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Exquisite Toe Ring Designs to Steal the Millennial Bride's Heart

Made a list of all the jewellery that you need for the wedding day but not sure of the toe ring you wish to wear? Well, here are some toe ring designs that are sure to steal your heart.

Every jewellery piece that a bride puts on for her wedding day is special to her in many ways. While some of them are too heavy and big, some are small and light. The smallest of them all can be the bride’s toe ring which is probably also the most difficult to choose.

Unlike every other piece of jewellery, most millennial brides think they do not have too many options when it comes to toe ring designs and is therefore confused as to which one to wear for their big day. So, for all the millennial brides that are in this same fix, we have made the decision much easier for you.

Here’s a list of some of our favourite toe ring designs that are sure to help you pick a unique one for yourself. So waste no time worrying and scroll through our list of toe ring designs and pick the one you love.

Simple Gold Design

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

Let’s start the lost with something simple, something gold and something that’ll match every bride’s jewellery and outfit. The benefit of round toe ring designs is that it suits every bride’s feet and can almost never go wrong. 

Silver Double Ring

Image Courtesy: Ashok Arsh

Next on our list is one for the brides that love a minimalistic design. This double silver toe ring is simple and yet very attractive on the bride’s feet. For the millennial brides that think just one toe ring isn’t enough can pair it with another silver toe ring that is smaller and gives their feet a distinctive look. 

Toe Ring with Emeralds and Rubies

Romesh Dhamija Photography

Another beautiful toe ring design in gold for the brides that love a hint of colour in their jewellery. This delicate toe ring with emerald and ruby when worn with attached anklets will not just look perfectly bride-like but also add a millennial charm to your feet. 

Stunning Silver Toe Ring Design

Image Courtesy: Wedding Mojito

If you put all toe ring designs together, we’re definitely going to choose this one out of them all as our favourite. The reason is quite obvious because its unique floral design with pointy edges, a little tint of colour, and the bright and shining silver are all three things that every millennial bride is sure to love. 

The Ghunghroo Toe Rings

Image Courtesy: Ethnic Route

There is something about Ghunghroos that makes any bridal jewellery look very traditional and yet delicate. And just as much we love bridal jewellery that makes a sweet sound, the Ghunghroo toe rings have to be our favourite out of them all. For brides that prefer silver toe ring designs, can go for this one in silver too because it is truly the design that is going to stand out, despite whatever material. 

Gorgeous Flower Toe Rings


Another beautiful design that is going to stay in our head forever, this silver toe ring is for every bride that likes flower patterns. Apart from being simple, the touch of emerald and ruby to this jewellery makes it one of a kind and also very attractive in whatever you pair it with. If you're not convinced for one to be enough in each leg, put two of these same toe ring designs together and it is still going to look as stunning. 

Kundan Flower Toe Ring Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Now how can we talk of bridal jewellery and forget about Kundan. These Kundan toe rings are absolutely the most classic choice of them all. For brides that love traditional designs can pair these with Kundan Payal and give it a complete bridal look for the big day and make all the photos of their feet look flawless too.

Oxidized Gypsy Toe Ring with Attached Payal


Lastly, for the millennial brides that love bold patterns and maximalist styles, this gipsy toe ring design paired with attached Payal has stunning written all over it. Apart from being in your face, this one is sure to compliment your mehndi and your outfit beautifully too. So, brides that love to add spunk to their outfit, this is just what you need.

So what do you think of our list of trending toe ring designs of 2020? We are sure you no longer think that you have limited choices, but we won’t be surprised if you tell us you’re confused with so many of them.  All you need to do is match your toe ring designs to all your other jewellery and make sure you choose one that is perfect for your taste and style. After all, the wedding jewellery holds a lot of significance for every bride on her big day and so should yours.

Which of the above toe ring designs do you plan on wearing on your wedding day? Tell us in comments and let our experts help you pick the right one.