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Nailing Your Sleeve Designs: What Are the Types to Consider?

The sleeve designs have a huge say in making any blouse or outfit look great. Here are some of the variations you can try to get the perfect look for your wedding!

The Wedding Salad

Be it the bride or the other guests at a wedding, every one of you thinks a lot about the outfit you’re going to wear and you allot a major chunk of time to decide the kind of blouse you want. The major part of the blouse gets covered with the jewellery you wear so naturally, it is the sleeves that get a lot of attention. As a result, it is the sleeve designs you need to think about rather than the full blouse itself.

Of course, the designs can be throughout the blouse but the sleeves definitely need special attention. To help you out, we have come with an extensive list of sleeve designs in different styles and fabrics!

1. Go for beautiful embroideries

Image Courtesy: Bless our Wedding

If you are looking for a clean embroidery pattern on your sleeve, then you should go for something like this which has beautiful intricate designs but with a clean cotton or silk cloth as the base. With no other embroideries, the main design will stand out.

2. Ace your fabric choice by picking velvet

Knots by AMP

Velvet is one cloth that automatically makes the whole attire absolutely gorgeous and plush. Add to that the beautiful golden embroideries as the sleeve designs and you have a blouse that will surely turn a few heads. The gold metallic embroideries add a touch of royalty to the outfit, making them perfect for big events!

3. Dabka work to make the blouse stand out

Image Courtesy: This Modern Love Photo

One of the most popular embroidery works these days is Dabka work. The beautiful spring-like strings wired together to form intricate patterns on the blouse add a lot of depth and character to the blouse. During the winters, you can go for full sleeves as well.

4. Pick Lace designs for a feminine look

Image Courtesy: Simmi Makwana

How can we talk about lace sleeve designs and not include a Christian bride? The beautiful white gown has some really pretty white lace patterns on it, making the bride look like a princess on her big day.

Image Courtesy: Simmi Makwana

This lovely turquoise coloured lacework blouse design can make any lady look pretty. The full sleeves give the blouse an even simpler look than it already has. It is perfect for any guest to wear at a wedding or for the bride to wear it at her Sangeet night.

5. Make a statement with Ghungroo work

Image Courtesy: Studio 31 Weddings

One of the most creative sleeve designs in this list, this blouse has some insane amount of work going on. First, the cold-shoulder finish, then the strings of gold threads and then the use of Ghungroos on the blouse. The blouse looks more like an ornament than a garment. Such a design would look absolutely incredible on a south Indian bride.

6. Be classic with Silk

Image Courtesy: Venigram

Kanjeevaram sarees are synonymous with South Indian brides and the sleeves of this blouse have a unique mix of colours with navy blue, gold, orange and yellow. The rich silk finish to the saree and the blouse makes the bride look her best.

7. Go for Mirror work

Dipak Studios

One of the best sleeve designs you can think of is one with some mirror work. It gives you a semi-casual look but yet stays true to the traditions, making it ideal for functions like Mehndi or Haldi.

8. Pick Ruffled designs for some fun

Image Courtesy: Ricco India

Here’s a modern sleeve design, if that is what you prefer. The ruffled blouse design is quite peppy and edgy and is something that any bride would love to wear it at a day event on a summer day.

9. Pick Net for a sultry look

Image Courtesy: TaybahQ

A blouse with net sleeves is fast becoming a common sight at Indian weddings. It has more to do with the summer heat that trending styles though! The net allows the outfit to have enough breathability and give the brides a chance to experiment with their look. The use of patterns and beads on the net takes away the otherwise bland nature of the fabric.

Image courtesy: Gagan Shooter

This full-sleeved blouse has the right combination of colours with red net and golden patterns on it. The golden strings of cloth create beautiful patterns throughout the sleeves, giving a royal touch to the blouse by perfectly complimenting the velvet and embroidery finish, making it one of the best sleeve designs.

10. Pick Sequins for a glam look!

Image Courtesy: Simmi Makwana

If you love sequins, then this blouse with sleeve designs using multiple sequins should make you shop for one. The golden sequins on top of the copper metallic colour make this design so beautiful. One can only stand and admire the beauty of the design of the sleeves – which is basically what will happen on your wedding!

11. End your search with stonework

Red Veds

If you are all for bridal outfits with heavy embroidery and stonework, then this red bridal set is perfect for you. The sleeves have white stones all over. The white beads and pearls give the cutwork blouse a rich look, ensuring the bride will look absolutely gorgeous.

Image Courtesy: Simmi Makwana

If you like neat and clean stonework sleeve designs, then this grey metallic blouse will suit you the best. The white stones on the grey colour make it look more like diamonds. The colour combination is perfect for the bride to wear on a Sangeet or Mehndi night.

With such an incredible variety of sleeve designs, you surely must have gotten inspired to get something similar for yourself. It’s a great idea because having interesting sleeves can help you keep your look fresh!

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