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8 Gifts for Newly Married Peeps That They Will Absolutely Love & Be Thankful For!

Weddings are fun even after all the ceremonies are over because, after all the festivities, it's time for the newlyweds to open their gifts. Here are some amazing gifts for newly married friends of yours that they will absolutely love!

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Weddings are probably the most exciting events one ever attends, especially if it's a close friend or relative getting married. If you have attended an Indian wedding and we are sure you must have, then you know what we are talking about. There is a lot of dressing up, dancing, single people flirting with each other, great music and even better food. But hey, this is not all that weddings are about. There is one thing which can put the best of us in a fix.

All the millennials out there know full well what a task it is to pick a useful yet amazing gift for their fellow millennials these days. Birthdays and anniversaries are still easy, but what can truly put us in a spot are wedding gifts. People spend days thinking about the best gifts for newly married friends or relatives, they do a lot of research online and offline and then eventually end up giving them cash.

And just to make ourselves pretty clear, we have nothing against giving people cash, it is useful after all. But if you have to pick wedding gifts for newly married people your age, it makes sense to give them something that shows how much effort you have put into the whole process. But hey, on the other hand, you also don't want to give them something they will end up passing on to other people. Let's be honest - a vase, or dinner set or a bedsheet are things that will probably end up being passed on.

So, if you are struggling with gifting options and just cannot think of anything useful to give to your friends or relatives on their wedding, then we have got you covered. Here are some awesome gifts for newly married peeps that they will not only love but also happily use.

1. Goodie basket

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A goodie basket is a safest and most exciting option for an array of reasons. You can either put chocolates and wine in it, or make it a bath and beauty basket for him and her, or maybe even mix-and-match. This is a great gift for newly married couples because they will definitely use it and love it.

2. Accessories

By accessories, we mean something for both the bride and the groom. While you can pick a beautiful bracelet or a pair of earrings depending on your budget for the bride, you can opt for cufflinks or a tie pin for the groom. It sounds cliche but you can also give them a set of stylish couple watches. They will really appreciate this gift.

3. Quirky home decor products

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Out of all the gifts for newly married people that we are going to list here, this one is the most colourful and unique. So if you think that these attributes coincide with your newly married friends' personalities, then you should totally go for this. A funky decor item for their bedroom, a nameplate with a funny quote and some creative but useful things for their kitchen are just a few options.

4. Instant Polaroid camera

Now, now. This is our personal favourite out of all the gifts for newly married people that we have listed here. Not only is it useful, but it is also super cute. It comes in a variety of colours and there is not an iota of doubt about the fact that anybody who receives this as a gift will love it.

5. Travel passes

Are your newlywed friends/relatives bit by the travel bug? Then we know what the perfect gift for them can be. Give them a travel pass from any of the famous travel booking websites and you will be loved forever. Selecting gifts for newly married people can be tricky business, but this one is a sure-shot winner. P.S. You can also give them personalised passport covers or luggage tags along with the travel pass. Added bonus, you see.

6. Personalised gifts

And since we already talked about personalised passport covers and luggage tags, we personalised stuff could be another cool gift by itself too. But hey, no tees and mugs with the couple's pictures printed on them. You can give them engraved wine glasses, bathrobes with their initials on it or even travel kits. Useful and fun, eh?

7. Arrange a night at a luxury hotel or resort

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And saving the best for the last, we think gifting them a romantic night at a luxury resort will be one of the best(est) gifts for newly married people. They will get some alone time from all the guests and relatives constantly surrounding them and they will love you for it. 

8. Bluetooth speakers

Another thing that is one of our favourite from the list of gifts for newly married people - Bluetooth speakers. They can listen to romantic music when in their room, they can connect it to their phones and watch movies or even take it along when travelling together. So cool!

We hope this curated list of gifts for newly married people will help you find just the right gift for your friends/relatives. No need to thank us, we are happy to help!

Do let us know which one of these gifts for newly married couples you liked best and ended up giving to your friends on their wedding. And if you have any more suggestions, drop them in the comments below...