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10 Combinations from Our Lehenga Photo Gallery You Must Check out at If You Want to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dearest Banno we have created for you a galore of some head-turning lehengas for you to slay in at your function this wedding season. Take notes and own the day like a boss! Bookmark this lehenga photo gallery and pay attention to details!

Red Veds

Din shagna da chadheya! Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya!

The date is set, the big news has been shared, the wedding venue booked and photographer at the ready. It is a roller coaster ride of fun-filled moments for both the bride and groom and their family and friends where a lot of merry-making takes places.

Shutterink - Chandigarh

From preparing the itinerary, the list of things you need to prep for the big day, finalising an awe-inspiring décor to elevate your function, everything is important. Menu? Check! Wedding favours? Check! Hairstyle? Double check! But, what is the next big thing on your checklist? The bridal outfit off course!

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Being a bride or even a BFF to the bride-to-be you cannot afford to repeat your outfit at all! So, take a back seat and give a good look to this lehenga photo gallery until one look grabs your attention from our pool of images featured in this lehenga photo gallery article.

1. Bridal Beauty in Hue of Pink & Gold

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Mud mud ke na dekh mud mud ke! This picture grabbed our attention! Did the same happen to you as well? There is a certain charm in how she ascends the staircase. Every time we look at this real bride our heart skips a beat.

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Hues of warm gold and pink, with her dupatta covering the back of her lehenga like a veil, she is out for serving looks. Royal meets the commoner; this bride slays and takes her fashion quotient to the next level.

Makeup Tips: Considering your lehenga is the show-stopper of the night, we say go for light makeup! Blushed cheeks, winged eyeliner, pink lipstick and you’ll surely break a heart or two on your big day!

2. Modern Silhouette with Tassel Blouse and Scallop Beauty

Light Bucket Productions

Proper Patola Nakhra Ae Swag! And we don’t doubt this even for a second. Doesn’t she exhume uber cool vibes from this chic and modern silhouette? We think so too! Take a cue from her bold choice and ditch traditional and take a fashion risk.

Light Bucket Productions

An off-shoulder strap blouse and metallic tassels effortlessly brushing against her shoulders, this real bride is killing it with summery vibes. No lehenga photo gallery will ever be complete unless there is a head turner bride sporting a dauntless look like this one.

Makeup Tips: Considering your lehenga is the star of the night, we say ditch heavy makeup! Flushed cheeks, winged eyeliner, defined brows and a pink or a deep red lipstick with your hair pulled backwards in a messy ponytail. Thank us later. Wink wink!

3. Strawberry Short Cake

The Photo Diary

Shaam Gulabi, Sehar Gulabi, Peher Gulabi, Hai Gulabi Yeh Sheher! There is something enticing about this picture. Isn’t it? A happy bride, a perfectly fitting twirling shot and eye-catchy pink hue lehenga choli. One look and it had to be in this lehenga photo gallery.

Makeup Tips: Who needs makeup when your attitude is killer in its own! Ditch makeup all-together and go for a natural look. A glossy tone pink lip-gloss perhaps and a thin layer of shimmery eye-liner and you’re all set.

Ombre by Harsheen Jammu

Or, perhaps this one? A real bride sitting in an ‘I own the world’ kind of pose! We love it. You can sport a similar looking lehenga at your wedding too! It will enamour your guests and will be the right amount of bling to light up your wedding venue.

Makeup Tips: Go for heavy-makeup. It’s your wedding after all. Defined eyes, contoured cheeks, highlighted nose and pigmented lips. Become a trendsetter in this outstanding lehenga for a wedding.

4. Add Some Sparkles With these Blue Silhouette

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Neele neele ambar par chaand jab aaye! A ceremony at dawn or a ceremony at dusk, a dauntless bride in a blue lehenga will shine through no matter what! This mirror-work inspired navy blue lehenga is perfect for a Sangeet or let’s say a Roka ceremony, and of course, for our lehenga photo gallery. Or, you can sport a similar look at your BFFs function and break some hearts!

Makeup Tips: Go for shimmery-makeup. Defined eyes with a glittery eyeshadow, contoured and highlighted cheeks, highlighted nose and pigmented lips. Become a stunner in this lehenga for a wedding.

The Wedding Conteurs

Or, perhaps this one! Gota Patti work and embellishments and a bride who looks like the world is at her feet. Just perfect!

Makeup Tips: A nude make-up look with smokey eyes will surely do the trick.

5. Jack and Jill Went on a Hill in a Nude Lehenga

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Leja leja re mehakee raat me churaake saare rang leja! This picture is pre-wedding photoshoot goals. This is one of our favourites in the lehenga photo gallery. A nude colour silhouette with a strappy blouse and see-through net dupatta.

