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The Only List of Gold Jewellery Designs You Ever Need to See!

No wedding is complete without some auspicious bling of gold. We have curated a list of gold jewellery designs to take inspiration from for this wedding season.

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When you think about weddings, gold is something that instantly comes to mind. Gold is considered as an auspicious metal in most Indian cultures and it is associated with purity and wealth. Also, the fact that gold, unlike some other precious diamonds and stones, increases in its value with time, it is considered as a solid investment. Therefore, gold jewellery has always been an important part of weddings in India.

We suggest that you should carefully select gold jewellery designs for weddings, as a fine design that all the difference when it comes to gold jewellery and your look in general. Additionally, gold is always a safe bet when you want to wear different types of jewellery pieces for a wedding.

The following gold jewellery designs set a great example of the versatility and beauty of gold jewellery.

1. Gold Matha Patti

Image Courtesy: Aanal Savaliya

This gold jewellery designs example features a beautiful light yellow gold Matha Patti with a Maang Tikka that further takes the design up a notch. It is a multi-layer design that has a large number of unpolished precious stones that add to the bling factor.

2. Temple Jewellery with Kamarbandh

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The above image shows the beauty and magnificence of temple jewellery in full force. The bride is wearing a piece of traditional gold jewellery set with a Kamarbandh on the waist and the mother is wearing a more understated gold necklace with gold Jhumkas, which is complimenting her daughter’s look very well. You can go for such gold jewellery designs if you want to celebrate traditional Indian gold jewellery styles.

3. Gold Baajubandh

Nimitham Wedding Photography

In this image, the bride is wearing a gold Bajubandh on the upper side of her arm that adds to the wow factor of the gold jewellery set. Such elements of jewellery can easily take your look to a higher level.

4. Gold Bangles

Nimitham Wedding Photography

Gold bangles are a staple in most South Indian weddings. Here we see a bride wearing thick gold bangles that look robust and hefty. The design looks auspicious and simple on the hands of the bride. Paired with a gold Maang Tikka and an elaborate gold necklace, these bangles complete the look and make for beautiful golf jewellery designs that are apt for brides.

5. Gold necklace set

Nimitham Wedding Photography

On this list of gold jewellery designs, we have this picture of a bride who is wearing a full-gold bridal jewellery set. We can see a beautiful looking gold choker necklace along with an elaborate long necklace and a pair of Jhumkas and bangles that further complete the look.

6. Gold Maang Tikka

Nimitham Wedding Photography

A Maang Tikka on the head of the bride always looks like a crown on top of the head of a princess. In this image of gold jewellery designs, we can see the bride wearing a simple and elegant looking Maang Tikka that has a thin chain attached to a spherical gold design that looks simple and gorgeous.

7. Gold Anklet

Cinnamon Pictures

An anklet is a simple element of jewellery that does not necessarily garner the maximum attention but can make a big difference in the complete look of the bride. Here, we can see minimal and restrained traditional gold jewellery designs on the anklet that go very well with the intricate and detailed mehndi design. A gold anklet makes sure that you are literally adorned with gold from head to toe.

8. Gold Bracelet with finger chain

Cinnamon Pictures

Such a gold bracelet with a unique finger chain is a breath of fresh air from the usual and traditional gold jewellery pieces. It is a thin gold bracelet which is connected to a golden ring on the finger by a gold chain with a delicate floral design to further add to its beauty. You can go for such gold jewellery designs if you want to incorporate unique and interesting gold elements that further add to your beauty!

9. Gold choker necklace

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography India

If you do not want to go for a usual and predictable necklace and intend to wear something a little different instead, a choker like the one worn by the bride above makes great sense. The necklace has a thick gold band and an interesting flowing inverted triangle design that shows that such gold jewellery designs always result in a special look.

In most Indian weddings, gold is the default metal of choice for bridal jewellery. It is hard to beat gold when it comes to sheer elegance and grandeur. Although it is hard to go wrong with gold jewellery designs, many brides are looking for the most unique and beautiful looking designs in order to make their gold jewellery stand out on one of the biggest days of their lives. We hope this article leaves you with plenty of ideas and help you select the best gold jewellery for you!

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