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Believe It! 10 Marathi Wedding Superstitions That Are Still Brought Up During A Marathi Marriage

Marathi weddings are filled with superstitions and beliefs that are old-fashioned yet interesting at the same time. Let’s take a look at them and see how millennial brides and grooms smile and grimace through them.

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A Marathi wedding is known for its simplicity and lots of customary rituals that are followed by both the groom and the bride. However, with customs also come superstitions and beliefs that are otherwise not harmful. Do you want to have a look at a few of these interesting Marathi wedding superstitions? Then, go ahead and browse through them!

1. The shade of the mehndi matters a lot

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In all Hindu weddings, it’s believed that a darker mehndi brings good luck to a bride. The darker the shade of a bride’s mehndi, the luckier she is believed to be.

For Marathi weddings, people believe that a Navari Maharashtrian bride would become the apple of her mother in law’s eyes if she has dark mehndi designs on her palms. Also, a dark shade of mehndi also implies that a bride’s husband will always love her and be smitten with her.

2. Caution: Carry sharp metals

Though a Marathi wedding is much simpler as compared to a North Indian wedding, it has its fair share of superstitious beliefs like the one where both the bride and her groom have to carry a metal object that’s sharp. This is often done to protect them from evil spirits and Buri Nazar.

The groom and his bride must carry this sharp object from the time they are engaged until their marriage is solemnised.

3. Do not spill the milk

If there is anything more bizarre than carrying a sharp object, it has to be the one where it’s considered inauspicious to spill milk while it boils. Marathis too believe in this superstition thoroughly.

In fact, most traditional Marathi households call spilling milk on the stove a bad omen, especially ahead of a wedding.

4. Throw rice at the couple

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Have you ever wondered why guests throw rice at the couple during their wedding? Well, this is done to protect them from bad and evil spirits. Marathis too do this ritual when the Saat Pheras or Hindu wedding vows take place.

Rice is a symbol of Goddess Laxmi who is the deity of abundance. Thus, it is showered on the couple so as to bless them for a wealthy and happy wedded life.

5. Rain on the Wedding Day

In a Marathi wedding, rains mean the world! While most couples would thank the rain gods not to shower rain on their wedding day, the Marathi groom and bride will request them to do otherwise! Why, can you guess? Well, it’s a superstitious belief that rains bring fertility as well as prosperity and richness in a couple’s life.

Yes, that's the reason why most hum with 'Dhagala Lagali Kala' and wish for 'Paani Them Themb Gala'. Or hope for a monsoon wedding-like set of showers.

6. Let's not see each other!

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While a good courtship period can set your relationship goals sky high, it's not recommended as per traditional Marathi beliefs. In fact, it's said that a Marathi couple should not see each other before their wedding. It’s considered a bad omen to see each other before their wedding.

In fact, they should see each other only after the Antarpat (curtain) is removed during the main wedding ceremony. This superstition stems from ancient times when most Indian marriages were arranged and couples couldn't see each other till they got married.

7. That's food made by the bride

In a Marathi wedding, there is a ritual called Rukhvat where the family of the bride holds an exhibition showcasing the bride’s hand-cooked food and decorative pieces made by her. This is done to show her in-laws that she is a good householder and will carry on her duties brilliantly.

The Rukhvat ritual is held after Muhurt Karane when the date of the marriage, on a special auspicious time set by the pandits of the families of the groom and the bride.

8. Right foot forward

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During Grihapravesh, a Marathi bride must enter her husband’s house with her right foot. Entering with the left foot is considered a bad omen and unlucky.

When a bride reaches the threshold, her mother in law places a Kalash at the entrance that is filled with rice. She performs an aarti for the couple and washes their feet with milk and water. When the bride enters, she is instructed to do so with her right foot. This ritual symbolises the entry of Laxmi into the household.

9. Mind your omens

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Like every Hindu wedding, a Marathi wedding too has its own set of superstitions, like placing importance on certain signs. It’s usually considered a good omen if you can spot a black cat or a rainbow on your wedding day, but, if you see a grave or a lizard, the sign is usually bad.

10. Full moon means good luck

If it’s a full moon before your marriage day, it’s a good sign as the full moon is believed to be the symbol of good fortune and luck.

A Marathi wedding has many customs as well as superstitions. From warding away evil spirits to bringing good luck and prosperity, each of these superstitions is basically harmless.

Are you aware of more Marathi wedding superstitions? Let us know through comments.