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Zardosi Blouse Work – One of the Best Designs to Get That Royal Touch During a Wedding!

Zardosi blouse work is one of the highly sought-after designs in the fashion industry. It has gradually taken huge strides in the wedding sector as well with brides opting for the same. Check them out!


Zardosi blouse work is a traditional design style of embroidery that uses thick golden or silver threads to create beautiful patterns on the blouses, lehengas or even sarees. Apart from these threads, some artists use metallic bullion thread, French wires and metallic spring thread as well. Some modern-day designers have taken this design to new heights by using sequins and stones along with the thread embroideries.

1. Why is it so popular?

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The basic reason for Zardosi blouse work to be so popular is the incredible range of designs and patterns you can get in this style. The options are endless as the possible combinations are quite a lot. Silver threads with stones, sequins or mirrors, or golden threads with multiple coloured stones and even the combination of golden or silver threads; the combinations are aplenty. Apart from looking stunning in general, they also give you the regal and elegant look. There is hardly a better option when it comes to embroidery if you want the royal look, which is the most in thing right now.

The idea of the designs used in the Zardosi blouse work basically gained the kind of significance it has now as there was a need for heavy embroidery in the blouse rather than the lehengas or sarees. Due to this, the options for designs for the blouse are many with the popular way being the use of sequins or stones, especially for a bridal outfit. Even if you are looking for a non-bridal outfit like a casual saree but with some Zardosi blouse work, then you must go for designs that have patterns including stone or sequins!

Now with all the knowledge you have just learnt, go through these stunning Zardosi blouse work options and look for the intricate details used in them to make it look so great.

2. Lightweight Zardosi work

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Starting with a lightweight saree and blouse with light Zardosi blouse work, this beautiful outfit is the epitome of elegance. The net fabric of the saree gives enough breathing space to the blouse for it to stand out in this outfit. Speaking of the blouse, the continuous and stunning embroidery makes it look incredibly beautiful. The patterns follow the usual traditional designs but the choice of the blue colour with silver for the thread embroideries is what makes this design so pretty. The saree has small Zardosi work spread over its large canvas.

Pair a choker necklace with stones of similar colour and you have the perfect look to attend a wedding. You might even turn more heads towards you than the bride does!

3. The perfect combination of red and gold

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Can you think of a better combination than red and golden for a bridal outfit? Both the colours combine together perfectly to give the brides some stunning outfits. This is a great example of how these colours can be used to incorporate Zardosi blouse work in it. The continuous embroidery using golden threads fill the blouse completely, making it ideal for brides who want a heavy blouse but without the use of sequins or stones. The lehenga too follows similar designs, making it a heavy bridal outfit in total. Use some royal pieces of jewellery to complete the look.

4. Gold embroideries on Navy Blue blouse

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A navy blue blouse is not a typical style that the brides opt for, making this an ideal colour for a non-bridal outfit. The use of Zardosi blouse work on this colour makes the outfit look stunning. The golden and silver thread embroideries add a certain panache to the colour, making it an ideal outfit for bridesmaids. Furthermore, the floral patterns using colourful threads add another layer to the outfit under the shadow of prominent Zardosi embroideries.

5. The true royal look with stonework

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If you want a complete royal look, picking a heavy bridal outfit/lehengas with a lot of stone or sequins work is the way to go. This outfit exactly follows that pattern with some incredibly beautiful white stones used with the embroideries all over it. The Zardosi blouse work on the blouse is equally stunning with the rich gold coloured threads used for embroidery. With the right use of heavy jewellery, you would look nothing short of a princess in this outfit.

The advantage of Zardosi work is that you can go for the regal look as well as the elegant look. The ball is in your court when it comes to deciding what to go for. If not for the bridal outfit, this design perfectly suits the non-bridal outfits as well. Use your imagination and be as creative as you want when speaking to designers or tailors!

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