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The Lightweight Pattu Sarees Styling Guide - Where To Buy, How To Accessorise And Everything Else

want to but a lightweight Pattu saree and not sure where to pick one from? We share a list of some renowned online stores with you followed by tips and tricks to accessorise it well. Have a browse and don’t forget to leave a comment.

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Silk or Pattu sarees have originated from Southern India, and are loved by women from all over the country. Whether a Punjabi, Gujarati or a Bengali, an Indian woman will always have a special box specially dedicated to Pattu sarees.

The lightweight Pattu sarees are typically traditional in style and are worn for all kinds of occasions like weddings, receptions, parties and others. From Uppada Pattu sarees to Vastrakala Pattu, there are innumerable kinds of Pattu sarees. These sarees are glossy and very soft to touch. Thankfully, now you don't have to physically go to a store to get Pattu sarees, they are as easily available over other mediums. 

A. Online Stores to Buy Lightweight Pattu Sarees

Image Courtesy: My Collection Clothing

These days, it’s quite easy to purchase Pattu sarees as these have become a rage with ladies everywhere. Everyone wants to keep a Pattu saree to wear it to a special event. There are a few online stores from where you can buy amazingly beautiful Pattu sarees for wedding at reasonable prices. Do have a look:

1. Uppada Sarees

If there is one store that sells sarees of different kinds, it is Uppada Sarees online shop. Hailing from Uppada region of Andhra Pradesh, this store deals in lightweight Pattu sarees that are widely popular. All their sarees are soft in texture and are crafted by hand-loom weavers based in Uppada as well as from various other regions. From Pochampally, Ikkat, Gollabhama, Mangalagiri to Uppada sarees, the store is a one-stop shop selling everything that you can think of.

2. Sudarshan Silk Palace

From bridal to everyday wear sarees, Sudarshan Silk Palace is a Bangalore based online store dealing exclusively in women’s clothing. Every lady can enhance her wardrobe by purchasing lightweight Pattu sarees like Kanchipuram sarees, Chettinad sarees, Konrad sarees, Mysore silk sarees, and all other kinds from this store.

3. Mirraw

Among India’s topmost online stores that sell silk sarees, Mirraw’s name comes to mind first. The reason for its popularity is the abundant choice of Pattu sarees that are offered to clients. Some of the best Pattu sarees that you can buy from here include woven Multicoloured Katan silk and Kanchipuram sarees. All these sarees are woven with fine threaded fabrics that lend a smooth finishing touch to them.

4. Pothys

The textile industry of Tamil Nadu cannot have flourished without Pothys, a store that deals exclusively in top quality silk sarees. The Neilson survey carried out by Sun TV declared it as the most favourite showroom in Chennai way back in 2002. The store has also earned a place for itself in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the longest silk saree in the world.

Some exclusive sarees on offer here include Samudrika, Parampara, Kanchipuram, Mayuri and Vastrakala silks.

5. Prakash Silks

Whether it’s for weddings, or for parties, this online store deals in exclusive Pattu sarees for women. Their sarees are well known for their high-quality finish and designer patterns. From pure Kanchipuram Pattu sarees to designer silk brocades, the collection offered here is immensely wide.

B. When to Wear Lightweight Pattu Sarees?

Sudarshan Silk Palace

These sarees can be worn for any occasion such as weddings, receptions, sangeets as well as any party. Since these are light in weight, women can comfortably wear them any time of the day.

C. How to Accessorise Lightweight Pattu Sarees?

Image Courtesy: Pothys

Whenever you wear a lightweight Pattu saree, you need to follow these simple accessory rules:

1. Always wear matching jewellery

The mantra to nail the look of your Pattu saree is to choose temple jewellery. In no circumstance should you pick something which is modern? Temple jewellery matches perfectly with all kinds of Pattu sarees and may include coin as well as golden neck-pieces, matching Jhumkis, Maang Tikkas, bangles, and Kamarbands. For lightweight Pattu sarees, it’s safer to stick to such jewellery that does not make you look too loud.

2. Carry an ethnic bag or purse

Whatever you do, please do not carry an oversized bag or one which does not look good with a saree. In simple words, refrain from carrying heavy or large purses. Instead, team your Pattu saree with a clutch or a Potli bag. These are traditional in style and are a great accompaniment to your saree.

3. Apply bold makeup

A South Indian silk saree demands that you stylize yourself pretty boldly. Yes, as far as makeup is concerned, apply kajal, and any kind of glossy eye shadow. Lipsticks chosen can be in red, orange or brown.

4. Wear some accessory on your hair

No South Indian saree will look complete unless you have some form of adornment on your hair. If you are going to a party, then you can make a bun and add some hairpins. For a wedding, you can stylize your hair with a floral Gajra.

Lightweight Pattu sarees boast of a distinct uniqueness that you will not find in any other saree. Wear these for any event and you will find envious glances coming your way!

Do you own a lightweight Pattu saree? Let us know through comments.