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6 Simple Arabic Designs That You Must Choose on Your Mehndi Day!

Mehndi designs are meant for you to look your best at the wedding. With the simple Arabic designs now being a hugely sought-after style, here are 6 of the best designs that you can use.

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Once only famous in the Gulf countries, the simple Arabic designs for mehndi have now become a huge thing in other Asian countries as well. Popularly known for its simple flowy designs along with intricate patterns depicting the famous Turkic or Mughal architecture, the Arabic designs are now a favourite when it comes to mehndi designs.

What makes it so sought-after is how beautiful elegant it looks once applied on hands. The diagonal lines, leafy motifs, floral artworks and miniature portraits are some of the characteristics of simple Arabic designs. Another major thing you can notice is the amount of skin that is left exposed without any henna on it, making it completely different from the usual Indian design style. However, with more and more innovations in the design patterns, an amalgamation of both the Indian and Arabic designs too are coming up. In such designs, the patterns may be from the simple Arabic designs but the amount of the space covered would be just like the Indian style.

The designs are abundant. With some, you can weave a story and with some, you can create incredible patterns or have just simple plain designs without any patterns. Be careful with your choice, as it would stay with you on your wedding day and the few days to follow!

1. The design split on two hands

Image Courtesy: Mogra Mendhi

Both the palms decorated with half of the overall design on each is one of the classic mehndi designs out there. It became so popular that people had started ditching this design. However, with the incorporation of simple Arabic designs, this design style has made a comeback. Here, we can see a floral design that looks like a rangoli with concentric design patterns. The top of the fingers do not have any mehndi, the diagonal lines on the forearm region and the use of leaf motifs are all classic examples of how Arabic mehndi design style stands out from the rest. The dome-like patterns at the end make the design a bit more impactful.

2. The simple design with a moon and Arabic quotes

Image Courtesy: Mogra Mendhi

This design is one of the simple Arabic designs that have a lot of Arabic flavour in them, without any hint of Indian influence. The design has a beautiful crescent moon along with some stars and some Arabic quotes from the scriptures in the centre. The most beautiful thing about this design is the amount of space left without any henna on it. It makes it elegant and subtle, making it perfect for Muslim brides who do not like the extensive mehndi look. The simple designs for the fingers with stars hanging from it is another beautiful take on the Arabic mehndi design.

3. A leaf motif design for legs

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

At times, one gets so engrossed with the hands and arms that the legs do not get enough attention. However, applying mehndi on the legs is equally important and hence should not have any random designs for your legs. This simple design covering the toes with intricate patterns covering the rest of your feet looks amazing. With enough space left without any design, it allows the mehndi to pop in a great manner.

4. A single line over just one finger on the backhand

Tuhina Chopra Photoworks

Here’s another one of the simple Arabic designs with just a single line running over the back to cover a single finger. This looks so subtle and gives enough breathing space for the rings you wear. What happens with most other Indian designs, the patterns get so cluttered that the rings you wear do not look good at all!

5. A complete design with diagonal lines and floral patterns

Image Courtesy: Mehndi Designs

If you want a clean mehndi design, then this is one of those simple Arabic designs that have intricate patterns but also enough space to make your hands look clean. The palms have a simple circular floral design with the wrists having the popular jaali-like formations. The forearms have beautiful design patterns with motifs one can see in architectural pieces.

6. A huge design with miniature portraits

White Frog Productions

Now, this design is one of the best simple Arabic designs that offers a mix of both Indian and Arabic design styles for you. It has the use of miniature portraits depicting the lifestyle of royals. The huge design provides you with enough space to create a small story in it if you prefer. The window-like structure resonates with the lattice-work one can see in Mughal architecture with the dome-shaped designs on top. The legs can have a classic design with diagonal lines design using leaf motifs.

Arabic designs are absolutely stunning, and you can even apply easy Arabic designs for left hand during your Mehndi ceremony to look as different as possible. Make sure that you deepen the colour by allowing the mehndi to dry naturally.

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