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6 Wedding Gift Hampers To Paint A Smile On Your Guests Face

At a wedding, giving the guests a gift hamper is a great way to show them appreciation for their presence and for their best wishes. Have a look at a few of them.


You get to meet so many guests during weddings, be it, friends or family. So many people that are dear to you come to be a part of this big day in your life. They shower their blessings and wish the best for you.

So, a great way to show your gratitude to the guests at the wedding is to gift them well-crafted gift hampers which they can take back home as a token of appreciation when all your wedding functions are done.

Planning what to gift to your guests through hampers can be a tough task. You want it to say something about you but it should also be something that the guests can benefit from.

The more creative and well thought-out the gift hampers are, the more it will be appreciated by your guests. Here are some themes that you can go for when deciding what to include in your gift hampers.

1. All things sweet hamper

Image Courtesy: Khoya Official

Sweets are synonymous with celebration in our culture. Whenever there is good news, we are ready to share sweets and spread the positivity. You can choose to go for a variety of traditional sweets for wedding, fancy chocolates etc.

You can even try something completely out of the box depending on your wedding budget and the palate of your guests. It is very hard to go wrong with sweets and this is always a safe option for wedding gift hampers.

2. Tech Hamper

Image Courtesy: Kavish Photography

In today’s times, most of us are super-absorbed in our devices and have started relying on a plethora of gadgets in our day-to-day life.  There are so many gadgets available in the market to add convenience to your life that you can always benefit from some new tech or the other - be it a pair of headphones, speakers, gaming consoles etc.

You can create a tech-themed gift hampers for your guests and choose from a variety of options according to your needs that fit in your budget.

3. Fitness Hamper


Fitness and the big fat Indian wedding don’t necessarily go hand in hand. We relate weddings with large pots of greasy delicacies and a lavish spread of desserts. However, the importance of a healthy lifestyle is being better understood by today’s generation.

If you also are someone who is a fitness enthusiast and wants to promote a fitness culture amongst your near-and-dears, you can go for fitness-themed gift hampers for your wedding.

The hamper can include healthy snacks, granola bars and fitness accessories like fitness trackers etc. Such gift hampers ideas are a welcome change from the usual gifts and is sure to be appreciated by your guests.

4. Wedding Memorabilia

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Another idea for gift hampers is to give your guests memorabilia from the wedding. This gift idea lets your guests keep a memory from the wedding that they can look back and enjoy with time.

This may include pre-wedding photoshoot photos, key chains, pillows and cups themed around the wedding. It is a great way to keep the memories of the big day fresh for a long time and also a great way of giving them gifts which are fairly utilitarian.

5. Beauty and skincare hamper

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It is during the wedding season that many of us realise the need for better skin care and beauty products. We end up Googling how to take better care of our skin and elevate our look at a party or an event.

There are so many products that we can use when it comes to beauty and skincare. You can prepare gift hampers with a variety of different brands for your guests as these things can always come in handy.

6. Munchies Hamper


Another safe bet when it comes to gift hampers for a wedding gift is a well-stacked munchies basket. Everybody can do with a hamper full of cookies, crisps, crackers and other interesting goodies.

People of all ages can enjoy well-thought-out gift hampers loaded with exciting snacks. You can include gourmet products and goodies that are not too common so that your guests have the option to try something fun and interesting. This will certainly be one of the best return gifts your guests may have received!

Image Courtesy: Dreamfinity Studios

Gift hampers are a great way to pay homage to the love and blessings that the guests at a wedding provide. They also give the guests something through which they can remember your wedding.  Well planned and carefully selected gift hampers are appreciated by everybody as they show your sincerity in pleasing your guests and catering to their needs. We hope this article gives you plenty of ideas to choose for gift hampers for your wedding.

Still not entirely sure about the items to include in your hampers? Get in touch with our gifting vendors for more!