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The Essential Guide on Things to Consider While Buying Indian Wedding Gowns Online for the Bride-To-Be's

Amazed to see the range of Indian wedding gowns online and want to explore your options for the big day? Well, buying Indian wedding gowns online can be a catch but not if you’re careful enough. Follow our tips to ensure you make the right choice.

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In the digital day and age, it is extremely common for the millennial bride to surf their fingers on online shopping and order things that she needs for her big day without having to travel to different cities. But is it always a great idea to shop online? Well, we surely believe that it is a boon for all the smaller things that don’t include fit, size, fabric, etc.

For example, something like a bride’s floral jewellery for the Haldi function can be bought online from the best online store available in the country. But if you’d ask an opinion on buying Indian wedding gowns online, you might not get a similar response. Why is it so? Well, the obvious answer is that brides want to opt for a safer shopping experience when it comes to their outfits as there is an increased chance of something going wrong with it and no bride wants to take that risk.

However, it goes without saying that the number of options available for Indian wedding gowns online is much more than what you'll ever find in physical stores of one city. Either you decide to take a tour to the hub of wedding shopping in India, or follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to ensure that you get the perfect wedding gown right on time.

1. Be Aware of Your Body Type

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While everything looks extremely stunning on online websites, you must be aware of which Indian wedding gowns online are really meant for you. While every woman knows the kind of outfits which look good on her and the ones that she should avoid, this is a more serious matter at hand that needs you to be a little more careful in your research.

Every body type has a cut and style that flatters it, but to know your cut and style you must objectively figure out the parts of your body that can be flaunted, and the ones that need to stay covered. By figuring this out, you will know exactly know what you want and ordering Indian wedding gowns online will not be a problem anymore. So start looking for the types of gowns that will work best for you. 

2. Try On Dresses at a Nearby Store

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We know it sounds rather funny to go try on dresses when you know you will be ordering your Indian wedding gowns online. But our motive here is rather simple. It is one that is going to help you make your choice easier than before. So, grab your purses and visit a nearby boutique that has a wide range of Indian wedding gowns.

Try different styles and kinds of gowns to understand which fabric, fit, style and embellishments flatter your body type, skin complexion as well as height. We’d also suggest you take your best friends along for an honest opinion. Do remember your aim is to understand the choices that will work best for you if you order your Indian wedding gowns online.

3. Take Note of Your Body Measurements

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Each and every site that sells wedding gowns online in India has a guide that helps you understand the measurements and fit of its outfits. Therefore, before you hop on these sites to get your Indian wedding gowns online, you must take a note of your body measurements and also keep a slight margin in mind according to how far your wedding date is.

Once you’ve figured out your body measurements you also need to check the fit guide to understand which size would fit you perfectly of that particular online site. This will not only make surfing easier for you, but it also ensures that you only look at pieces that are available in your size so that you don’t break your heart longing for the unavailable ones.

4. Shipping, Cancellation and Return Policy Must Be Carefully Read

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If you’re a bride that is taking the risk of ordering her Indian wedding gowns online, then it is extremely important you go through that particular site’s shipping, cancellation as well as the return policy. Indian wedding gowns cost you a fortune these days and one must be sure of the policies of the online site that it is trusting for her big day.

Keep in mind that there is a greater chance of being unhappy with the delivered products because there are too many factors playing a role in shopping Indian wedding gowns online. The work on your gown could be not what you imagined, the size could not fit you, or the colour turns out to be different from what you saw online. Hence a bride needs to be aware of all these policies and make an informed choice depending on how trustworthy and customer friendly their services are.

5. Make Good Use of The Customization Options Available

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When buying something as important as Indian wedding gowns online, you must ensure that the site you’re using has scope for customizations. As we know most boutiques and designer labels that keep a wedding collection offer to customize your wedding gowns as per your taste. And if that is a choice your online website is giving you too, then don’t worry and grab this opportunity.

From the height of your gown, to how heavy you want the work on it to be, make changes that ensure that your shopping experience goes as planned. The option to customize might charge you a little extra but it will totally be worth it in the end. You can also look for a trusted wedding gown vendor in your locale to help make a more thought out choice.

We truly believe if you’re a bride that has followed out the 5 step guide to buying Indian wedding gowns online, you’ll be adorning them with a big smile on your wedding day for sure. Another handy tip that we’d love our brides to follow is that of keeping a masterji handy in case you need to make alterations or fix something close to your D day for your gown to fit you like a glove. 

Do you think our 5-step guide is the ultimate one for all brides looking to buy Indian wedding gowns online? Tell us in comments we can’t wait to hear from you.