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Looking for Bridal Jewellery for Rent? Check Out These Stores!

It’s time to make sure that all your friends envy each of your wedding outfits! Create stunning ensembles each time by getting bridal jewellery for rent from these stores!

Om Sons Bridal Store

With many people tying in their personalities with their social media handles, the pressure to look different each time you take a snap can be immense. For you social butterflies who get invited to a ton of weddings each year, making sure that each picture looks different can be a huge challenge.

A great way to switch up your look for each event can be by renting jewellery, instead of buying the same. With pocket-friendly option allows you to exude different vibes at different functions, without burning a sizable hole in your pocket! Do keep in mind that this tip works especially well if you get your dress on rent too because that really lets you play around with as many styles as you like. However, that’s definitely not a mandate!

If you’re wondering where you can get bridal jewellery for rent, we’ve got a list of stores for you that you should have a look at! Check these out:

1. Bridal jewellery for rent, Chennai

Divine Mantra, Delhi

The norm in most South Indian weddings is to wear heavy temple jewellery, but not everyone can afford to wear kilos of gold to an event! Whether you are a modern bride that never got around to collecting heavy jewellery pieces, or are a guest who just wants to look great in those Instagram photos, you can check out a store called Bridal jewellery for rent in Chennai. Their prices start as low as ₹ 500, and you can walk away with stunning pieces.

2. Hari Sons and Co, Delhi

Deepika's Deep Clicks

With a fantastic array of Kundan jewellery, Rani Haars and contemporary pieces, this store is a great option for guests who want to rock a heavy look at their close friend or relative’s wedding. This store is located in Chandni Chowk, which just happens to be one of the largest bridal markets in Delhi. So, if you have not picked out an outfit yet, head down to this ancient market and spend a day looking for everything all at once. This can actually help you piece together a more cohesive ensemble!

3. Bridal jewellery on Rent, Mumbai

Om Sons Bridal Store

If you’re looking for authentic Marathi jewellery for a Marathi wedding, then this store can certainly help you out. Maharashtrian jewellery is quite distinct and if you want to rock an authentic look for your BFFs wedding, then it’s always better to source your jewellery from, well, it’s the source! This store also offers other types of bridal jewellery for rent, such as gold jewellery, Kundan pieces, and much more, so don’t exclude this from your list if you are not specifically looking for Marathi styles. Their prices start as low as ₹ 1,000. Not a bad price for all those likes you’ll get, right?

4. Mod Jewellers, Delhi

Om Sons Bridal Store

As its name suggests, Mod Jewellers offer contemporary bridal jewellery for rent, with pieces that are perfect for the Cocktail night. They are known for their colourful pieces that can be easily paired with funky outfits. If you’re the kind of person that loves the matchy-matchy vibe, you should head to this place right after you’ve finalised all your outfits. Additionally, this place is also a great place to buy trinkets for your bridesmaids from, if you’re planning to gift them jewellery to thank them for all their help and support!

5. Atulya wedding studio, North Delhi

Om Sons Bridal Store

This store is a bit of a one-stop-shop as it offers wedding outfits as well as bridal jewellery for rent. This can totally work in your favour if you’re the kind of person who needs all the ensemble pieces to be in front of her so that she can decide what to wear. Apart from renting out their clothes, they also offer the option to buy the garments, so if you see something you like, snatch it up! Their prices start from ₹ 5,000.

6. Soni Sapphire

Om Sons Bridal Store

When it comes to bridal jewellery for rent, Soni Sapphire is one of the oldest stores that offer this contemporary solution to consumers. Their bridal jewellery for rent includes jewellery pieces made with semi-precious and precious stones, as well as classic styles like Kundan, Meenakari, Gold, and more. Their store is located in Rajouri Garden, which is another hub in Delhi that offers wedding solutions for brides and guests!

When you have the option to get bridal jewellery for rent, then there’s no reason why you cannot look stunning at every event that you attend. From wearing quirky silver jewellery to old school gold pieces, give your followers a taste of all the different fashion trends that you can sport without breaking a sweat! Bookmark this listicle now and the next time you want to rent jewellery, remember to ake us of one of these sources! 

Want to know more about bridal jewellery for rent? Check out these jewellery stores near you!