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Jaimala is one of the most awaited ceremonies of the wedding day. It is on the Jaimala stage that you get to see the couple together for the first time. And competing to garland your partner successfully in one go adds an element of fun to the emotional moment. But the stage which used to be generic a generation ago is now completely dramatised. Let's look at the different concepts and themes popular today.

The wedding stage is one of the most looked upon places at a wedding. Aren't all eyes glued to the Jaimala stage as the groom and bride exchange garlands? So, don't you think that your stage should be worth a second look? Perhaps, with floral assortments and bouquets or maybe some lights that give all other decoration ideas a run for their money? We present to you some different ways in which you can put a spin on your Jaimala stage decoration in a never seen before manner. Read on and start bookmarking the ones you love most. 

1. Open Jaimala Stage

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The traditional Jaimala setup comprises an ornate stage with a two-seater sofa and the Jaimala ceremony is performed in front of the seats itself. Variations to that concept have led to the creation of ingenious Jaimala stage designs such as these. These are some of the trending designs which have made the rounds this wedding seasons and have thus become a hot favourite for couples and the wedding decorators as well. Take a look and see which resonates with you the most as a couple. 

  • Mandir theme

The whole stage is designed in the form of a Mandir with décor elements like bells, religious symbols, marigolds and roses. The idea of the couple’s seating place is taken from the placement of the idols' in a temple. This is the epitome of traditional elements put together in one place for one of the grandest celebrations of all times and it is also a frame for perfect pictures for your big day.

  • Laser tunnel theme

We have seen this technique used in a lot of movies and songs where a laser light tunnel is created, and the actors are dancing in front of them. Well, the same technique is used here for the Jaimala ceremony. The couple exchanges Jaimala in that laser tunnel on the stage itself. The final effect is mesmerising and quite literally, very 'lit'.

  • London Bridge theme

Inspired by the London Bridge, a setup is created in the form of a bridge on which the Jaimala ceremony takes place.

2. Hydraulic Jaimala Stage

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A hydraulic lift operates on fluid pressure to elevate and the same concept is used in these stages. A hydraulic Jaimala stage lifts the couple high enough for everyone to see, making the ceremony the focus of the whole crowd. These days, creative designs have emerged that look magnificent in the wedding pictures too. But, if you're going for a stage such as this make sure you keep the safety measure in mind as well, Ensure the space to stand is big enough so that even if you feel misbalanced you can stand still amidst the movement of the stage. Some of the crowd favourites are:

  • Lotus theme

Popular among couples are different designs of hydraulic Jaimala stage decorated in the form of a lotus. Since lotus is considered auspicious in the Hindu religion, this theme has also become the new fad. In such a Jaimala stage, a flower shower also takes place to add to the beauty of the ceremony. Sometimes the stage is shaped like the lotus and on other times you can also see Jaimala stage that is shaped like a closed lotus bud and it opens up as the couple inside it is ready for the ceremonies.

  • Hawan Kund theme

We’ve seen couples exchanging Jaimalas on a hydraulic stage designed like a Hawan Kund. It even has decorative flames all around symbolizing the purity of the ceremony.

3. Revolving

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As people increasingly want newer Jaimala stages, the revolving ones have become a hit. Revolving Jaimala stages make the ceremony look surreal, giving the moment a slow-motion feel. We have seen a lot of beautiful themes being implemented in this style. It is also a Jaimala stage theme that gives a clear view of what the couple has chosen to flaunt on the big day and you will be impressed by how it elevates the celebrations.

  • Revolving heart theme

The platform is designed in the form of a heart and the couple stands at its centre. Once the ceremony begins, the stage starts to revolve. Just ensure both partners maintain their balance while exchanging Jaimalas.

4. Suspended

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Yes, people nowadays are going out of their way to make this moment spectacular. Some of the adventurous folks choose suspended Jaimala stages which are either pegged to the ground or hanging from a supporting frame. The two Jaimala themes that are most popular are:

  • Moon entry

The couple arrives on the stage by descending from a supporting frame which looks like a crescent moon. The ceremony takes place on the hanging moon, painting a romantic picture. Did you take time out to watch the trending wedding movie, Veere di Wedding yet? If not, then you can take a look at how Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sumeet Vyas look stellar while descending from the height in a gorgeous gown and suit.

  • Hot air balloon

Have you ever seen a hot air balloon pegged to the ground over a wedding venue and wondered what it was for? Well, many adventure-loving couples choose to have their Jaimala ceremony in the balloon with the live coverage being telecast on screens all over the venue. It is taking the whole idea of the Jaimala stage decor ideas to the sky-high level quite literally.

Now that you know about different trending options available these days, you can discuss with your wedding decorator about implementing these styles at your venue. Taking inspiration from Jaimala stage images, you can even come up with entirely new ideas of your own that work well with the wedding theme.

So go right ahead and book a wedding decorator in your region.