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9 Indian Wedding Outfits That Create an Ageless, Timeless Fashion Statement

Here’s a quick tip to slay at every wedding function! Opt for these ageless Indian wedding ensembles and create be all set to glitter at every event.


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Indian weddings are big fat feasts of delicacies and beautiful and vibrant settings. Such a grand event comes with its own sets of little worries like deciding the number of clothes, each carefully picked. Each function has its own set of rituals, mood and tone to it and is a mini fashion parade of accessible, well styled and breathable fashion, for clothes can't be stopping anyone from indulging in some heavy duty fun.

To minutely diminish the amount of stress and time it takes for choosing special outfits for each occasion and each member of the family, here are 9 dresses that fit everyone across age groups and relations. Take the guide:

1. Lehengas


The unflinching Indian wedding outfit originals, lehengas are the first thing on this list which can be worn by almost all age groups, little girls and glammed up aunties likewise. There are so many flattering cuts, designs and colours to choose from, you just have to pick a colour and cut that suits your style preference, age and occasion. You can go from light colours to more daring shades and teasing cuts.

2. Sherwanis


Another sure shot addition to the list of Indian wedding outfits is the great old sherwani outfits. Looks cute still on little kids as it looks suave on young men, all you need to do is add a pair of vintage sunglasses and maybe a Dupatta around your neck, and you're good to go.

3. Salwar Kameez

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Salwar Kameez is not a term that gives out one image but rather a wide range of designs come in this category of Indian wedding outfits. Ranging from different length for Kameez to different amount of pleats in the Salwar, the options are endless. You can also experiment with the Dupatta.

4. Dhoti


A blast from the ethnic past, this is the creation on the list of Indian wedding outfits which might not be that easy to carry in its original design. However, with new age innovations like elastic waists and belts, it is now easier to carry. It is available in various cloth material ranging from silk to cotton and can be paired with a wide variety of kurtas and shirts for men.

5. Saree


The 9 yards of glory in various colours, designs and exquisite handicraft, saree by far is the most versatile Indian wedding outfit. You can pick plain silk in rich pastels or one from various state specials in terms of handicraft and designing. Base it on the event and the vibe of your look, and you can experiment with it as much as your creativity allows. From belts to simple loose Pallu to the traditional style of putting it on, there is a lot of scopes for you to look your very best.

6. Sharara


Another suggestion in the list of Indian wedding outfits which works well for all! A style of clothing that is recently in vogue is the good old Sharara with flared and swirly pants and long or short kurta. You can perk it up with golden or silver Gota work or lace trimmings along with picking out bright and festive colours. Pair it with silver jewellery and floral hairdos.

7. Kurta with Churidar

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Another traditional outfit for men which can work wonders depending upon the kind of occasion you pick it up for. You can go for light colours, and self-print weaves for day functions like haldi and opt a brocaded Kurti in rich velvet shades night or large functions like engagements. For colours, pair it with contrasting scarves in a different material.

8. Anarkali


This one on the list of Indian wedding outfits is added for the ones with a penchant for swirling garments. You can pick an Anarkali from a list of different materials and designs and play with colours and styles. Make use of lace trimmings to mirrors and prints and even silks and chiffons. Go for an old saree that's been lying around for too long, mix it with up some new ideas. It can be worn for Mehndi, Sangeet, Haldi or engagement with trimmings in length, colours and materials and can be worn by all, from kiddie cousins to aunts.

9. Long Skirts

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This is something new on the list of Indian wedding outfits and is more of a variant of good old lehenga but with a modern twist. Like Anarkali, you can, here too, make use of the good old Banarasi silk sarees which are now too heavy for your mum. Get them stitched into a long skirt with a comfortable amount of swirl and pair with up a shimmer blouse or strapped blouses or even plaid shirts with chunky jewellery and statement nose ring (real or clip-on).

So, don’t restrict your Shaadi shopping to just a few usual pieces. Add these timeless outfits to your closet be all set to fill your picture gallery with fashionable statements.

Which of these classics is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section below.