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Sorted! The 6 Theme Guide To What To Wear in Goa For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Going to Goa for your pre-wedding shoot? Wow! While we are sure you are going to have the time of your life, I hope you’ve figured out what to wear in Goa. If not, then let us guide you through some wardrobe options that you can rock.

Shutterdown by Lakshya Chawla

While pre-wedding shoots in Goa are fairly popular, it definitely is one of the most happening places for it as well. However, people have this misconception that a pre-wedding shoot in Goa means a shoot on the beach only. Well, we happen to disagree. There is so much to capture in Goa and so many places that are apt for this purpose as well. That means you need to think beyond beachwear when wondering about what to wear in Goa.

Therefore our advice for brides-to-be going to Goa for their pre-wedding shoot is to pack well. For all those lurking around wondering what to wear in Goa, we’ll help you take it step-by-step.

Choosing your pre-wedding shoot wear for Goa

Firstly, it is important to figure out where your wedding photographer plans to take you. We wouldn’t want you to be planning for beach clothes, while he decides the backdrop to be of a church. Once you’ve figured out where the shoot is to happen, decide on the theme that you and your partner wish to follow.

Every pre-wedding shoot has a theme and yours will help you decide what to wear in Goa. While the ideas can be unlimited, we’ve still tried to put together some of the most famous pre-wedding shoots in Goa to help you pick what to wear in Goa.

1. The Obvious Beach Shoot


Let’s start with the most obvious of them all. If you’re going to Goa, your photographer is sure to capture some shots of the beach. For our beautiful ladies that means a great diet one month before the shoot, the best sunscreen and other cosmetics and lastly the perfect dress.

While choosing what to wear in Goa, a two-piece beachwear is totally the bride-to-be’s call. For others, there are way too many choices that they can go for. While a beach shoot is obvious to happen on the beach it can have many different themes.

For some it may have a very casual summer fun theme, for others, it could be something more romantic and intense. For more casual beach fun, a bohemian short dress in bright colours would look great, keeping in mind the dull colours of water and sand in the backdrop.

You can also choose to wear short skirts with crop tops or flowing kaftans if you want to for a more unusual choice. For the couples going into something more romantic and deep, let the outfits be dramatic and in contrast with the beach vibe. For example, the ladies can dress in flowing gowns that have drapes flying all over the beach while men can decide to suit up and make it look passionate and yet very picturesque.

2. Into The Woods

Kameron Studios

Another fairly famous pre-wedding shoot idea is that of a forest. Goa gives you variety in locations and forests are one of them. Shooting for your pre-wedding album in a forest can be a life-enriching experience from your mundane everyday life.

The Chorla Ghats in Goa is a perfect choice of an exotic backdrop with its lush greenery and pleasant weather.

You may choose different themes for your forest shoot. Two fascinating ideas in our head include either making it as dramatic or Bollywood as possible, or keeping it as casual and cool as you like.

Brides-to-be wondering what to wear in Goa forests can go with a flared dress that has voluminous tulle skirt at the bottom in case you go for the dramatic theme. Otherwise, a pair of jumpsuit works to make you look more relaxed and uninhibited. Make sure the colours or prints you choose are contrasting with the greens of the forest.

3. With a Heritage Walk of Fontainhas

Kameron Studios

Fontainhas is an old town in Panjim that gives you full Portuguese feels and make you awestruck by its architectural beauty. A pre-wedding shoot on the streets of Fontainhas is as Goan as it can be. This town is sure to give your shoot an authentic touch of Goa.

Don’t panic ladies, as deciding on what to wear in Goa’s oldest town is not too difficult. We’d suggest our brides-to-be wear something that resembles the culture and vibe of Goa. Therefore, you could try printed maxi skirts with crop tops, or bohemian dresses and accessorise them with a hat and flip flops to add the perfect touch.

4. On The Road to Parra

Image courtesy: Goa Prism

One of the most beautiful roads in Goa, this one is no less than a secret paradise. The palm trees on this road are what make it a favourable spot for your pre-wedding shoot. This backdrop is one of the top reasons why we think pre-wedding shoot in Goa is a great idea.

While the theme that goes with this backdrop is casual there are many ideas as to how you could use this beautiful place. Whatever you choose, just keep it simple. The problem of what to wear in Goa clearly does not exist for this shoot.

All you have to pick is something as casual as denim shorts or pants with oversized white t-shirts and match it with your partner to make them look more planned.

5. The Extravagant Yacht Shoot

Romesh Dhamija

Going to Goa in itself means extravagance at its best. While a perfect photo-shoot needs a perfect backdrop to add to the album, it is impossible that you could ever wrong with a photoshoot under the stars on a yacht. Seize the opportunity for an exotic photo with a blissful background and make it as lavish as possible. Mandovi River in Goa is a great place to execute this shoot.

For a bride-to-be, this is the perfect opportunity to splurge deciding on what to wear in Goa and look for a perfect cocktail dress in colours that look beautiful with the contrast of blue and white background.

Choose the colour of your gown depending on the time of the shoot and go ahead to enjoy the grandeur of this day.

6. The Super Fun Underwater Shoot


Goa, as we all know, is a place for the water lovers and beach bums. Therefore, the idea of going for an underwater shoot in Goa can be extremely thrilling and eccentric for couples who love water. While it might not work out to shoot underwater on the beach, there always are options of swimming pools around. Choose the hotel property that has the best swimming pool and dive into the water with your partner.

Still stuck on what to wear in Goa? Well, underwater shoots allow you to be as out-of-the-box as you want. Wear colours like pink and red that are contrasting with the blue water and remember that flared outfits give the entire setup a more striking look.

Ladies, it’s time you get your hands on flowing gowns with a voluminous net fabric skirt bottom that keeps you light underwater and still makes it look extraordinary.

We hope you’re not panicking over what to wear in Goa now. While we’ve got you covered, we’d still like to emphasize on the importance of having fun at your pre-wedding shoot. Honestly, the clothes you’ll wear are secondary, because if you’re having fun on your shoot, the pictures will show. Also, how difficult do you think it can be to pull off a great look with a backdrop as mesmerizing as Goa.

So, all of you brides-to-be stop worrying about what to wear in Goa and start packing for one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Have you figured out what to wear in Goa? Tell us in comments which of these ideas you liked the most.