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Beautiful Black Saree With Golden Blouse for the Perfect Combination

Powerful, energetic and enigmatic – black and gold is one of the classic colour combinations. Check out these black saree with golden blouse images!

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

Black is the colour of power, sophistication, luxury and exclusivity whereas gold is the colour of wealth, achievement and success. It is positive & optimistic and adds warmth and richness to everything. Together, black and gold are one of the most elegant and powerful colour combinations this year. Those who love the colour gold radiate individuality and charisma.

Everyone is attracted to your personality. On the other hand, black creates an aura of mystery. When black and gold come together, they are a force to reckon with!

You cannot let such a powerful colour combination go to waste, especially with the wedding season right around the corner. When you will be bombarded with wedding invitations in the next few months, you will not have to stand in front of your wardrobe and think about what you will wear. Why? Because you will already be ready with a beautiful black saree and golden blouse.

We are sure after checking out these black saree with golden blouse images, you will not be able to stop yourself from buying this luxurious ensemble!

Black velvet saree with a gold embroidered blouse

Image Courtesy: BollywoodMantra

This is the perfect black saree with a golden blouse for a summer wedding. Velvet sarees are perfect for weddings as the fabric is generally quite heavy and will let your shine bright. Pair this ensemble with a statement gold Kada and you’ll look amazing.

Black net saree with sleeveless blouse

Image Courtesy: Cute Actress World's Instagram

If you are feeling a little risqué this wedding season, check out this black saree with golden blouse in net fabric. Everyone knows that a net saree is a sexy option and if you wear it in black, you will surely get more than one Rishta proposal at the end of the function!

Black georgette saree with golden border and embroidered net blouse

Image Courtesy: Jaynika

A black saree with a golden blouse is not only a sexy combination, but it is also one that exudes sophistication. This bride is the perfect example of minimalist luxury. The georgette saree is lightweight and a beautiful choice for an autumn wedding. The net golden blouse along with those shades makes this look Insta worthy!

Black tissue saree with tassels and embellished golden blouse

Image Courtesy: Ogaan

If you have a slender frame, a tissue saree will accentuate your figure. A tissue saree in black like the one is the picture with a traditional silhouette is perfect for a wedding. You can even wear it for your own Cocktail party. Pair a studded tube blouse with spaghetti straps to make it more contemporary!

Simple black saree with a gold embroidered blouse

Pernia's Pop-up Shop

If a bride is on the hunt for a simple black saree with a golden blouse for her bridesmaids, this image is one of the best for some inspiration. The fabric of the saree is georgette and it will compliment every body shape as georgette hugs the body and highlights the curves!

Black-striped saree with light golden blouse

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Stripes are a pattern that will always be in trend and you can see why in this image. Just like Karishma Kapoor, you will also look stunning in this black saree with a golden blouse. Stripes also make you look slimmer, which is always a plus point!

Black georgette saree with golden borders and matching the sleeveless blouse

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

No one can say that a Sabyasachi design is simplistic, even if the outfit is as simple looking as this black saree with a golden blouse. The georgette saree is taken to the next level by the very svelte and intricate golden border and matching the sleeveless blouse.

Black chiffon saree with an embellished corset blouse

Image Courtesy: Rashmi Chaudhary Official

For those who like styling different pieces from different outfits, this black saree with a studded corset blouse will really impress you. Who would have thought that you can make a traditional saree look western and how! If you have a golden corset lying around in your closet, go out and buy a chiffon saree to make a sexy and contemporary outfit and vice versa!

Black printed saree with golden blouse


It is a misconception that printed sarees are too casual for a wedding! The secret to making a printed saree acceptable for formal wear lies in the fabric of your printed saree. A silk saree will never be casual! And if you invest in a black printed saree, a classic golden blouse will go perfectly with it!

After checking out these black saree with golden blouse images, we know you are dying to go to a wedding in this ensemble. Everyone will definitely compliment you at the venue and on Instagram as well! Do share your outfit images on Instagram and tag us too!

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