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

It’s light, it's warm and perfect for a breezy pre-wedding photoshoot. A stunning twirling shot, with your spouse in the background, this album will be a precious one in your treasure trove of memories.  

Makeup Tips: Depending on the time of the shoot you can choose a makeup colour palette. Go for darker tones if the lighting calls for it. A maroon tint of lip-colour with heavy eyeliner and lashes is all you need for that dramatic look.

6. Swarovski and Border in Pink Blossoms

Gautam Khullar Photography

Rang de tu mohe gerua! Deep-U blouse with a blush pink lehenga and embellishments at the hem of the skirt will glitter as you twirl for a photoshoot. What holds this look in place is the beauty with which this off-colour Dupatta accentuates the overall look of this bride. You’ll surely enamour your husband and guests too as you waltz around your wedding venue.

Makeup Tips: Go for a gold base eyeshades and highlighter to bring attention to your features. Keep your eye makeup minimal and let the highlighter do its magic. Some flowers entwined in your messy braids and you’ll become the atta girl.

Mahima Bhatia Photography

Or, perhaps this bright pink lehenga! Gota Patti work with heavy embroidery is a perfect combo for a wedding outfit.

Makeup Tips: Perhaps a bright pink eyeshadow, rosy cheeks and a blossom lip colour. Truly a match made in heaven!

7. Golden Brides Who Slays!

Plush Affairs

Banno ri banno meri chali sasuraal ko! A concoction of traditional and royal, this one is for the go-getter bride. This picture in our lehenga photo gallery will surely win some hearts. You can never go wrong with golden. It is perfect for a bridal outfit as it’s heavy yet subtle. You will resemble a dream, a beauty who is out for serving looks.

Makeup Tips: Have your hair pulled back into a bun. Accentuate it with trinkets and floral. Remember Anushka Sharma’s floral bun? Something like that. And, see how you bedazzle your hubby and the guests too!

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Or, perhaps this one; a sultry charm and some royal vibes - the perfect match!

8. Mix and Match

Gautam Khullar Photography

Rang rang mere rang rang mein, rang jayegi tu rang! We’re at a loss of words after looking at this silhouette and this bride, and that's why she's in our lehenga photo gallery. From her choice of outfit to the stunning colour combination everything is on point. If you’re a lover of all things luxe then you should definitely bookmark this one for your own wedding. The intricacy of design at the hem of her lehenga speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and mastery of design.

Makeup Tips: If you sport an outfit such as this then all you need is Polki jewellery, a red lipstick and matte makeup and you’re good to slay!

Fotografia 9

Or, perhaps this bride in orangish-reddish lehenga. She certainly has our attention. How about you?

9. Trust the Power of Green!

Plush Affairs

Hum pe yeh kisne hara rang daala! You knew green could look so good on a bride-to-be. Amp up your fashion game with this heavily embellished green lehenga and break some rules if you must to create a fashion statement this wedding season.

Makeup Tips: A nude make-up look with smokey eyes and your hair cascading sideways with a Passa will surely do the trick.

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Weddings are a joyous affair. So bend the rules and wear something that fits your style the most. Don’t follow the trends, create one. Be the bride who made her bridal silhouette a tren in itself by wearing it. You can use one of these styles and reinvent them however you please. Make them your own. Own them completely and slay!

10. Regal maroon


Suno na sangemarmar ki yeh minaarein...kuchh bhi nahi hai aage tumhaare! Reflecting the regality of dusk, this bride looks majestic in her pose and attire, and the shade of her lehenga contributes to it. Prepare yourself to look like a queen by donning a bridal lehenga in this colour. We're sure your pictures will surely end up in your wedding photographer's lehenga photo gallery.

Image courtesy: Shades Photography by Ashwin M.

Maybe, this? Velvet being all the rage and considering winter season is upon us. You can definitely flaunt your curves in a velvet silhouette at a wedding or two. This happens to be one of our favourite outfit from our lehenga photo gallery.

Makeup tip: Go for a royal look with heavy jewellery sets and sharp makeup to accentuate your features.

Red Veds

So, we have thoughtfully curated for you a galore of designs in this lehenga photo gallery. It is filled with the ones you can wear for pre-wedding festivities to post-wedding rendezvous. So that it is one thing less for you to stress about! Bookmark this lehenga photo gallery piece and strut out to find your bridal outfit! 

We hope you liked our lehenga photo gallery. Want to add a look or two? Tell us through comments.