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Celebrity-Inspired Latest Lehenga Choli Designs Collection Suitable For Every Body Type And Every Occasion

Is your best friend’s wedding around the corner or if it’s you who is going to be married soon? Well, whatever is the occasion; we have some latest lehenga choli designs collections which are going to make you look nothing but the best. Check them ou

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From Priyanka Chopra to Deepika Padukone, the style icons of Bollywood have all given us lehenga choli goals in 2018. Last year was officially a B-town wedding year. Many Bollywood stars got married in 2018 and gave us Indian lehenga choli inspiration. Lehenga choli is such a versatile silhouette. You can simply wear it on any Indian occasion. All you need is to pick the right lehenga choli according to your body type and you’re good to go. Moving forward, you will come across designer latest lehenga choli designs which are going to make you look divine.

Lehenga choli is one of the most fashionable Indian outfits for weddings. No matter what the occasion is, whether a friend's wedding or your own Mehndi ceremony, the latest lehenga choli designs are enough to make you get lots of compliments sin various Indian occasions. We have mentioned a few latest lehenga choli designs. Let's check them out!!

1. Beautiful Sequin Black Lehenga Choli  

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook

If you are one of those women who think Indian outfits only make you look like Abla Naari, you should rethink, see how gracefully our Miss India 2017 Manushi Chillar is carrying this beautiful attire. This stunning black sequin lehenga choli from Sabyasachi’s collection is truly a heaven. The gorgeous blouse pattern is what makes this lehenga choli stand out.

This type of lehenga choli is perfect for an event, engagements, anniversaries etc. If you love sequin work and is a big fan of black colour, this is the type of lehenga choli, you should definitely go for.

2. Sophisticated Royalty In Muddy Brown Lehenga Choli

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook

As we just talked about embellishments and sequin work, here is another masterpiece from the same category.  This lehenga choli design is more towards the sophisticated side. This type of lehenga gives such a royal look. The same colour coordination gives an illusion of elongated body type which looks very flattering.

This type of lehenga choli is the best option for reception or after wedding ceremonies. We would just want to say, "you shouldn’t miss such gorgeous royalty".

3. Pastel Grey Thread Work Lehenga Choli

Anita Dongre

Do we really need to repeat how much thread work is in fashion these days? This is one such embroidery type which can really not go out of fashion. This type of embroidery makes you look so young and fresh. If you’re a bridesmaid or if you’re looking for a sophisticated lehenga choli design with beautiful work, this can be your right pick.

Just look at the quality of thread work and the fabric. Both are complimenting each other so well. Such latest lehenga choli designs make women fall in love with Indian outfits.

4. Royal and Beautiful Bridal Lehenga Choli

Anita Dongre

Bridal lehenga cholis are mostly of the same pattern but when you’re so much determined to find a unique, classy and fashionable lehenga choli set, you certainly find one. This beautiful bridal lehenga choli is not less than what you have been looking for.

If you’re someone who doesn’t shy away from trying new and bold wedding attire, this is something you should definitely try. We can spend our whole day looking at this dreamy lehenga choli design from Anita Dongre’s bridal collection, what about you?

5. Beige Bling Lehenga Choli

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook

If you’re on your mission to find the latest lehenga choli designs, this can be your final destination. Undoubtedly, beige is the colour of this season. This colour is so much in trend that most of the Indian outfits are either designed in this colour or with colour coordination with it. We understand most women like to balance out things and this is what happens here.

As the choli is full of bling and embellishments, the lehenga has its sobriety and the combination of both is what makes it the right pick for the women who love royal outfits. You can wear such latest lehenga choli designs on an anniversary, friends’ wedding, wedding and other Indian occasions. We are sure, this latest lehenga choli designs would make you look wow for sure.

6. Simple and Sober Lehenga Choli

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi's Facebook

If you’re someone who just drools over Alia Bhatt’s Indian attires or if every time you see her in Indian outfits, you be like, ‘Oh wow, such a stunner she is’; we are sure, you’re going to love what we have next for you. This classic piece from all the brides' favourite designer – Sabyasachi is one of the best latest lehenga choli designs for all the beautiful girls out there.

When you look for Indian outfits, always look for the ones which have beautiful detailing going on. It doesn’t only make the outfit look gorgeous but make you look divine in it.

No matter what type of latest lehenga choli designs you choose, you shouldn’t always go for what’s trending but for what’s comfortable for you. It is good to try out new things as that is how you get to know what all can suit your body type but just don’t try to fit it something which you don’t like just to follow the trend. We are sure with all beautiful and latest lehenga choli designs mentioned above, you must have picked your favourite out of all. Let us know what is your favourite pick?

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