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7 Simple Wedding Gift Ideas That Are Just Perfect for This Wedding Season

Are you stuck at that crucial point where you have a million wedding gift options and you are absolutely clueless about which one to go for?

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We go to great lengths to personalise our weddings, right from the wedding invitations to the wedding trailer that comes out after everything is over. How about personalising your wedding gifts as well? You can make your wedding gifts reflect your personalities as a couple. Does the idea sound interesting to you? Then, we have appropriate ideas for you if you associate with any of the following categories of couples.

We have something for everyone whether you're a lovey-dovey couple or a no-nonsense one. Read on to find out how you can delight your wedding guests with gifts, in a way that's typical 'you'.

1. The Classic Couple: Personalised Candles

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If you’re one of those who wants to play safe, gifting candles can never a bad option! They’re simple and elegant, and a personalised message on a tag along with them makes them an ideal option for you. You can even get your picture with the wedding hashtag printed on it. How cool would that be as a giveaway! You can choose for it to be scented according to wedding flowers or not, let your creativity flow free.

2. The DIY Couple: Wedding Crackers

If you’re one of those people who consider their guests a vital part of their ceremony and wants to show them how much you appreciate their presence, a handmade wedding cracker will do that for you! Fill them with all the content of your choice for each one of your guests and let them know how special they are and how much they mean to you.

3. The Lazy Couple: Mini Boxes of Confectionery Items


It’s for you if you don’t want to think too much but at the same time, you’d like your guests to know how much you appreciate their presence on your wedding day. Chocolates and other baked goods can never (ever) disappoint anyone. They’re cute, they’re sweet, and well, sugar is always a great option!

4. The Practical Couple: Personalised Hand Creams

A hand cream bottle is an excellent way of remaining in your guest’s memory for a longer period of time. It’s functional and useful, and a personalised label on it can only make them smile every time they use it. We all know of someone who likes to hoard these products, whether from hotels or otherwise. They will surely thank you for this thoughtful gift.

5. The Smart Couple: Wedding Décor Pieces

Gardner Street Tea

You’ve already spent the money on the décor items for your wedding venue, so why not just turn them into wedding gifts as well? A sophisticated glass of champagne, a cup of tea, a flower vase; they can all be personalised easily and can work for both, table arrangements and wedding gifts!

6. The Lovey-Dovey Couple: Heart-Shaped Items

Aww! Yes, this one’s for those couples who see and make hearts everywhere; heart-shaped clouds, drawing a heart with your names on a dirty car or on the beach, this one goes for you! Gifting heart-shaped cookies or heart-shaped boxes with dry fruits or snacks could just be the most appropriate wedding gift for you.

7. The Creative Couple: Personalised USB Drives

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Something you never associate with weddings is a USB! Surprise your guests gifting them a USB with a personalised message inside and out. This is a simple and useful no-nonsense gift. In this millennial era, pen drives come in quite handy. 

Getting a different flavour in wedding gifts will surely stump your guests. Out-of-the-box ideas delight everyone and including an item that kids will also like can earn you some brownie points. Choose something simple that has a utility. The costs of these wedding gifts will also depend on the ingredients going into them. Order them after you have an approximation of the number of guests who are going to attend your wedding.

As much as the wedding gift itself matters, so does its packaging. So give a good thought before finalising everything.

If you need more inspiration, head over to some of the finest wedding gift vendors near you.