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These Patiala Salwar Designs Images Are Perfect for Weddings

Want to wear something comfortable and amazing this wedding season? Check out these Patiala salwar designs images for inspiration!

Vipul Sharma Photography

Though side-lined as a daily-wear garment years ago, the Patiala salwar suit is certainly making a huge comeback in the wedding scene! More and more brides are recognising its value as a bridal outfit, while their friends are following suit and wearing the same for lighter wedding events. With scores of Punjabi salwar suits images trending on the net, it’s no wonder that women today are asking themselves, “was wearing an outfit this comfortable always an option for weddings?”

Yes, it was! And it still is! By paying attention to a few details in your ensemble, you can transform this humble garment into a stunning wedding outfit and enjoy all the compliments you get as a result. A great way to do so is by ensuring your salwar isn’t a plain one. A little change like pairing your outfit with a patterned or embroidered salwar can honestly make a huge difference!

Check out these Patiala salwar designs images and see how you can wear this cool outfit!

1. Gold embroidery on this baby blue salwar!

Vipul Sharma Photography

Blue is a big colour this season, and you can jump in on this trend when while wearing a Patiala salwar suit. This one makes the Patiala salwar designs images list because of the light gold embroidery work spread all over the pants. It’s highlighted beautifully by the gold borders on this bride’s dupatta, and of course, by the matching Punjabi Juttis!

Style tip: Stack gold and blue bangles all over your arms to make this a bit dressier!

2. Lightly patterned peach salwar!

Vipul Sharma Photography

Often, when women are pairing a Phulkari dupatta with their suit, they assume that the rest of the suit must be a plain one. But that’s not what we see here, and this is why we’re adding this to our favourite Patiala salwar designs images. The lightly patterned salwar really adds a lot to the look itself, making sure that it’s not dull at all!

Style tip: Match your Juttis with the colours on the dupatta for a uniform look!

3. Bridal pink suit with embroidery!

Vipul Sharma Photography

It’s not only the bridesmaids who can wear gorgeous suits while the bride huffs and puffs in her heavy wedding lehenga! This beautifully embroidered pink suit shows that this is a great look for brides too! The heavy embroidery patterns on the dupatta and salwar make this apt for a Gurudwara wedding! Save this one to your folder of Patiala salwar designs images!

Style tip: Don’t wear pink lipstick as it may get too matchy-matchy! Instead, go for a neutral shade or a brown one!

4. Red salwar with yellow checks!

Vipul Sharma Photography

If you think about the really traditional version of this outfit, it was all about mixing and matching tops, bottoms and dupattas. Women in the older times didn’t buy matching sets – they made their own clothes from materials that were available to them! Look how this bride doesn’t have a single matching item! This one’s a part of our Patiala salwar designs images purely because of the rustic and authentic look!

Style tip: Silver Jhumki earrings are a great addition when you’re going for this rustic vibe!

5. This red salwar with scalloped edges!

Vipul Sharma Photography

While looking for Patiala salwar designs images, you’ll find many options with embroideries and prints all over. However, that’s not the only way that you can make your salwar look different. Pick a salwar that has scalloped edges for a great look. This will look fantastic no matter what colour it is in. Just make sure there’s a border that highlights the cut!

Style tip: The scalloped edge will bring a lot of attention to your feet so make sure you wear great Juttis with this outfit!

6. This happy yellow printed set!

Vipul Sharma Photography

With gold printed motifs on a yellow background, this is an outfit that exudes nothing but happiness! We love how the bride has paired this suit with a contrasting blue dupatta and don’t miss the Parandi at the end of her braid! This is a look that’s great for a Mehndi ceremony, as well as the bride’s Haldi. That’s why this is a part of our Patiala salwar designs images!

Style tip: Make sure you wear colourful tassels at the end of your Parandi so that the look pops even more!

As you can see, something as simple as pairing your outfit with a funky salwar can do a lot for your outfit. If you’re planning to get one stitched by your tailor, you can explore additional ideas like having mirror work on the salwar, getting a Phulkari stitch all over, or picking a fabric with a heavily printed salwar. For an additional visual element, make sure that your Punjabi Juttis match too! These Patiala salwar designs images are a great starting point! Use your creativity to make it more fun!

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