I love traditional jewellery and made a choice to wear the classics’ from her collection. Two pairs of golden bangles have trickled down in the family since the time of my great grandmother. I have one and my sister has another. I loved that pair since I was a little girl and always told my mom that I will wear it someday. These bangles will always be the most precious jewellery in my collection.”

Ruchita Bansal, Founder and Creative Director, Izhaar

Image Credits - Izhaar

Founder and Creative Director of Izhaar, Ruchita Bansal sends a heartwarming message on Mother's Day. “I believe every mom is a superstar, right from the time when the baby is about to be born till they are old enough to take care of themselves, she is always there to offer unconditional love and support. Celebrating their love and all that they have given to us and wishing all the mothers a very Happy Mothers’ Day!”

Mansi Gupta, Founder & CEO, Tjori

Image Credits - Tjori

Founder and Ceo of Tjori, Mansi Gupta tells us how her mother has been a living form of angel in her life. “My mom and I have a bond where she can telepathically tell if something is wrong with me. On my wedding day, when everyone expected my mom to be at her lowest as her favourite daughter was getting married, she showed the true sign of a strong woman. She didn’t shed a tear because she knew that I would start to cry if I saw her cry. Only because it was my special day, she kept it all inside her and kept a strong face. The words of wisdom my mom always shares with me is, Do good to everyone and God will take care of the rest. These words have helped me build my value system.”

Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director & Head of Marketing at Innisfree India

Image Credits - Innisfree India

Mini Sood Banerjee, Assistant Director & Head of Marketing at Innisfree India, expresses how she owes all that she is today and wishes to be, to her mom. On the occasion of Mother’s Day, she shares a beautiful message with WeddingWire India. “You are like a ray of sunshine, whose heart is just pure gold, it beams with happiness that’ll never grow old. You are my role model, my guide, a friend, an inspiration and a mentor. Your generosity and loving support through the years has been precious to me, mom! I feel so blessed to have you as my mother! Thank you for always being there.”

Anshu Khanna, Publicist & Founder - Royal Fables 

Image Credits - Royal Fables 

Anshu Khanna was awarded with the prestigious Nari Shakti Purashkar Award in 2019 for her remarkable contributions to conserve and revive the royal traditions and deep rooted culture of India with her venture, Royal Fables. On this Mother's Day, her daughter Akshiena Khanna, who is currently settled in Texas, shares a heartfelt message for her ever inspiring mother. Akshiena confabs, "“My mom is my best pal, my sounding board, my punching box and, honestly, a big inspiration. It’s tough to live so far away from my parents in Dallas. I miss them and worry for them. This Mother’s Day, which also happens to be this super mother’s birthday, I want to thank her for giving me the gift of free thought which has been instrumental in honing my skills in design and life in general."

Tisha Saksena, Founder, Tisha by Tisha Saksena 

Image Credits - Tisha Saksena (with her Nani)

Image Credits - Tisha Saksena (with her Mom)

Founder of an eponymous label of vibrant and intrinsically Indian ethnic wear collections, Tisha Saksena shared the heart melting tale of her wedding look which was inspired by her mother as well as her grandmother's bridal looks. "Deciding my look for the wedding was a very sentimentally guided process. I knew without a doubt that I wanted a wedding look that would resemble my Mom and grandma’s bridal looks. Both of them wore red and they wore this beautiful heirloom jhoomer that was passed down to my nani from her grandmother-in-law. It’s old, it’s broken in so many places but it is an absolute treasure. I also wore paayals that belonged to my Dadi and bangles that originally belonged to my husband's grandmother. Your wedding day is a day of overwhelming emotions-you’re happy and you are sad, you're excited but also nervous. These heirlooms were my anchors and kept me connected to the many generations of great grandmothers and aunts who had all probably felt the same emotions on their wedding day, as I did on my D-day. That connection felt like a blessing on my head from all of them, like an invisible thread that linked all of us together." Speaking on the occasion of Mother's Day, Saksena further revealed, "My mom has had a profound influence on shaping my personality and who I am. She is front and centre of our lives. She is my soulmate and my idol and I have learnt resilience and a strong sense of integrity from her. She has also been the central force that shaped my aesthetic. I want to be more like her and I am beyond grateful for her everyday."

Sujata and Taniya Biswas, Founders of Suta

Image Credits - Suta

Sujata and Taniya Biswas, sisters and entrepreneurs who founded Suta, a handwoven clothing platform, shared a beautiful message for their mother on this occasion. "Thank you Ma for being so strict and disciplined, yet funny and carefree. You made our world beautiful at all times and made sure we stay super ambitious yet humble. We wonder how you do it all and still stay super calm. We don’t thank you enough for what you do because thank you seems very small in comparison. But saying it makes our heart lighter, so, THANK YOU MA."

Vibhuti Arora, Founder - House of Beauty

Image Credits - House of Beauty

Mompreneur Vibhuti Arora juggles managing a branding firm, Red Door Luxury, co-owns Red Throne Salons and is the Founder of House of Beauty. In a conversation with WWI, she shares the priceless memory of her family’s heirloom. “I wore a Rani haar at my wedding. It was specially crafted by Pakistani artisans and was passed on to me, with many sentiments and values. The Rani Haar has been in my family for over 100 years, it was passed on from my naani to my mother. My naani wore this haar on her wedding day, then my mother wore it on her wedding day and I wore it on my wedding day. The legacy continues! It’s a very sentimental piece of jewellery for all of us.”


Our hearts are full with these amazing then and now, mother-daughter wedding images. What do you think? We hope this inspires you to restore your heirloom jewellery for your wedding looks.