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9 Ring Mehndi Design Ideas That Will Make Your Forget About Traditional Ones!

Picking the right mehndi design can be a bit challenging as it should not clash with your outfit. Perhaps this is the reason why brides are opting for simple mehndi designs like the ring mehndi design! Check out 9 examples of them!

Image Courtesy: Arabic Art 7enna

The traditional Indian designs are intricate and quite time-consuming. More and more women have started opting for simpler and more elegant designs of late and thus the Arabic designs, ring designs and other light designs have made a big splash in the Indian market in the recent times.

The ring mehndi design is quite popular these days and rightly so. These designs give you the minimalistic look and are quite easy to apply as well. Ring mehndi designs are basically simple designs that use the ring formations, particularly on fingers. A ring mehndi design makes your hand look elegant with its simple designs and not crowded as the other design patterns do. The ring mehndi design and the simple Arabic designs are quite similar in their look, as they both follow the minimal approach.

If you too are looking for a simple design, then you can opt for one of these ring designs! The following are a few top examples a ring mehndi design that will look great on your hands!

1. A heart shaped pattern

Image Courtesy: Aartistic Soul

This pattern consists of a heart at the back of the hand. The complete design surrounds this heart with some beautiful ring formations. The design continues to just the index finger with a simple Indian design. The small dots make some beautiful patterns.

2. A simple traditional design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

This ring mehndi design uses thick strokes of henna to create a complete design with some girth. The wrist of the hand has a beautiful bracelet design that is simple enough for anyone to create. The tip of the fingers, just below the nails, have yet another simple design that anyone can draw on their own. This is perfect for a mehndi night where you can try to apply the paste yourself on the hands of the guests.

3. Flowers and circles

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This design has beautiful flowers on the backhand. The highlight of this design is how it has a vine that starts from the wrist and makes it through the flowers and then twines it around the index finger. It gives the design a beautiful flow. The other four fingers have very simple designs that are different from each other.

4. The simple look

Image Courtesy: Art Emanoalzada

If you want a simple look then it cannot get simpler than this. This ring mehndi design just covers the fingers. It is perfect for some casual functions. Moreover, what makes it a great design is the fact that you do not need an artist to apply this for you.

5. A line on the ring finger

Image Courtesy: Sri Henna q8

If you are looking for a design that does not cover a lot of your fingers or hand, then this design is perfect. It has the right amount of rings on fingers and also has a beautiful single line design on the ring finger. Furthermore, the black henna gives the complete design the vibe of a tattoo.

6. Beautiful design leading to the middle finger

Image Courtesy: Sri Henna q8

A beautiful pattern on the back of the hand, starting from the wrist and then leading up to the middle finger, makes it a perfect design that is simple and yet beautiful enough for the bride. The patterns are a perfect mix of Indian and Arabic mehndi designs with the use of leaf motifs, arches and simple Indian designs.

7. Pretty little rings on all fingers

Image Courtesy: Teha Fateha Henna

This ring mehndi design is perfect for that simplistic approach, with its multiple rings on all the fingers. With no further design on the back of the hand, it is a super clean example of mehndi designs and perfect for brides who do not want cluttered designs.

8. A pointed arrow design on the fingers

Image Courtesy: Living Hours

This simple pretty ring mehndi design involves the formations of arrow-shaped rings on the fingers. The index fingers have beautiful patterns with a different thickness of henna to give some depth to the design. The highlight of the design is the matching bracelet design extending from the wrist and giving a coherent theme to the full flow of the pattern.

9. Pretty flowers and an intricate design

Image Courtesy: Trendy Blogger 2's Instagram

This beautiful design has some intricate flower patterns on the back of the hand with the use of multiple shades of henna on the design. The unique thing about this design is that both the hands have different mehndi patterns. The left hand only has a single dotted line pattern on the middle finger but the right hand has a bit more with ring patterns on each finger along with the small leaf motifs.

With this long list of ring designs for mehndi, you may now have an idea about what to ask your artist to apply on your hands!

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