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Wedding Photographers Raipur

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  • Creative Graphers

  • RockoGraphy

  • Anuj Kulshrestha Photography

  • Raj Digital Studio

  • Anand Studio

  • Tiru's Studio Point

  • Motion And Picture

  • Inside Me Weddings, Raipur

  • HK Pixels Photography & Videography

  • Viaana Production House

  • Lens Queen

  • Capture 60 Photography

  • MD Studio, Raipur

  • Clicks By Clicker Babu Mukesh

  • Praveen Studio Photography, Raipur

  • HYMN Films

  • Studio The Photo Shop

  • The Wedding Licious

  • The Photo Wardrobe

  • Abhishek Sanyal's Clickography

  • Through The Eyes of Shekhar Ghosh

  • Adamant Studios

  • C.D Photography, Raipur

  • Asha Video

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Anuj Kulshrestha Photography

Anuj Kulshrestha Photography

Raj Digital Studio

Raj Digital Studio

5.0 out of 5 rating, 3 reviews,
Inside Me Weddings, Raipur

Inside Me Weddings, Raipur

1.0 out of 5 rating, 1 review,
Viaana Production House

Viaana Production House

Best Wedding Photographers in Raipur

Raipur, the vibrant capital of Chhattisgarh! Recognized for its steel, coal, and aluminum plants, Raipur is a city with booming development and one of India’s major commercial hubs. But that's not all there is to this city. Home to several serene lakes, classical architecture, and terracotta production, visitors come to the city and enjoy it to their fullest. People often visit attractive locations like the age-old Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum, the beautiful Budhapara Lake, architectural exemplars like the Doodhadhari Monastery Temple and Mahamaya Temple, and of course, the natural wonders like Hajra Waterfall. Raipur is home to the giant statue of Swami Vivekananda and many other wonders. One of the best times to visit Raipur is during the festive season, as the city is decorated with color and events with so much diligence. Raipur offers a wide variety of terracotta products, cotton fabrics, handloom products, bamboo products, and many others. 

Wedding planning can be tedious, especially with so many events to be taken care of and options to choose from. Your wedding ceremony in Raipur needs the right venue in Raipur, the perfect wedding decorators in Raipur, the best caterers in Raipur to serve delicious food, or skilled planners in Raipur to capture the finest moments from the occasion. With the long list of rituals and ceremonies, there is a lot to be planned and organized. Raipur is a fine place to have your wedding as it offers picturesque event spaces and skilled vendors. If you are looking for an apt wedding photographer in Raipur, WeddingWire India can help you find the chief photographers in Raipur for your wedding with just a few clicks. Simply download the WeddingWire India app from Play Store or the App Store, or you can also visit the WeddingWire India website. 


WeddingWire India has listed numerous professional wedding photographers in Raipur for you to choose from. You can explore the pictures they have taken, the teasers or wedding videos showing their videography skills, as well as reviews from their previous clients who have used their service on their respective storefronts. Going through the different portfolios can help you make a sound decision for your wedding by comparing their services, experience, prices, and so on. You can narrow down your options by using the filters and checking the packages and locations of the photographers. 


Wedding photographers in Raipur provide plentiful of photography services that include trending ones like: 

  • Traditional photography
  • Candid photography
  • Cinematographic
  • Drone shoots
  • Live Screening
  • Photobooths


Indian weddings generally have a myriad of traditions and events as part of the wedding. For each occasion, you can choose these photography services like engagement, pre-wedding, wedding ceremony, mehndi and sangeet, post-wedding and reception, and much more or hire one photographer for the entire fiesta. These photographers are creative and come up with unique ideas to make your pictures unique with your personal touch. You can suggest ideas, ask and choose specifics to work well within your wedding budget. The professional photographers in Raipur can help you capture breathtaking moments from your wedding that you can cherish for a lifetime. 


The best wedding photographers in Raipur offer satisfactory packages. You can choose as per your needs or even customize the photography packages by sending queries and negotiating on the services and packages. The price packages vary on the number of days you have booked them for, their experience in the field and of course the types of services you are availing of. The price range of a single-day wedding shoot starts from around INR 25000, and it can go to more than INR 200000. In the case of a 3 Day Wedding Package, the price range starts from around INR 65000 and can shoot up to around INR 400000. You can also choose wedding photographers just for your pre-wedding photoshoot, which would only vary from INR 25000 to around INR 100000. 

Things to keep in mind while choosing a wedding photographer in Raipur

Choosing a wedding photographer is crucial when you want to capture the best moment so that you can look back and enjoy it. Hence, these are some of the factors you need to remember when you are booking a wedding photographer:


Availability: Wedding photographers are always booked and usually have a tight schedule. It is essential that once you finalize your budget and choose a photographer from Raipur, you notify them and book them well in advance. This is to ensure no future discrepancies happen and that you get beautiful pictures taken by the photography company of your choice.


Budget: Budget is a significant factor that can influence your choice of photographer. Accordingly, once you allocate a wedding budget, you can filter out your options and choose the best wedding photographers in Raipur. On WeddingWire, you can easily filter and find the best photographers under your budget. 


Reviews: You can go through previous works like photographs and videos of their other clients to understand what you are going to get when you choose this particular photographer. You can also check out the feedback given by their previous clients. On WeddingWire, portfolios of different photographers are also. Read through the information thoroughly and make a suitable decision. 


Experience:  You must remember that any experience given by a particular wedding photographer carries through throughout your day. It highly influences your mood as well as the beauty of your pictures. It is best to choose a wedding photographer who you are comfortable with. 


Style:  While choosing a wedding photographer, you must be sure that you choose one that matches the style or team. You can experiment with different types and suggest the photographer for unique ideas such as traditional photographs, monotone, candids, drone shots, etc. 


Best Wedding Photographers

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Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Photographers in Raipur

How much does the average wedding photographer in Raipur charge?

Wedding photographers in Raipur charge wedding packages depending on the number of events covered and the equipment included. On average, they charge from around INR 50000 to around INR 300000. You can always enquire about the kind of photography services offered and choose what is best suited for your budget.

Do wedding photographers provide photo booths?

You can check out the list of services provided by each photography company on the WeddingWire India website. Some of the best wedding photographers in Raipur offer services like a photo booth. You can explore the options available or ask them directly if they could make arrangements.

Do wedding photographers provide photo editing services?

All wedding photographers in Raipur ensure that they photograph the beautiful memories of your wedding and edit them in a trendy manner and even give them an album form.

What are the different time packages that are offered in Raipur?

Photographers in Raipur provide different wedding shoot packages and charge accordingly. They have the 1 Day package that captures the moments of your wedding and the 3 Day package, which may include mehndi/sangeet/pre-wedding shoot, the wedding, and the reception. They also provide packages for specific occasions at affordable rates. It is best to contact the photography company to know more about the packages.

How can I get a discount on wedding photography packages in Raipur through WeddingWire India?

While exploring the list of wedding photographers in Raipur on the WeddingWire India website or app, you can see the promotions and offers these companies offer. You can inquire and negotiate a deal with your selected photographer at the time of booking to avail of those discounts.

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