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Sabyasachi Gowns Alert: Find Out Why These Gorgeous Gowns Should Be Your Next Favourite Wedding Outfit

Dream of a day in a Sabyasachi creation, but want more options than just the signature wedding Lehengas? We present some awe-inspiring designs among Sabyasachi gowns.

Sabyasachi, an epitome of grace for bridal wear in India, is a point of call for both inspiration and aspiration among desi brides. His choice of fabrics, design and silhouettes lend to both Indian and western sensibilities. And so we see brides lusting over his bridal Lehengas, Anarkali dresses and sarees. We explore one such segment here, with a look at the illustrious Sabyasachi gowns.

1. Bejewelled Gowns

These gorgeous Sabyasachi gowns in pastels have shades of aqua, peach and beige - giving it a royal look. These gowns were a part of Sabyasachi’s Palermo Afternoon Collections that was launched in 2017. Well, since Palermo is in Italy, this particular Sabyasachi collection was made especially for destination weddings. 

Further, though these gowns look a lot like Anarkalis, we can’t ignore that they are similar insensibilities to designs by international designers like Elie Saab. Remember the Elie Saab gown Aishwarya wore at Cannes?

Best occasions for the outfit:

These no-cancan gowns are perfect for Sangeet or Reception as they are an easy-breezy outfit, which will survive a night full of dance and twirls.&nbsp

Complete this look with:

Dewy makeup with a lot of highlighter powder or cream to have a sculpted face. To top this look, opt for a neutral lip colour.

2. All Black, Everything

While some aunties may gasp and comment on your choice of wearing a black outfit, you can always inform them that Sonam Kapoor too wore a black outfit at her reception. Times have changed; black is no longer considered an inauspicious colour. These gorgeous black gowns are going to be hard to forget.  The gorgeous gold embroidery on the flare of the gown adds a lot of character to the movement of the outfit.

If you are not a fan of an embroidered outfit, you can opt for a plain black gown with floral detailing on the flare.

Best occasions for the outfit:

The floral pattern adds the right contrast to the plain black, making this outfit apt for your wedding reception.

Complete this look with:

Adding the signature Sabyasachi elephant belt is the perfect way of accessorising the outfit. Minimal makeup and pulled back hair should be the look you should go for.

3.  Serene White

Many millennial brides have taken a liking towards the colour white. These Sabyasachi gowns are timeless pieces that will be in fashion for quite a number of years as well. Minimal design and a flattering cut, make these gowns a good investment. These gowns make for a perfect Reception or a beach wedding outfit.

Best occasions for the outfit:

For Sangeet or Reception, a subtle off-white or cream gown works best.

These gowns also make for a perfect Reception or a beach wedding outfit.

Complete this look with:

A bold lip colour should add the right amount of contrast to the overall look.

4. Floral Pastels

Florals and pastels are a good combination for a day wedding. These gorgeous floral pastel Sabyasachi gowns have our heart. The subtle pastel-coloured floral prints, seem to be inspired by vintage English clothes.

Best occasions for the outfit:

These Sabyasachi gowns are perfect for either a day-Mehndi or for a day wedding.

Complete this look with:

Bold eye-makeup and a nude lip will add the right character to your overall look.

5. White wedding gowns:

Sabyasachi, in collaboration with Lane Crawford, is now selling outfits with a western touch. He still remains entrenched in what he knows best: handicrafts and embroidery tweaked to the taste of the foreign audience. If you’re an NRI bride, you too can try your hands on these gorgeous Sabyasachi gowns.

Best occasions for the outfit:

These gowns seem perfect for either a Church wedding or reception.

Complete this look with:

Natural, sheer or HD makeup for a fresh-faced, dewy look.

Tips to keep in mind before buying a Sabyasachi gown:

1. The need for Cancan:

While choosing your gown, discuss the need of cancan underskirts with the store. If you wish to add character to your plain outfit, you can opt for cancan. Avoid using cancan in embroidered or embellished outfits. It will add unnecessary weight to your outfit and will get in the way of your dancing plans.

2. Weather-appropriate fabric:

Opt for the right fabric for your gown, keeping in mind the weather. Avoid wearing khadi silk gowns in summers.

3. Choose by skin tone:

Choose the right colour of gown according to your skin tone. If you’re a lighter complexion, opt for brighter colours. If you’re a medium skin tone, opt for colours that will brighten your look – opt for florals and pastels. If you’re a darker skin tone, opt for colours that will flatter your skin tone. Red, Orange and Rust are all your colours.

We sincerely hope these tips are helpful when you go shopping for your bridal gown.

Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

All Images are taken from Sabyasachi's Facebook feed and belong to the designer's brand.