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Swag it up! Select A Stylish Mehndi Design For Your Palms With These Steps

Getting your wedding mehndi is not just about mesmerising patterns. In fact, it also has a strong, cultural significance for a bride. To make your mehndi rich in design and deeply rooted in culture, follow the process here and spread the love!

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Getting your wedding mehndi is not just about mesmerising patterns, in fact, it also has strong cultural significance for a bride. To make your mehndi rich in design and deeply rooted in culture, follow this process here and spread the love!

When it comes to mehndi designs, there's literally no end to the huge plethora of latest designs and intriguing patterns. In fact, It's not just about selecting the most stylish mehndi design, the real work goes into the process of getting it done perfectly.

That's why we keep rebooting and rechanneling our research to make the process indulging and as stress-free as it can be.

Choosing a Stylish Mehndi Design

To share this load, you can always have your bridesmaid involved in the process. It's basically a three-step plan. Start with deciding the theme. After the theme, comes the inspiration. You should select some pictorial references and then sit with your girl gang and decide what matches best with your wedding story.

After this mind-boggling discussion, you must involve your mehndi artist and then she will turn your dreams and aspirations into a beautiful and stylish mehndi design.

Decide on a mehndi theme

The first step of deciding the theme is going to take the most of your time. Take a deep breath and decide which aspect of your wedding you want to feature in your stylish mehndi design. It could be your wedding rituals, your love story (if it's a love marriage), your favourite monuments (like Taj Mahal), your proposal story (if there is any and if there isn't then make one, you still have time!).

If you and your better-half shares love for a common topic then use that, this will bond you for life and if nothing else is coming up, just live your childhood fairytale in your stylish mehndi design and yes! while doing so, also shed some pre-wedding stress too!

To make the process relevant, let's take the inspiration from some real couples.

1. Relive your love story with a special touch:

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Among all other interesting stories at your wedding, if you want your love story to shine, try this super stylish mehndi design. It is all about a personal touch.

Like this couple, you can have all your special moments marked in your stylish mehndi design. To make it more interesting, later on, you can even quiz your better half about all those special dates and moments. Sounds fun yeah!

2. Let's bond over Simpson's love!

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Every couple is special but some of them share a different kind of madness with each other and that's what makes their relationship even more special. A similar kind of love is this mutual affection for this super witty couple from the Simpson series.

To make the wedding mehndi super unique and special this couple here, chose this design, just to show the world that finally, they have found their perfect match who have a knack for similar things. If you also bond over such unique things, never forget to show that through your special mehndi design.

3. When there is an international love story to tell

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

Love has no limits and no boundaries and this beautiful mehndi design here is telling the same tale. This design is all about saluting the international couples and the kind of love and emotion they share.

So if that's similar to your story than this stylish mehndi design has to be "The" design for you.

4. When #social media is a must

Plush Affairs

If you are also a social media bride like this one here, then this is it for you, this super stylish mehndi design is all about showing your unapologetic love for social media.

You can make it more intimate by adding some of your own creativity to this stylish mehndi design.

5. Tell that perfect proposal tale with your mehndi design

Image courtesy: Glimmer Films

If you have a special wedding proposal story to tell, go for this ultimate mehndi design. This design is all about pouring all those warm emotions into your stylish mehndi design.

6. Seattle to Mumbai: things you do for love

Plush Affairs

When love calls, the couple follows! Similar is the case with this couple. Through their mehndi design, they are depicting the tale of two cities struck in love and turns into a beautiful wedding and eventually in a happy marriage.

If your story also has some literal boundaries to cross then you can also tell your story in a similar fashion. Bring that story out with your stylish mehndi design.

7. When Disneyland calls dibs on your mehndi

Image courtesy: FF Studio

Some brides just can't do their wedding without some Disney magic and for all those fairytale lovers this beautiful Disneyland mehndi will serve the purpose right.

Let Jasmine and Aladdin bring you your happily-ever-after with this most stylish mehndi design.

8. Depicting yourself in your mehndi designs

Image courtesy: Henna by Divya

If your own special self, is what you want to be the feature of your wedding mehndi then start taking notes. Our bride here is an actor and she has marked her mehndi with all the aspect of her professional life. Well, this one is all about self-love and guess what you should too!

9. When every wedding ritual is an emotion

Image courtesy: Candid Wedding Stories

This particular mehndi design here is depicting every ritual of a Hindu wedding in the most beautiful way. Designs like this bring all kind of special emotions to the bride and her family. So if you are somebody who is all in for proper tradition mehndi than this is the design for you.

Phew! So much to choose from ha! But you can always transform the inspiration and turn it into your unique style. Just sit with your artist and ask for as many variations as you want, don't stop till you get your "IT" design.

Sometimes a mehndi design says more about the artist than the pattern itself so, if you want similarly amazing results, contact us.

Written by Nikita Sharma