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Here Is Your Best Guide To The Traditional Red Bangles For Your Wedding Look

Red remains the colour for the newlywed bride and what better way to announce her than through the clink of bangles in the same crimson shade? Gorge your eyes on this splendid set of red bangles as you search for one that's just right for you.

Image courtesy: Mrunalini Chandra

Red bangles are one of the most representative factors of any traditional Indian bride. Every bride has a distinct level of craze for the lovely bridal bangles. We have a whole range of a unique set of red bangles for your wedding day.

The crazy styles range from the seashells, the silk threads, the thick bangles, pearl sets and what not. Making your bridal look stunning is our responsibility with the latest trends of red bangles listed right here for you to choose from.

Make the most of the variants and choose the one that suits your personality the most.

What are Red Bangles?

Image courtesy: Mehar Photography

The red bangles belong to a set of bridal bangles which are popularly known as the traditional bridal ‘Chura’. The Punjabi wedding rituals claim to be the originator of the bridal tradition of the red bangles. It is believed to be a prominent part of Shringaar of Suhagans (wedded women).

New brides are supposed to wear them for at least a year, which marks their auspicious newlywed period like the Sindoor and the Mangalsutra. The bride is supposed to wear it for a duration ranging from six months to one year, so choose your red bangles wisely.

Indian society is a multi-cultural one so the ritual is shared by the majority of religions and sects now. Here is a wide variety of authentic red bangles with a twist for you to choose from.

1. The snow-flaked red bangles

Image courtesy: Zohrain Ali

This is one of the latest styles of red bangles doing rounds on Instagram. This is a set of old-style bangles with a few white ones capping the red bangles on each side. What makes these red bangles distinct is the little droplets of-of gold glitter neatly placed at the same distance which makes it look like snowflakes because of the lovely combination.

It is an elegant variant of red bangles for the gorgeous bride looking for something subtle for her wedding day which is also distinct. It is different from the regular style of bangles.

2. The white shells

Image courtesy: The Indian Wedding

This gorgeous set of red bangles is another style with a combination of white bangles. What makes this lovely style of bridal bangles different are the statement Kadas studded with shining big white sea shells capping the lovely set.

It is a wonderful choice for the bride looking for the most unique set of red bangles for her dream wedding. If you are a sea-loving bride, go for the wedding shells without thinking twice!

3. The Rajwada mix

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This is another unique choice for the royal bride looking for a majestic choice for her big day’s red bangles. This style became famous after Deepika Padukone’s breathtaking look in Padmavat. It is a regal style of bangles which is a mix of unique Rajputi jewellery-like style of bangles.

This variant of red bangles is ideal for the gorgeous bride looking for a Maharani look which is full of heavily studded jewellery and majestic lehengas. If you want to flaunt your regal taste, go for it!

4. The Rajwada Moti-studded bangles

Deep Joshi Photography

This style is another wonderful choice of red bangles for the regal bride in you. It is a combination of pearls, green beads, thick kada and a lot of quirk and style. The red kada in the centre covered in cloth studded with pearls look absolutely stunning.

It is a perfect option for brides who want to flaunt some pearls, coloured beads and everything different when it comes to the traditional red bangles for the special day of the wedding.

5. The Kundan mix

Image courtesy: Mehar Photography

This set of red bangles is the classic style of red bangles for your ultimate wedding day. This is the variant which is the simplest of all bangle sets. The two sets of plain red bangles separated by intricate white bangles capped by lovely Kundan kadas on both sides. The kadas add to the richness of the red bangles.

This is a wonderful choice for the simplest of all brides looking for subtle variants for the wedding day. With your simplicity reflecting, you are bound to look wonderful.

6. The handcrafted bangles

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This is a great style of red bangles which has a distinct touch to itself crafted by rural artisans. What makes this lovely set of red bangles wonderful and different is its covering made of silk threads. It looks absolutely neat and earthy.

This is a fantastic choice of red bangles for the gorgeous bride looking for handcrafted variants of red bangles for her wonderful wedding. With these bangles adorning your hands full of dark henna, you are bound to set new eco-friendly wedding trends on Instagram.

7. Reds amidst the dominating whites

Knotting Bells

The drop-dead gorgeous celebrity bride Rubina Dilaik looks absolutely stunning in the very quirky and quintessential set of wedding bangles. This unique style has reversed the colour majority with thick white coloured kadas doing all the talking with thin red ones in the middle standing out.

It is a unique choice for the lovely brides who wish to look like a celebrity on their wedding day. The unique set of bangles will surely make you a trendsetting the bride of the wedding season of 2019!

8. The thick middle Kada

Image courtesy: Kulwant Singh Photography

This variant of red bangles adds another lovely twist to the classic style of traditional red bangles. With its two thick sets covering each hand, the statement thick kadas studded with pearls make it look absolutely amazing for your wedding.

It is a wonderful choice for the bride who is extremely excited to get married and wants to go Over the Top with all the wedding rituals. This set of red bangles let you outshine among the crowd and flaunt your newlywed status!

9. The glass bangles

Image courtesy: Saavn The Shitzu

This is one of the most distinct styles of red bangles which is the glass counterpart of the usual plastic set. This is a rebellious set of bangles leaving behind the plastic bangle trend. The deep maroon shade adds to the entire bridal charm in your wedding look.

This is an ideal choice for the traditional bride who wants to trace back her roots. Several years ago, the tradition started with the glass bangles and the Laakh bangles. Trust us, you are going to look absolutely stunning in these dense maroon bangles.

With these stunning variations in the traditional red bangles for the gorgeous Indian bride, you are all set to make headlines on Instagram. With thick kadas, Kundan kadas, white bangles and handcrafted silk threaded bangles along with innumerable other unique variants of the traditional red bangles, you have the ultimate guide to the ancient bridal ritual.

Whether you are the traditional bride or a celebrity bride, a majestic bride or the sea-loving bride, we have something in the latest list of red bangles for all you fashionistas! No matter which one style of the above you choose, you are bound to be an inspiration for the future brides-to-be and definitely a star bride of the wedding season of 2019!

We would love to read your favourite style of red bangles in the comments below.