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Maggam Work on Bridal Attire Is a Treat to the Eyes and the Brides Must Take a Look at Some of These Designs

Want to make your bridal attire distinctive than what you see nowadays? Then adding a touch of maggam work is the way to go. Use one of these exquisite maggam work embroideries and ace your wedding game.

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Embroidery has been adding beauty to an outfit for a long time now. It makes a piece of cloth distinct and adds character to it. Maggam or Aari work is also an ancient style of embroidery. It is said to have emerged in the 12th century India and was worn by the early glorious Mughal rulers. It has since then spread all over the country and is a well-recognized and popular method of embroidery in South India.

Maggam work requires special tools to be done. It looks like a normal chain stitch but has a different method of production. Maggam work takes its inspiration from nature, taking designs with the likeness of flora and fauna. The speciality about maggam work is that this stitch can be turned into a number of, one-of-a-kind clothes as well as bridal accessories. So, look ahead and decide, which of these maggam work designs suit your taste the best.

1. Maggam Work Clothes 

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One of the most widely known and seen maggam works is the one that is done on clothes. This work is mostly seen on silk-based clothes and even cotton nowadays. Maggam blouses are a hot favourite of the South Indian brides, who wear this embroidery to make their blouses pop. These blouses usually have a solid base colour and then maggam work on it so it stands out, whether it is done by zari or colourful threads, add in a dash of stones and beads and you will look no less than any royal. These blouses, especially zari, are the perfect combination to a light dupatta or saree. They also make for excellent bridal blouses for a simple silk saree. You can have a look at this Kanjivaram blouse designs article and get a bespoke addition in your wardrobe. 

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Lehengas are also a good base to show off your maggam work. Though at times these lehengas just have a hint of maggam in it still makes it more attractive. The zari maggam on lehengas make beautiful borders making them look rich and attractive. It also uses beads and stones with maggam work to make it look even more eye-catching.

Even sarees with maggam work look very rich. Sarees usually just have a maggam border work which makes it look rich. This border work is done by zari threads most of the time as it looks more heavy and lush. These borders are the perfect combination for any of your simple silk sarees.

This work can even be seen on men’s clothes, be it a kurta or a jacket. These are usually done in zari, making them look royal and heavy. Keeping in mind that the wedding is nothing less than a royal celebration in the family with utmost grandeur not only in the preparations that go behind making it an unforgettable event for all to cherish but also in the way you dress.

The bride and groom are the royalties of the fairytale that is finally taking shape into reality, and to make this dream come true, the traditional maggam work in eccentric designs will be a perfect choice.

2. Maggam Work on Accessories 

Image Courtesy: Gaatha Jewellery

Maggam work on accessories truly make one of a kind accessory, be it clutches, purses or jewellery. This work makes for charming colourful accessories, because of the base cloth or even the work itself. The zari maggam work makes for more elegant accessories and the ones with the colourful thread make for more casual or informal add ons. Add in some stones or beads to the work and your jewellery will look even more remarkable.

The precision of the work done by artisans is a gorgeous example of handcrafting and these accessories will fit for any occasion with their vast range of colours. The threads that are used for this work have a sheen quality that makes even the simpler ones look stunning.

Image Courtesy: Vian

Purses or clutches with accents of maggam work is something you will not be able to resist. These purses are stylish and unique, adding to the embroidered purses and making it more fashionable as well. These purses or clutches can be taken with any formal Indian attire. It is not only the conventional traditional attire, but these clutches are also the "it" accessory with Indo-western attires that you may choose for any occasion.

3. Maggam Work on Shoes

Image Courtesy: Vian

Want to wear shoes that look refreshing? Then juttis with maggam work is your go to. On one hand, the colourful thread work jutti make for a playful and vibrant something going on on your feet. On the other hand, the zari work juttis with beads can make your whole outfit look exquisite. They come in a wide variety of colours and the pop-up shades will complement your attire all too well to make you look stellar. The intricacy fo work is again commendable when it comes to such small designs on footwear.

All of these maggam work designs make for incredible attires and accessories for your wedding. The clothes turn out to be exceptional and gorgeous and the accessories are offbeat and incredible. This type of embroidery is even at times, used on more contemporary clothes like dresses and tops or skirts even to keep up with the Vogue wave of Indo-western attires that are a rage.

We are assuming that you are already in love with maggam work as much as we are. If yes, then let us know about your unique choice of a maggam work article in the comments below.