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11 Modern Neck Design for Kurti Nods to Amp up Your Wardrobe

Add grace to your kurti, look smarter in it and flaunt your form with it too! Let us help you choose modern neck design for kurti to amp up your wardrobe!

Image courtesy: Pooja Joseph Photography

The neckline is the very first element that catches attention in your outfit. So, ensure that you pick the most fashionable one that will get admired. Kurtis have evolved over time and so have their necklines. No one desires to wear basic, plain ones anymore and we are sure even you'd like to add some spice to your own kurti collection, especially if you're building one for your marriage trousseau.

While we're not recommending a heavy, bulky set of suits or one with enough bling to slow down the traffic. However, if there's one thing that can instantly bump up the appeal for these wardrobe essentials, it's the neck design for kurti style you choose for them.

We've listed down some of the trendiest neck design for kurti picks for the season. Whether you are planning to get a kurti or two stitched or willing to invest in designer pieces, don't forget to watch out for these modern neck design for kurti.

1. Angrakha style neckline


This unique neck design for kurti takes its inspiration from Rajasthan. In this neckline, the right part of the kurti overlaps the left one, where the knots are tied to create a wrap style. It looks more like an extended V neckline that you can go for regardless of the length, fabric or fit of the kurti. It cinches at the waist, giving it a defined look.

In fact, you can combine it with a sheer back neck design for a larger impact.

2. Sleeveless boat neck

Image courtesy: Mishru

The boat neckline is considered quite stylish even though it barely reveals your skin. This neckline is like a round neckline but it is quite high. This modern neckline looks great with sleeves as well as without them. It enhances the bust area, which makes it perfect for girls who are small breasted.

3. Broad collar neck with front placket

Image courtesy: Sahil Kochhar

Collars are not restricted to school uniforms or formal-wear for the meetings. You can use this neckline in your kurtis too to make them more stylish. This neckline is most suitable for girls with a long neck or big bust. It is surely a feminine style that's chic and sexy. To add more glam to your outfit, you may opt for a bejewelled collar.

4. Illusion neck with heavy embroidery

Image courtesy: Kaksha and Dimple 

An illusion neckline helps soften the overall look and is a great way to combine two necklines (for example a sweetheart and a boat neck). You can use delicate lace, net or other sheer fabrics to create the effect. It is perfect for girls who want to go for deeper necklines but without baring a lot of skin.

5. High V neckline

Varun Bahl

This is a universally flattering neck design for kurti and also a blessing for girls with big bust size. It also works for girls with broad shoulders and bony torso. Since it creates an elongating effect it gives the body a sexier look. You can go as low or high as you desire with this neckline.

6. Deep U or scoop neck with 3/4th sleeves

Image courtesy: Abhinav Mishra

Such deep and wide necklines lengthen your neck and accentuate your collarbone, keeping attention away from the problem areas. This neck design works for all body types, whether you are athletic, have narrow shoulders, or are blessed with an hourglass figure. You can keep it narrow or broad, as per your liking.

7. Halter neck

Image courtesy: Narendra Kumar

This neck design for kurti can make any outfit look chic! It keeps the neck area covered while revealing shoulders and arms. It is a lovely pick for tall girls with broad shoulders as well as petite ones with a toned body. Skip this one if you have thick arms or neck area.

8. High neck with long sleeves

Ashima Leena

A high neckline's sexiness lies in its ability to keep your assets hidden. This neckline is most fitting for outfits or fabrics that have many embellishments, lace or appliqué. It is imperative to have a slender neck for this neckline if you do not want your face to look chubby.

9. Off-the-shoulder with embroidery yoke

Image courtesy: Mandira Wirk

This neckline is the ultimate way to highlight your shoulders and collar bone while balancing out a thick middle area. This romantic and flirty neck design for kurti is also perfect for medium to full-busted women. Embroidery along the neckline or princess cut can give this style more femininity.

10. Scalloped sweetheart neck

Anushree Reddy

Yes, it's a classic and will always be everyone's favourite. It is called a sweetheart neckline because its top resembles the curves of a heart. This neckline enhances the natural curves of the body if you are heavy on the chest and created the illusion of a bigger bust for small-busted women.

11. Square neck with spaghetti straps

Image courtesy: Sukriti & Aakriti

As the name suggests, this neckline draws horizontal lines along with the shoulder straps or sleeves. This style shows off a lovely neck, gives the illusion of narrower shoulders, and is also stunning for girls who want to create the illusion of a longer neck.

Choosing a neck design for kurti is not rocket science but, yes, a little brainstorming can help you create enviable outfits. All of these necklines are versatile, so they not only look great with all types of jewellery and functional hairstyles but pair well with different types of ethnic bottom wear too.

Which neck design for kurti is on your wishlist? Tell us in the comments.