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8 Artificial Jewellery Wholesalers in Delhi to Cure Your Jewellery Woes

Why spend lakhs of rupees on jewellery when you can get it for a few thousands? Check out these artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi to get the best deals now.

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The expenditure of an Indian wedding can get really high if you include everything from scratch in your budget. There are hundreds of things you need to get to make it a successful wedding. The multiple outfits, the heavy jewellery, the wedding invites, the wedding venue, the catering and wedding décor; the list just goes on and on leading to the expenditure rising well above ₹50 lakhs and sometimes even close to a Crore.

Not everyone can afford that. Furthermore, a lot of urban millennials are now looking at marriage from a different perspective. They are not very keen on spending such huge amounts of money for a celebration of few days and instead want to save that money and use it in the future, be it for travelling or as some kind of investment.

What’s the best way to look great without spending too much?


Due to such an approach, people have started looking for ways to cut down the cost of the wedding. The extravagant outfits and jewellery you wear at your wedding are not that useful once the wedding gets over. So, why spend so much money on something that you may never use it again?

The sensible option is to look for artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi or bridal outfits for rent to cut down the cost considerably. Jewellery is the one aspect where people spend a major share of their money on, somewhere close to ₹10-20 lakhs. Therefore, this one area definitely needs attention to curb the expenses.

In this article, we are talking about the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi to give you an idea about the best places where you can get all of that.

1. New Kalka National Jewellers, South Delhi

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New Kalka National Jewellers, based out of South Delhi, has a lot of history behind it in this service, making them one of the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi. They believe in quality to make every single piece of artificial jewellery look as real as possible. With the prices starting at as low as ₹5,000, you know you are in for a treat here. They also deal with regional jewellery so you can get all kinds of traditional jewellery.

2. A R Jewellers, Chandni Chowk

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Chandni Chowk is the hub for artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi and A R Jewellers are one of the most prominent jewellers in the area. You can rely on them easily to get a bunch of jewellery from them at wholesale rates if you are looking for jewellery for multiple people. The prices vary with the number of jewellery pieces you are targeting.

3. Manisha artificial jewellery and bridal accessories, East Delhi

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This store from East Delhi is popular for creating artificial jewellery from scratch. We all know how much the royal jewellery sets are in fashion now and everyone wants something similar at their wedding. If you too are looking for something similar, then they will be providing you with the exact imitations within a few weeks of the order. For such needs, they are definitely the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi.

4. Ruby Raang Jewellery Studio, Central Delhi

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Ruby Raang Jewellery Studio from Central Delhi specialises in creating jewellery with the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional designs. You can customise the design of your bridal jewellery set just the way you want. They promise to give the set within 2-3 months, depending on the intricacies of the design.

5. Sparkling10, Sarojini Nagar

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If you want customised jewellery but with a quick turnaround time then Sparkling10 in Sarojini Nagar is the place to go as they offer a promised turnaround period of 10-15 days. However, heavily intricate designs may take a few more days. With prices starting at just ₹500, it is definitely one of the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi.

6. Fashion Jewellery, Chandni Chowk

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Another store from Chandni Chowk that is one of the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi, the store provides you articles starting at a price of just ₹1,000. Such prices are perfect if you are looking for heavy jewellery set for the bride and sets for other members of the family as well.

7. Shreeji Imitations, East Delhi

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Shreeji Imitations in East Delhi have multiple years of experience in this industry and hence you can trust them to come up with the best possible work you can think of. Moreover, they specialise in creating perfect imitations using semi-precious stones.

8. Avecon India, North Delhi

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Avecon India in North Delhi is great at creating all kinds of artificial jewellery, be it traditional, contemporary or a mix of both. You just need to provide the design you want and you will get the jewellery piece within 10-15 days, making them one of the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi.

Now that you know some of the best artificial jewellery wholesalers in Delhi, you just need to identify the designs you want and go out there and buy them.

Looking for more such wholesalers? Go check the website to find suitable jewellery stores near your house.