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List of Exciting Categories on WWI Community

Wish to plan a whimsical wedding? The WeddingWire India community is here to help you with a wide range of categories which will make your wedding planning journey easier. Scroll up and explore! 

Are you treading new waters to plan your dream wedding? What is your Wedding Theme? Do you have some wedding decoration ideas in mind? Did you pin the most amazing lehenga and blouse designs for your wedding trousseau on your pinterest board? Do you know the names of the top Hair and Makeup Artists in your city? Looks like Wedding Planning needs a n-e-v-e-r ending checklist. This is where WeddingWire India’s Community page comes to your rescue with a varied list of categories. From detailed discussions of Wedding Planning, to Celebrity Wedding Inspirations, Trending Makeup Ideas for brides of every Indian skin tone, wedding gift ideas, relationship advice and so much more - The WeddingWire community is your own personal WeddingBook with testimonials from experts & experienced couples across the country. 

Genz & millennial couples are more inclined towards newfangled trends. WeddingWire India community is that one platform which grabs everything in vogue. Whenever we think of putting something to action, we make sure to categorise choices so that everything runs at a smooth pace. Same applies to the instructive categories on WeddingWire India’s Community

Ever thought of asking something on the WeddingWire India community but, got caught on the web of confusion? Remove all the shambles as we have capped you with everything easy. From Gifts and Favours to Wedding Trivia, there are 17 categories which will make the path of wedding planning an easy-breezy one. You can select any category according to your liking. And, believe it or not, wedding experts are going to be with you at every step of your wedding planning!  

Planning a dreamy wedding is the goal of every couple. So, why not explore trending wedding fashion while you make your #ShaadiKiTaiyari a cherished one? Let’s get started with the edifying tour of astounding categories on the WeddingWire India community and gain a bag full of exciting information.  

Enchanted much? It’s time to explore the astounding categories of the WeddingWire India community!

In this blog:

1. Gifts and Favours

2. Bachelor and Bachelorette

3. Traditions and Ceremonies

4. Plan a Wedding

5. Do It Yourself/DIY

6. Community Conversation

7. Invites and Stationery

8. Wedding Fashion

9. Honeymoon

10. WeddingWire Tech Support

11. Married Life

12. Groups by City

13. Fitness and Health

14. Beauty, Hair and Makeup

15. Trending Weddings

16. Pre-Wedding Functions

17. Wedding Trivia

Gifts and Favours

Everything’s well unless it comes to gifts and favours at a wedding ceremony.. Surprisingly, guests look forward to enchanting thank you gifts. From selecting on a perfect #ShaadiKaLifafa to the most scrumptious sweet box everything counts in the checklist. If you are perplexed on what to gift to the guests and on which ceremony, this category on WeddingWire India community is a perfect pick for you. What do you need to know? Just shoot a post and ask our experts! 

Bachelor and Bachelorette

Shoutout to the most stimulating part of WeddingWire India community and ofcourse the whole wedding celebration plan. What’s better than celebrating your bachelor/bachelorette hood with full verve and vivacity? This happening day is meant to mark your new beginning while celebrating your precious friendships and sister/brotherhoods in full fervour. Are you planning on your singlehood party? Why not turn up on the community page and share your quirky ideas with others? From picking the mischievous locations to deciding on the guest list, this category is full of liveliness and hullabaloo! Shoutout to Bridesmaids and groomsmen, if you have questions and queries about planning a bachelor/bachelorette, feel free to drop your questions here. 

Traditions and Ceremonies

The importance of the rituals in a wedding ceremony tops the value of bliss and reverence. Traditions are worshipped in the hearts of every religion in India and are the most intricate part of wedding ceremonies. The community managers at Wedding Wire India offer a wide variety of solutions and information about different cultures and rituals. If you have an intercultural wedding in mind, or need some detailed info on wedding customs of a specific religion, feel free to ask about evergreen traditions and ceremonies on this platform and get a chance to start a beautiful life journey with glee.

Plan a Wedding

The main factor which enhances the ambience of the nuptial functions and adds a stamp of memories on the hearts of guests is proper wedding planning. The best way to plan a wedding is to make a detailed planning checklist and execute all the points with sheer excitement. Are you the one who wants to have a memorable wedding? Hop on the platform of the WeddingWire India community while you clear all the jitters and willies. This category is a one-stop solution for attaining minute details about a dreamy wedding.

