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All You Need to Know About Acing Your Wedding Lehenga Style

Getting hitched soon? Awesome! Shopping sprees are in line for you. To make you chose your wedding lehenga better, we have curated this list of elements for you to consider. Shed some last minute stress and read along for a smooth ride!

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Every bride wants her wedding lehenga to stand-out and makes a statement on her wedding day. A bride being the showstopper of her wedding fashion has a lot of responsibilities to cater to. Every next-in-line cousin will look up to the bride's bridal lehenga style and would mentally pin it to her live wedding board. To make your wedding fashion a noteworthy inspiration, we have curated this list of elements to consider before planning your wedding lehenga. Just follow through and make the most of it.

1. Always keep It In-Sync With The Wedding Theme

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The credit mostly goes to the wedding decor, but what actually sets the tone right for the wedding theme is the bride's lehenga style. The kind of colour palette she has chosen determines the overall colour palette of the wedding decor. So, while deciding on your wedding lehenga, always consider this fact.

If you are going for a western classic decor then you have to have a fitting colour palette for your lehenga like coral, neon pink, beige, mint-green and powder-blue. An Indian bohemian theme works well with bright folk colours like saffron, mustard, and coral. A wedding theme coordinator lehenga looks even more stylish and chic.

2. Shed The Myths Around Lehenga Designs

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People often think that if you are planning a beach wedding then you can't have a traditional touch on your wedding lehenga and vice versa, but for us, that would be the biggest wedding myth! With a little bit playing around the embellishments and motifs, you can always create your own version of Indo-chic lehenga style.

For instance, a beach wedding calls for an English colour palette, to have your traditional touch, you can have western motifs embellished with silver Gota Patti work. If not Gota Patti, then you can simply have the deepest shade of your favourite colour and then combine it with foil printing embellishment. This look would give an illusion of heavily worked lehenga style.

For a traditional scenario, you can actually choose a peachy shade for a traditional style wedding and still make it up with heavy embroidery and mirror- work embellishments. So, the only factor that should decide your wedding lehenga style, is your own preferences and taste, nothing else.

3. Easy Style Guide For Bollywood Inspired Lehenga Style

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If for a while back, all you wanted was a Bollywood inspired, designer lehenga for your wedding but now you are getting cold feet about it then worry no more, we got you! As mesmerising as they may look, designer lehengas creates an overwhelming feeling in a bride's heart. Since that vary lehenga style is worn by some Bollywood diva, Its would be like some virtual comparison she has to face on her wedding day. If that's what scares you then stop worrying right this moment!

We believe with the right styling any bride can outdo the glamorous Bollywood diva (that bridal glow always add-up). Always style a heavy lehenga with a comparatively subtle blouse and never experiment too much with the colour palette of your blouse. If the lehenga is subtle yet have a personality of its own then carry that forward with a matching, equally subtle blouse. You can always play around with a two-toned heavy dupatta for a subtly graceful lehenga.

To avoid some last-minute disasters, never go overboard with the makeup, when the lehenga is already gaudy. If the lehenga has multicolour embellishments then choose a plain white pearly diamond necklace with round shape earrings. If the whole ensemble is of a single colour then break that tone with contrasting flower arrangements on your bun hairstyle. Always try to keep the whole look in-sync.

4. Lehenga Style For A Non- Traditional Bride

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This one is for all the minimal chic brides, the ones who are not a big fan of heavy embroideries and traditional embellishments. Just chillax we got you! To match your chic style, you should opt for printed lehengas with subtle sequin-work or the one with delicate mirror-work. In fact, you can also go for tulle lehengas with mirror-work borders, they look equal part rich and graceful.

If not the embellishment, you can always work around the silhouette. Choose a slightly modern silhouette for your wedding lehenga and complete the look with an equally mesmerizing blouse and dupatta. In the end, it's not about how heavy your lehenga was or how stylish your blouse was, but if you are a happy bride then every style starts making sense.

5. Add Some Tassels For Instant Style-Drive

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If you want to add your personal style to your wedding lehenga then nothing else can do the job better than those gigantic tassels. Tassels can uplift your lehenga style in a jiffy. You can never go wrong with the tassel styles. If you want a subtle style then choose those mirror-work tassels laced with elegant beads.

For the ones who believe in "go big or go home" mantra then you should choose those cushioned tassels with your name embroidered on them. If not your name, then you can just add all the special elements of your wedding or special dates about your love story like the day he proposed or your's or his birthday. With this tassel game, you can easily transform your wedding lehenga style with your kind of tassel style.

A bride-to-be should never get intimidated with someone else's wedding fashion. Every one of us has a different kind of fashion sense and our personal taste determines our personality. So, if you are someone who has a very exotic taste in wedding lehenga style then you should never shy away from having your way on your wedding. For the ones who are the believers of classic style in wedding fashion, should also make their fashion choices count because every bride is precious and so is her wedding fashion choices!

If you like what you saw and want some more meaningful insight for your upcoming wedding, then just join hands with us and sign-in for a fun experience.

Written by Nikita Sharma