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Looking For Bridal Kundan Jewellery Designs With Price? Here Are 5 Places You Can Shop From

When you talk about bridal jewellery, the first type that comes to your mind is Kundan jewellery. Let’s have a look at the amazing stores from where you can buy these bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that are great!


Kundan jewellery is one of the most popular types of jewellery styles, especially in North India. With raised frames of pure gold, this jewellery type has a very distinct appearance and creates a highly opulent look when paired with wedding attire.

As the term Kundan only refers to the gold part of the jewellery, you can actually find this in a host of traditional Indian styles like Meenakari, Polki, plain gold, and so on. So, there is a certain element of mix and match that brides can expect when shopping for such jewellery items. From heavy Kundan necklaces that reach your navel to statement rings with Polki diamonds, there’s a lot that you can choose from when crafting your bridal look! With such variety in styles, you can also expect to encounter a vast range when it comes to the bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points varying from style to style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best places where you can find bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that are affordable!

1. Alex Jewellery

Kalyan Jewellers

With Kundan, Zaveri and gold as their USP, Alex Jewellery has always believed that jewels are not only a fashion statement but also an important element for your bridal look. They are the ones that create your look more than the garment that you wear! With a huge range of bridal Kundan jewellery designs, they also personalise your jewellery according to your specific requirements. Whether it’s your pre-wedding, wedding or post-wedding shopping, you certainly need to buy what’s best for you for all the ceremonies, which is why we recommend going here1

This well-known store offers bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that start from ₹50,000.

2. Talwar Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers

A jewellery boutique based in Delhi, Talwar Jewellers started in 1950 and has been a bride’s best friend since then, making them look the best on their wedding day. Using vintage, designer and regional styles, they provide affordable jewellery to all brides. With so many bridal Kundan jewellery designs available for you to choose from, you can easily create any type of look you want. Apart from that, they provide gorgeous jewellery pieces for other special events and have made a big name for themselves due to their high-quality finish and fantastic designs.

This store in Karol Bagh offers bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that start from ₹36,000.

3. Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers

A jewellery store located in Mumbai, Dwarkadas Chandumai Jewellers is a one-stop destination for all your Kundan jewellery needs. Ensuring the purity of their jewels, this store has a team of experienced craftsmen who have created the most intriguing bridal Kundan jewellery designs for brides to pick. Their rich catalogue is filled with beautiful jewels that we can just imagine women passing from one generation to another.

This store in Zaveri Bazaar offers bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that start from ₹5,000, making it one that is affordable for many people.

4. Praveen Jewels

Kalyan Jewellers

If you’re looking for a bridal store that meets all your bridal jewellery needs, it can only be Praveen Jewels. A famous store in Bangalore, they make a blend of classic and contemporary bridal Kundan jewellery designs that are crafted with the utmost perfection. Wearing their lovely designs can certainly ensure that you look nothing short of royalty at your wedding!

This store in Vijaynagar Club Road offers bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that start from ₹2,500, making it one that is affordable for many people.

5. Ashoka Jewellers

Kalyan Jewellers

Ashoka Jewellers, located in the state of Goa, was first established in the city of Mumbai in 1970. Now with two stores in the country to cater to your jewellery needs, they provide a superb variety of bridal Kundan jewellery designs. This store is known for holding international exhibitions in a number of countries and is specifically known for how intricately each jewellery piece is designed. Along with its traditional and modern Kundan designs, their wedding catalogue has a number of other traditional jewellery pieces that should be a part of your bridal trousseau. These include bangles, bracelets, earrings, necklaces and pendants. Additionally, they provide beautiful and intricate jewels for other occasions as well.

Their bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price information is undisclosed!

Bridal Kundan jewellery sets are some of the most intricately designed beautiful pieces of jewellery that make a bride look royal. With such amazing pieces of uncut diamonds and other precious stones adjoined together to be a bride’s jewellery set, they tend to make you look as imperial as you can be! With these lovely designs as a part of your bridal trousseau, we can guarantee that you’ll be whipping them out for every festive occasion for a long time!

If you’re gearing up to shop for jewellery, start with these awesome stores first! As you've seen, they offer a wide range of bridal Kundan jewellery designs with price points that are fairly reasonable!

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