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6 Jewellery Essentials Every Hindu Bride Must Have in Her Wedding Jewellery Vanity Before Her D-Day

Indian weddings are a grand affair and are full of cultural and traditional heritage. If you’re set to be married and don’t know what the traditional Essentials of a Hindu bride are, this listicle is for you.

Bhawna Goel
Bhawna Goel

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A Big-Fat-Indian wedding is an affair that everyone looks up to. Everything about an Indian wedding holds a special significance and the celebrations last for days. The guest list hits hundreds and sometimes even thousands, every little detail is meticulously planned so that everybody has a gala time. Now, if you’re paying attention to every little detail to make the event a hit, why not pay special attention to the bride? Given below are the jewellery essentials that every Hindu bride adorns on her wedding day to look like a bridal beauty.

1. Maang Tikka

The Maang Tikka has regained its long lost glory as many modern brides cannot seem to forego this staple jewellery piece from their trousseau. It is a beautiful bridal accessory and this jewellery piece will be in the same design and stone as your necklace and your earrings. It is worn across the centre parted hair or hung on the forehead. The main significance of wearing a Maang Tikka is that sits on the part of the head which houses the Agya Chakra, which signifies preservation. And it represents the union between the bride and groom on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

2. Necklace

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We don’t even need to tell you what significance a necklace holds for a bride. It’s a jewellery piece that is a must-have for every Hindu bride. Traditionally, these necklaces were crafted in gold and now, there are many designs that you can go for like diamonds, pearls or even coloured gems and rubies. It is worn above the neckline and is often the highlight of a Hindu bride’s ensemble. Along with the necklace, a Hindu bride also adorns a Mangalsutra which signifies the holy matrimony between a man and woman.

3. Earrings

Earrings are another essential part of a bridal trousseau. The earrings go hand in hand with the necklace and perfectly complements its design. Most brides want their earrings to be on the heavier side while others go for lighter pieces for comfort. Before choosing your earrings, keep in mind your bridal outfit, as diamond jewellery goes best with pastel wedding outfits, wedding outfits in shades of salmon, light blue, mint green goes well with the sheen of diamond and gold jewels.  White gold goes well with red and maroon wedding outfits.

4. Nose Rings

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Nose rings have slowly taken over the fashion Industry but, it is an important part of a Hindu bride’s trousseau. In Hinduism, a nose ring or nath is considered to be an ode to Parvati, the Goddess of Marriage. Many brides choose to let go of wearing it because it can get a little uncomfortable so, they chose to wear a small stud or a small ring that connects with the earring by a small gold chain. The size totally depends upon your convenience. You can wear a nose ring even if you haven’t pierced your nose.

5. Bangles

Ask any bride and she’ll tell you that no traditional Indian outfit is complete without bangles. A newlywed Hindu bride is always seen adorning a Chura which is a set of white and red bangles and signifies that she is a newlywed. In Indian culture, it is believed that a Hindu bride shouldn’t keep her arms bare. Need we say more that bangles hold a special place in a woman’s heart and also in her trousseau. Bride’s are often seen sporting diamond, gold and glass bangles in bright colours.

6. Waistband

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A waistband is known as a Kamarband and is a golden bejewelled chain that is worn across your waist to enhance the feminine curves and to decorate it. We don’t see a lot of brides wearing a waistband nowadays but it used to be a symbol of sensuality in the olden times. This Essential of the Hindu bride is made with intricate designs and attention to detail is paid in the craftsmanship.

Of course, traditions and customs vary from region to region in India. These items only outline what Hindu brides follow when it comes to picking their Indian wedding jewellery. Bridal jewellery wear is the bride’s pride and joy, across regions, castes and cultures. The traditions of our country are what makes it a rich country and the essentials of a Hindu bride makes her look more beautiful than ever on her special day. So, start by curating your bridal jewellery trousseau by ensuring that you have each one of these jewellery essentials and rock your bridal avatar like a boss woman. Don't be scared for experimenting a little with your look as you deserve the best of everything.

Which of these essentials of a Hindu bride is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below…