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Looking for the Best Resort in Gujarat? We've Got 10!

Looking for the best resort in Gujarat for your destination wedding? If yes, then we have these amazing options for you to choose from!

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In India, these days, destination weddings are the rage. After all, who wouldn't enjoy a beautiful wedding in the middle of a peaceful place, surrounded by their loved ones? Games, cocktail parties, dance floors, insane props and more- everything is available!

Gujarat is a vibrant land with unique culture and traditions and planning a destination wedding there is a great way to celebrate love, laughter and Garba! Gujarat’s destination wedding resorts provide the best amenities and finding the best resort in Gujarat will surely make your wedding planning a breeze.

If you wish to book the best resort in Gujarat to host your flawless destination wedding, where you can just sit back and enjoy the events, then here are some amazing recommendations for you!

1. Madhuban Resort and Spa


If you've always been looking for a great destination for a wedding in Gujarat, then Madhuban Resort and Spa might just be the one for you! This resort is truly an exquisite location for a wedding with a well-designed and spacious hall and a vast lawn. This is the best resort in Gujarat as they have an experienced team who will create the best setting for your unique day.

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USP: They have in-house catering services but unlike other resorts, they allow outside caterers as well, to get you and your guests a variety of cuisines!

Price Range: Approximately ₹30,00,000 – 50,00,000 (Price will vary depending on the kind of room you choose). This is one of the most wonderful luxury resorts thus, it is a little expensive but worth every penny.

2. Neejanand Resort


Neejanand Luxurious Resort is the perfect place to host any of your wedding events. You can book the venue for a single event or have an entire wedding there. The resort offers a wonderful place to the guests so they can stay together for several days and enjoy all the wedding ceremonies in the resort's various locations.


USP: They have a hall called Samipya which can hold 100 guests and the setting can be arranged according to your requirements. Plus it has a vast stretch of greens that has a capacity of 1200 people, which makes it the best resort in Gujarat.

Price Range: Approximately ₹15,00,000 – 30,00,00 (Price will vary depending on the area you choose)

3. Riparian Resort

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Riparian Resort is one of the city's most famous spots for hosting a destination wedding. It has a huge hall and a lawn that can be set up for your big day. Riparian Resort should be your wedding venue if you want to host an unforgettable wedding at the best resort in Gujarat!

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USP: They offer all the in-house services and you can also get your own caterer and decorator to customise the decoration and menu according to your needs.

Price Range: Approximately ₹30,00,000 – 40,00,000 (Price may vary depending on the services you avail)

4. Pluz Resorts


Pluz Resort has a beautiful backdrop for a jaw-dropping wedding venue. The main wedding hall is located in the middle of a lush green lawn, which is truly magical. If you want an attractive and romantic wedding then this is the best resort in Gujarat to celebrate your D-day!

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USP: They have specialised teams to cater to every aspect of your wedding functions. The most amazing wedding feast for you and your guests can be whipped up by their caterers.

Price Range: Approximately ₹25,00,000- 40,00,000. The multi-cuisine facilities make this resort a little expensive but you will never get disappointed if you book this resort.

5. Sugati Beach Resort

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Sugati beach resort makes a peaceful marriage venue for a Gujarati destination wedding with huge green lawns. Their in-house decorators can set up anything for you for and your guests ranging from canopies to tents and other party areas. You can even get your own caterers to serve the best to your guests on your big day!

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USP: The resort is located right at the doorstep of Ghoghla Beach that is one of the most famous beaches in Diu. There is nothing more beautiful than a wedding near the beach!

Price Range: Approximately ₹50,00,000 – 60,00,000. The exotic location of the resort with 40 deluxe rooms makes it one expensive choice but choosing this as your venue will make your wedding a memorable one for you and your guests too.

6. Narayani Heights

Sprawling across an area of 1,80,000 sq ft and a perfect fusion of hotel, club and resort, Narayani Heights is easily the best resort in Gujarat. It is very famous and known as the ideal destination for hosting wedding events. This is an excellent location to host your pre-wedding, destination wedding and reception ceremony.

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USP: The place can accommodate 5000 guests which makes it a perfect pick for all of your wedding events.

Price Range: Approximately ₹45,00,000 – 60,00,00 (Price may vary depending on the area and kind of rooms you choose)

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ and you can make this old saying come true by choosing the best resort in Gujarat to host your D-day and make it an exclusive one! With in-house decorators and a lavish resort, there’s no way you can go wrong in your pursuit of the royal Indian wedding!

Make sure you have great photographers at your wedding to capture every moment!