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Pre-Plan Your Trip with the Best Services of Car Hire in Bangalore to Avoid Last Minute Chaos

Bangalore, as we all know, has crazy distances that make travelling around the city a big problem. Have a wedding at hand and haven’t figured out the transportation yet? Look at the best services of car hire in Bangalore to pre-plan your trip better.

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Bangalore is a city that is known for its complicated routes and long distances, but what is not known to many people is that it also has the best transportation services that make planning any kind of trip much easier in the city. With innumerable options available to visitors, the key is to figure out which service of car hire in Bangalore is apt for their purpose. Whether you’ve come to the city for your trousseau shopping, your bachelorette or your wedding itself, choose the company that understands your requirements, fits in your budget and seems more likely to be making your guests comfortable come what may.

Top Services of Car Hire in Bangalore

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We’ve put together a list of the top companies of car hire in Bangalore along with their USP’s and prices to make this decision a whole lot easier for you.

1. KK Travels, Bangalore

One of the top transport companies, KK Travels is based out of Central Bangalore. They offer a number of luxury vehicles to its customers and are known to have maintained the quality of their vehicles ever since the inception of its company. For grooms that want to make a Dhamakedar entry or take their bride home in style, KK Travels is the best choice of car hire in Bangalore that offers great service and a fleet of luxury cars at your disposal. Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, or Jaguar, you name it and they have it. However, even if you’re looking for buses for your guests, KK Travels has both AC and non-AC buses to suit your need.

Price Range - Starts from ₹5000

2. Sri Raghavendra Tours and Travels

We all know that at a wedding the budget for everything goes overboard quite easily and everyone loves to save some money in departments that they can. Sri Raghavendra Tours and Travels is the transportation service in Bangalore that ensures to not burn a hole in your pocket and provide cars and buses at the most minimal rate possible. Apart from the budget-friendly rates, their customer-friendly staff is also a reason why they are the top pick of car hire in Bangalore for weddings. They offer a wide range of vehicles from renowned brands like Etios, Innova, Tempo Traveller, and more depending on the size of the wedding party.

Price Range - Starts from ₹ 2000

3. Safe Cabs. Bangalore

Going to Bangalore with your bridesmaids for a fun trip that also includes your trousseau shopping? We bet you’re looking for car hire in Bangalore that is safe and also makes sure that you and girlfriends can party till late hours. Safe cabs provide luxuriously comfortable cars and best in class services that are impossible to say no to. With safety being key, safe cabs ensure a wonderful experience for you and your guests. If considering them for your wedding, you’d be pleased to know that they are not just the perfect companions on your journey in the city but also travel outstation for destination weddings keeping your guests comfortable and entertained.

Price Range - Starts from ₹ 3000

4. Suhalya Travels Pvt. Ltd.

If you have watched 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' and dreamt of driving a vintage car around some time, then maybe your dream is about to get fulfilled in India itself. Suhalya Travels should be your car hire in Bangalore if vintage cars are your thing. They are one of the oldest transportation providers that are based in Bangalore while offering services to customers all over India. What more can you ask for when you have a wedding at home? With Suhalya Travels as your vendor, you can take care of your entire family and friends around the country and make sure they have a car for every small or big occasion. Their hassle-free service is not too heavy on your pockets too. So go ahead and give them a try.

Price Range - Starts from ₹1900

While we’ve just named a few transportation service vendors depending on the varied needs of car hire in Bangalore during a wedding, there is a list of other transport vendors that you can check out on our website. Do not forget that the more trained the staff is, the better your experience will be. Weddings are the time when you wish to have trustworthy people around that are accommodating and nice. Therefore do not choose only according to the price of the service but rather choose the people you’d want to believe in to make the wedding fun and fuss-free.

Found your perfect car hire in Bangalore? Tell us in comments if our guide helped you pre-plan your trip better and much faster than you could have otherwise.