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10 Stellar Nethi Chutti Bridal Designs For The True South Indian Look

Can you imagine a South Indian bride without intricate temple jewellery? Neither can we. Here we explore the Nethi Chutti, a forehead ornament that forms a part of her look.

Nimitham Wedding Photography

There’s something special about a South Indian bride that helps you notice one with ease. One of the things that separate them from brides from the rest of the country is the heavy jewellery they wear at their weddings. Moreover, most of the jewellery they wear is made of gold. Right from the bangles and necklaces, the South Indian hair accessories to the Jhumka earrings, Nethi Chutti, gold belt and much more, everything has gold!

Nethi Chutti is an ornament that every South Indian bride just loves to wear. Inspired by the classical dance forms of the South, Nethi Chutti has become one of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of hair accessories for a South Indian bride.

With more and more designs coming up lately, here are few of the best designs for Nethi Chutti.

1. Nethi Chutti with a single layer of beads

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

A single layer of a chain made of golden beads goes to both ends from the centre of the forehead in this style of Nethi Chutti. This design is quite popular in the wedding circle but what makes this different from others is how the main piece has no further chain that goes back to the centre of the head.

2. A traditional green design

Nimitham Wedding Photography

The use of green stones in the jewellery is quite a common practice in South India. The combination of green and gold always looks great and matches almost every wedding outfit and its colours. This design of Nethi Chutti is quite similar to the ornament worn by a Bharatnatyam dancer and thus is very common in the Tamilian culture.

The pendant like formation at the centre and a chain to hook it back in the hair, along with two circular plates (the sun and moon) of ornaments, complete the look.

3. A contemporary design with multiple layers

Nimitham Wedding Photography

Here is a contemporary design with multiple layers in this headset. The design of this headset has a modern approach to it because of the way the multiple layers are used with white unpolished stones. This design of Nethi Chutti is ideal for you to wear if you are wearing a white and golden Pattu saree or a Kerala set saree.

4. A single pendant design

Nimitham Wedding Photography

Here is a different take on the Nethi Chutti when it comes to its design structure. There are no chains at all in this design, be it the lateral ones from the centre or one that goes on top of the partition of the hair. There is just a pendant in this design and that’s it. The use of temple jewellery for this adds depth to the design with the use of the image of a goddess. It is perfect for brides who do not want a heavy piece of jewellery on their forehead.

5. A floral Nethi Chutti

Image Courtesy: Aayushi Makeup

How about adding flowers in your Nethi Chutti? Well, just look at this beautiful design that uses flowers as the centre of attraction. You can see the multiple layers once again in this design but the beautiful blend of flowers and gold in his look is what makes it so different from other designs.

You can choose the colour of the flowers according to the outfit you are wearing. When you wear such a Nethi Chutti, make sure that all your ornaments have a similar touch to them to make it a complete set.

6. A single big Nethi Chutti

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

One of the best designs of the lot because of the stunning beauty it is, this design with a single large pendant-like structure is quite different from the traditional Nethi Chutti. It is a classic example of transforming a traditional design to a modern one. The stones used here makes it fall under the category of Kundan jewellery, which is the trendiest type of jewellery in the Indian wedding scene.

7. The classic golden design

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

Here is a classic golden design that borders the hairline at the forehead and has a hanging pendant-like structure in the centre. With the hanging gold structures, it is an evergreen design that is still popular among the brides!

8. The traditional Bharatnatyam set

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

This traditional Bharatnatyam set is perfect for brides who are looking for more of a traditional look, especially Brahmin girls since their culture deeply follows such things. The broad Patti design and the hanging beads make it an aesthetically pleasing Nethi Chutti.

9. Hanging pearls in the design

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

The pearls hanging continuously on both sides are what makes this design so beautiful. Otherwise, the design is quite simple but it is the pearls that make it look great!

10. A single pendant with stones

Image Courtesy: Styles By Sha Hair and Makeup

This is another design of Nethi Chutti that has just the single pendant structure in it. It also has multiple coloured stones in it and is a blend of contemporary and temple jewellery!

When it comes to your bridal look, no element is too small. From your bridal lehenga to the tiniest piece of accessory you adorn yourself with, everything needs to be on point. Pick up a design which you not only find aesthetically pleasing but also works well with your lehenga/saree and other accessories.

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