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Wedding Catering Services Raipur

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  • Vishu Caterers Basant Kiraya Bhandar

    Vishu Caterers Basant Kiraya Bhandar is a catering service provider located in Patel Para which is Raipur. The most...Read more important and significant thing at a wedding ceremony is food as it makes fulfilment and completion of a successful wedding ceremony. Therefore if you are looking for one such service...

  • Sweety Caterers

    Sweety Caterers has been providing its exquisite wedding menus all across India for the past 25 years. Its team...Read more comprises of experienced and qualified professionals who'll take care of all your individual needs and desires and turn your wedding gastronomy dream into a delicious reality. Plus,...

Best Caterers In Raipur

The capital city of Chattisgarh, Raipur, is a beautiful city holding its prominence in the steel markets of the country. It is also known as the Rice Bowl of India because of the production of hundreds of varieties of rice. Apart from its steel and coal industries, Raipur has a lot to offer to all its tourists. From lakes to temples to many beautiful festivals celebrated with pomp and fervour, Raipur has a host of experiences to surprise you with. If you love shopping, this is the place to be as the city is famous for its terracotta and many beautiful markets that sell trinkets, pottery and other handmade things. You can also find many skilled and professional caterers in Raipur that can make your festivities a grand culinary affair. 


A wedding is a beautiful celebration, especially in India, where you can find a delightful spread of local and international cuisines at the tables for you to savour. Indian weddings can offer you a delicious culinary experience, from spicy chaat corners as appetizers to getting your favourite pasta made in front of you at a live cooking stall. Every state has its cuisine speciality, making its space in a perfect wedding menu. While you get busy preparing for your wedding ceremonies by finding a great team of photographers in Raipur, or excellent Raipur wedding planners to organise your functions, or securing a grand wedding venue in Raipur to host all your ceremonies - booking the best catering services in Raipur should be prioritised on your wedding checklist. To help you begin your wedding planning journey from the right track, WeddingWire India offers you valuable insights and options. In fact, the WeddingWire Indian app and website offer individual storefronts with all the itty bitty details of the caterers in Raipur for you to make a sound decision.

How to find caterers in Raipur with WeddingWire India?


Start your hunt for the perfect wedding caterers in Raipur by exploring and booking as per your requirements, needs and festivities. Raipur is a big city with many smaller locations where you can find a good catering service near you that offers excellent services and an impressive wedding menu. While going and checking all these options out personally sounds exhausting, WeddingWire India provides you with a list of locations that you can pick from as per your priorities and virtually explore the possibilities these caterers in Raipur provide, before you pick the top 5 as per that locality and finally visit for a tasting and so on. 


It's essential to know about a vendor before booking them; the kind of services they offer, how they prepare their dishes, their service staff and hospitality and much more. To ensure that you get the correct information for every caterer in Raipur that you are looking to book for your big day, WeddingWire India displays dedicated storefronts for each vendor with all the necessary information. You can even send in queries or get in touch with the ones you shortlist through the platform right here. 


Planning your wedding budget is another essential element to find the best caterer in Raipur for your wedding day. Finding a good caterer in the city becomes much more manageable if you have your finances in place. To make your search hassle-free, WeddingWire India provides you with a price filter that you can set as per your budget. The price for vegetarian catering by caterers in Raipur starts from INR 800 and goes up to INR 3000 or more. If you wish to include non-vegetarian dishes in your wedding menu, caterers in Raipur can also offer you different options. The price for it comes between INR 800 to INR 3000. Caterers in Raipur are expert professionals that speculate in many cuisines and dishes. Some of the delightful cuisines offered by them that you can add to your wedding menu include North Indian, South Indian, Mughlai, and international dishes like Chinese, Italian, European, Continental, Thai etc.

Questions to ask your caterer in Raipur before booking


Your wedding guests may not remember the kind of flowers you used for the decoration or the lights you added, but they will surely notice how the food was at your wedding functions. Therefore you need to book an expert caterer in Raipur and a few things you should ask them are:


What services are included in the booking package?

Always enquire about all the services a caterer in Raipur will be offered for your wedding ceremonies, along with the food menu, catering setups, cutlery rental etc. Having all the information beforehand will avoid any confusion later. 


What will be the guest to servers ratio?

This will help you understand how food will be served to your guests. Information about how many servers and staff will be providing for your functions, how quickly will the dirty plates be cleared etc., will help you manage your festivities better. 


How much industry experience do they hold?

Knowing about the experience and expertise of your choice of caterer in Raipur is very crucial before booking them for your big day. Years of experience and knowledge will help them handle every situation around your wedding, whether it's a shortage of food or cutlery or any other major issue. They will always have viable solutions to help your ceremonies proceed smoothly. 


If they have catered an event at your chosen venue previously?

If they have already worked for your choice of venue, the caterers in Raipur will have all the information they require, like how many servers and staff they need, how catering setup can be etc. Having prior experience can give them an edge. 


Where will the food be made for your ceremonies?

It's always best to enquire if the food will be prepared beforehand or if they will cook everything at the venue itself. If they cook on-site, preparations for it need to be done ahead. 


When can you go for food tasting?

Don't just book a caterer with a famous name. It's essential to plan a food tasting before booking them as you need to ensure the quality of the food matches their reputation. 


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Frequently asked questions regarding Caterers in Raipur

Can caterers in Raipur offer only vegetarian catering for my wedding?

Yes. Caterers in Raipur can create your wedding menu as per your taste preferences only. They will cater to all your requirements and follow all dietary needs and restrictions to create a fantastic menu for your ceremonies.

Will caterers in Raipur also serve food to the guests?

Catering services have a team of servers and staff responsible for catering to all your guests' needs, serving them food and giving a delightful hospitality experience.

When should you book your caterer in Raipur?

Caterers in Raipur are in huge demand, especially during the wedding season. It's best to book your choice of catering service 4-5 months in advance if you wish to work with the company you want for your big day.

How much should you pay for the services of a caterer in Raipur?

The price for vegetarian and non-vegetarian catering by caterers in Raipur starts from INR 800 and goes up to INR 3000 or more.

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