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Long Kurti Patterns For Functions Before Your D-Day

Who said ethnic wear has to be boring? Check out these long kurti patterns for bridal functions and find an outfit that's chic, stylish and contemporary!

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Kurtis are one of the most versatile outfit options — whether you want a dazzling one or a simple one for everyday use, you'll find tons of options you'll fall in love with. Plus they're also easier to wear, style and carry for all the wedding functions before your D-DAY since there's a lot of running around to be done. So if you're a bride-to-be looking for long Kurti patterns for the different ceremonies that you have to be a part of, here are the top 10 trending ones:

Jacket Style Long Kurti In Red And Blue

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Vibrant coloured Kurtis are great for morning functions. The good part is, the colours themselves are so intricate and pretty that they do most of the talking. The patterns on this Kurti are subtle and blend in with the colours, making this a perfect choice for brides who love elegant outfits. Plus, the jacket-style long Kurti patterns are always a win-win when it comes to a chic wardrobe.

Anarkali Kurti In Flamingo Pink

Kalki Fashion

Flamingo pink is a new trendsetter colour these days and we don't blame it either. It's sophisticated, dapper and dazzling all at the same time. The Anarkali cut with this modern colour makes it look like two worlds coming together in one timeless Kurti!

So, if you're looking for traditional long Kurti patterns that also have a touch of contemporary, you know which one to go for.

Angrakha Kurti In Faded Blue

Kalki Fashion

The Angrakha Kurti comes from the musician's dress in Mughal courts. Fascinating, isn't it? What makes this particular piece all the better, is it's tasteful faded blue colour and minimal patterns that are clustered only at the top part of the Kurti. The bottom part is kept rather flowy and minus any patterns for the true beauty of this colour to take over.

Tiered Long Kurti In Yellow

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Tiered long Kurti patterns have been in vogue because they look flattering on all body shapes. This Kurti, in particular, stands out because of the exquisite silver work on the body and the rather stylish cold-shoulder sleeves. So, if you're a bride-to-be that loves exploring and experimenting, you've found the right Kurti!

Mint Green Long Kurti With Sheer Neck

Kalki Fashion

Image courtesy: Kalki Fashion x Harshdeep Kaur

The sheer neck pattern is always a favourite in long Kurti patterns simply because of its ability to take up the 'wow factor' of any outfit a notch higher. The shimmery and glittery effect that it brings lets you style up any outfit without putting in too much effort. Apart from that the mint green colour is soothing to the eyes and can make anyone look like a fairytale dream!

Long Kurti Dress With Geometric Pattern

Kalki Fashion

Image courtesy: Kalki Fashion x Tridha Choudhury

Flamboyant personalities deserve flamboyant outfits. This long Kurti dress with a pop of colours and stunning geometric patterns all over is meant for brides who love doing everything with a twist. The best part about this is that it is a dress that looks like a long Kurti and can be worn for either a traditional ceremony or as casual wear!

Chikankari Long Kurti In White

Image courtesy: Manish Malhotra's Collection

Chikankari embroidery in long Kurti patterns, especially the ones in white are known for their grace and breathtaking beauty. An all-white attire with gold jewellery is the right option for brides who love both classic and classy long Kurti patterns. For this one, don't forget to put on a dupatta that's white as well!

Front Slit Long Kurti In Yellow And Gold

Image courtesy: Manish Malhotra Collection

If there was a representation of beauty in simplicity, then this outfit would be it. The front slit Kurti is no wonder a wardrobe classic but the yellow base colour and the gold patterns all over make it look distinct without looking over-the-top. When worn with palazzos, then there is no stopping this outfit from being the centre of attraction!

Ivory Long Kurti With Lacework

Image courtesy: Manish Malhotra Collection

Long Kurti patterns with lace and ivory are a treat to the eyes. The fabric you choose for this is important because that will ultimately make or break the look. It must be a heavy one so that it can carry the weight of all the lacework in style. Pair this up with statement jewellery and you'll definitely look like a show-stealer!

Straight Cut Long Kurti In Pale Blue

Image courtesy: Manish Malhotra Collection

Straight cut long Kurti patterns are quintessential to every bride's outfit. It is simple and no-hassle making it easy for you to don it without bothering too much about how to carry it. Go for a broad round neck Kurti with embroidery all over it and make sure the colour is light so that the Kurti cut and the work on it can stand out.

You can wear all these Kurtis with palazzos, churidar, leggings and straight pants. What you wear it with is totally up to you. So take inspiration from these ideas to create beautiful outfits that are hard to take your eyes off from!

Which of these did you like the most? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by: Rohini Roy