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How to Ensure Covid Wedding Safety Guidelines

Let’s read why it is important to enforce wedding safety rules and who is responsible for setting the rules.

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With the ongoing prevalent situation, many couples and families are hosting intimate weddings with their close family members. The families are prioritizing the health and safety of their guests as they understand how crucial it is to organize this celebration in the safest way. From vendors, to couples, their close knot relations and everyone involved in the wedding are following Covid-19 wedding protocols to make the ceremony a memorable affair.

With the surge in cases, some people are shrinking the guest list further, Some are getting married in small venues or in their homes only. In smaller venues also the family should strictly follow essential protocols too as weddings have become super spreaders. Therefore, it is important to keep safety protocols in place that should be abided by everyone. 

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The wedding planner, organizer and the venue owner should make sure that the protocols are followed in the right manner. They should do safety arrangements on similar lines and ensure that everyone adheres to it. For instance - the venue owner and wedding planner should keep the sanitization set and other props to keep up the safety measures whereas couples should make sure that everyone is following these protocols. Now let’s see how each one of us can keep everyone devoid of risk during the wedding day.

Communicate safety protocols effectively 

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Guests will definitely follow protocols if they are articulated in the right manner by the couple. For instance, couples can send an e-invite where they can mention all the safety protocols. They also send e- invites where they creatively convey how important it is to maintain safety protocols. Even couples can keep interesting placards, social distance signage, and props at the venue that talks about safety protocols. Nowadays quirky sanitation stations are placed in the wedding venue. These stations are designed as per the theme of the venue. 

Couple and Guests Should Party Mindfully

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If you are lucky enough  to be one of the selected few in the wedding, then many years. Know that you both have commuted to reach the venue, so thereby it is important to maintain social distancing while meeting each other. Also, make sure that you wisely act in the wedding. Don’t get overwhelmed when you are meeting a relative after years. Respect the boundaries and know that everyone will understand this positive distance. Refrain to collectively gather in a small place. Maintain a good distance to keep safe. 

Ensure that Venue has been thoroughly sanitized 

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Do cherry pick a wedding venue where safety measures are taken. Sanitation and safety of guests should be top of mind at every wedding celebration.  The organizers should ensure that the intimate wedding venue is sanitized thoroughly. Make sure they sanitise touch points like door knobs etc.

Also, do ask the venue or planner to make provision for layout mask, tissue or face shield at the entrance for the guest to use and take home. The guests will certainly feel safe with such a wedding venue. 

Couple Should Arrange A Pragmatic Food Counter 

 Avoid keeping a buffet and instead go for a plate system.  Yes, the buffet system has subsided and plated meals are trending. Individual boxes are safe as the guests don't have in wait in the ques. Also, there should be dedicated food handler(s) to the guests instead of multiple chefs. Even for snacks,  ensure that the snacks are well cooked served in small stations spread across the venue. Ensure that the waiters are  well masked and serving across the venue. Ensure that food is prepared ensuring safety protocols.  Cross check with the vendor about the deep sanitisation of the kitchen. You can ask the vendor manager to check the temperature of the chef, before he starts preparing the food. The staff should wash their hands frequently.  Immunity boosting but delicious servings of grilled vegetables or fruit chaats will always be a welcome idea at the covid weddings. 

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If you abide by the safety protocols then you can ensure wedding safety in the time of coronavirus. Rest the wedding planners, vendors and venue partners enlisted on our website adhere to proper protocols. Do let us know your views on maintaining wedding safety.