Do It Yourself/DIY

There is always that one delightful element that adds personalisation to your wedding. This can be a customised photo booth, quirky wedding hashtag or anything which creates a sense of personal touch. Design your wedding according to your comfort and ease. If you have any doubt on which type of ‘do it yourself’ sparkle to add in your function, WeddingWire India experts are here to cover you up with a bag full of solutions.

Community Conversation

Every person wants to feel the meaning of love. Marriage is something which bonds two souls together. For this, availing the ticket to positivity is very important. If you are the one who wants to share general relationship topics then the category community conversations at WeddingWire India Community is best suited. Get a chance to bond with other users and share inspiring stories of love and commitment. .

Invites and Stationery

Your wedding invites and stationeries are way important to keep your guests informed about all the wedding functions. Are you planning a wedding ceremony but don’t know how to invite your close ones? Don’t worry as the wedding experts at WeddingWire India have got you covered with creative answers. From save-the-dates to the final wedding invite, they ensure to make every paper count. 

Wedding Fashion

Wedding trends are ever-evolving and to dive into the flow of changing trends, being on the top of the list becomes imperative. From bridal lehengas to tuxedos and wedding jewellery to watches, WeddingWire India Community takes care of everything fancy. The elevation of this lovely wedding fashion category is all you need to imbibe in your wedding outfits and other whimsy things.


Planning a romantic getaway with your partner? Jump on the WeddingWire India community and spill the beans of your dream honeymoon destination. Whether you love to relax in the laps of mountains or cherish splashing in the water of nature, this wide-ranging forum will help you in making your stay a delightful one. Not only locations but you can also discuss what to pack and pick for your dreamy vacation. The community experts and other available users will help you in selecting what’s best and trending. Isn’t it exciting?

WeddingWire Tech Support

Made an account on the WeddingWire India community but don't know how to progress further? The always joyous community team is there to take you out from the minimalist problem. If you wish to learn about the new features, tools, how to post a discussion and other basic details, all you need to do is shoot a post in WeddingWire tech support. The experts will be there to provide you with helpful answers. Indeed, you don’t need to be anywhere when the community is there to be your saviour. 

Married Life

A marriage is a bond of friendship and forever happiness. After you get married, the feeling of sharing your wedding experience becomes exhilarating.  If you wish to share your cupid love story to the world, then the WeddingWire India community is the appropriate choice for you. From sharing pictures of your sweet moments to guiding others through a happy married life, this category is an ideal pick. Are you ready to share your power couple vibes with others? 

Groups by City

Sometimes, being specific about something can give easy and quick solutions. Same goes for this convenient category on the WeddingWire India community. Groups by city will help you to post city-specific discussions. This will create ease and help you in exploring wedding content according to your location preference. The category comprises 37 cities, which creates a mesh of ease. 

Fitness and Health

Planning on your dream wedding but what’s up the wedding diet? These days, the goal of millennial couples is to hit the stage of the wedding with bougie body goals. From brides keeping a check on their diet to grooms working out on their ripped body, the flow of fitness and health is elevating the level of wellness. Share your fitness hacks on WeddingWire India community and grab a couple of propelling responses from the users.

Beauty, Hair and Makeup

If you are that bride who wishes to look drop-dead gorgeous on her wedding day and loves to keep tabs on beauty hacks. The category of beauty, hair and makeup on WeddingWire India community is an ideal pick for you. Avail the chance of learning and sharing hair treatment ideas, beauty regimes, best skincare routines for different types and concerns of skin, top-notched makeup artists and a lot more on this lovely community. 

We are a celeb-obsessed nation and availing the latest b-town information is just like hitting the jackpot! If you love to keep a check on the newest trending wedding gossip, on who is marrying who, what is hot what is not and other trending updates then this category on the community is well-suited for you to add a juice of it in your wedding! 

Pre-Wedding Functions

Jump onto this lovely community at WeddingWire India and fetch some helpful tips. From Haldi, to reception ceremonies this category is all you need to add a pinch of glam in your pre-wedding functions. What are you waiting for? Start a conversation and avail helpful answers! 

Wedding Trivia

Wedding planning involves so many proceedings which makes the whole process tedious and stressful. To keep the stress at bay, the community at WeddingWire India has got you covered with a lively category. Here, you can discuss great ideas, fun games and meet other brides with the same tastes. Level up the wedding trivia and ooze your cherub mood with this fun category!  

These categories are surely going to ease the path of your dreamy wedding planning and our community managers are going to help you throughout the planning journey. Be a part of this lovely community and make your D-day a forever remembrance. 

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