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Dristikon Wedding Films

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In a Flash, Kolkata

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Dariya Events

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From ₹30,000

Frame Shadow, Kolkata

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Colours of LIGHT by Rajdeep

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KGA Creations, Kolkata

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Wed O Graphy

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Ishika Bagchi Photography

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Fotosutra - A Prasanta Singha Photography

From ₹84,000


From ₹71,000

The Moments by Aakash

From ₹95,000

The Bandhan Wedding

From ₹190,000

SJY Photography

From ₹71,000

Impression Photo Zone

From ₹37,000

Events Photography

From ₹183,000

Mirror Studio Sunny

From ₹70,000

Just Click, Kolkata

From ₹80,000

Siddhartha's Photography

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From ₹33,000

Photoscape Kolkata

From ₹92,000

Aranyak Photography

From ₹71,000

Radha Studio By Sumit

From ₹105,000

GH Photography, Bally

From ₹100,000

Login Digital Photolab

From ₹38,000

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Wedding photography is probably one of the most important parts of wedding planning these days. The millennials love to capture their memories in beautiful frames and this is exactly why wedding photography is an indispensable part of wedding planning. For a wedding in Kolkata, if you want to get the best pictures of your dream wedding you will need the best photographers in your city without a doubt.

There are numerous wedding photography services in Kolkata registered on WeddingWire India whose work is sure to make your wedding day an unforgettable memory of a lifetime with absolutely breathtaking photographs. You will be pleased to know that among the 600+ wedding photographers in West Bengal enlisted on WeddingWire India, more than 400 wedding photographers are situated in Kolkata. These days most of the millennial photography services come with the flexibility to travel outstation especially with destination wedding planning being a fad. This allows you to pick your favourite wedding photographer in Kolkata even if you are planning a wedding elsewhere.

The WeddingWire India app is one of the best blessings that you deserve while planning your wedding ceremony. If you are wondering why, well then the directory of more than 60,000 wedding vendors with excellent and professional services has your answer. Making wedding planning feel like a breeze, the WeddingWire app/website is your one-stop solution to all your wedding-related queries even if you are hiring your vendors from a distance or doing simple wedding planning from the comfort of your couches.

How to hire the services for best wedding photography in Kolkata?

  • Once you have downloaded the app or visited the website and picked your location as Kolkata under Wedding Photography, you will land on a page that displays an exhaustive list of options of the best photographers in Kolkata.
  • After the location filter, you can further narrow down your options to the most relevant location by picking the cities and smaller towns within Kolkata. For instance, you can look for wedding photography in Ballygunge , Barabazar , Behala , Bow Bazar , Dum Dum and so on. This allows you to pick a wedding photography service in Kolkata that is right next door.
  • Next in line, you can pick the different types of photography services that you are looking forward to. Be it traditional photography, candid photography , drone shots or videography - you can pick specific services from the filter options available. While some couples plan to hire one photographer for the entire celebration, you can hire separate photographers too, just for the pre-wedding photography or just for wedding and so on.
  • Furthermore you can sort the options based on the day of the celebration. You can hire a service provider for wedding photography in Kolkata for your mehndi or for your sangeet or for all the days. Some photographers specialise in certain ceremonies too.
  • How to find a budget wedding photographer in Kolkata?

  • The word budget is variable and is defined differently by each couple. No matter what your wedding budget or the wedding photography budget might be, there are plenty of options to choose from in each category.
  • The price range is vast and it starts from less than INR 25,000 and can go up to more than INR 2,50,000. This depends on the number of days you hire a photographer for.
  • You can filter out your options based on the different package prices available between 1-day, 3-day and the pre-wedding package. Once you have a budget for wedding photography in mind, you can pick the nearest relevant bracket of the price range from the filters.
  • You can also find the best fit packages by clicking on the Request Pricing tab on the storefront that you are interested in. The prices of the packages depend on a lot of services like the type of equipment used or the distance to be travelled and the number of deliverables. This is why you can get in touch with the wedding photographer and decide on tailor-made packages too.
  • We suggest you check the reviews that are mentioned on the storefronts before going forward with any of them. Apart from their gallery that showcases their work, the reviews give you a clear idea from the personal experience of a couple who has availed of their services before you.
  • Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

    Will a wedding photographer in Kolkata travel outstation?

    Most photographers of today are open to travel to any part of the world. However you must ask the individual photography services in Kolkata that you are interested in for the exact answer as it might vary from one to another.

    How many photographs do the wedding photographers in Kolkata deliver in the end?

    This is a tailor-made delivery. It wholly depends on the photographer and the couple (or family) as to how many photographs they want/deliver.

    Is a hardcopy and wedding album included in the services for wedding photography in Kolkata?

    While most photographers provide a hardcopy, you need to clarify this with the particular vendors for a better idea. Wedding albums too are a choice that the photographer and couple make together and come to an agreement based on the prices and availability.

    Will the package prices include travel and stay too?

    The wedding photographers in Kolkata work towards preparing packages that might be inclusive of everything or sometimes exclusive of the travel and stay costs as per the client’s requirements. You can check with the photographer and sort your options accordingly.

    How long do they take to deliver the trailer?

    While you hire your wedding photography vendor in kolkata, you should discuss this as one of the most important questions. The timeline varies from one professional to another and it is also flexible based on your requirements and time available.

    Wedding Photographers in Kolkata with Real Weddings published

    • Rating 4.9 out of 5, 33 reviews
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    • Rating 4.8 out of 5, 26 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Dum Dum, Kolkata
    • Wedding Photographers . Paddapukur, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 11 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Dum Dum, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 8 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Kestopur, Kolkata
    • Wedding Photographers . Garia, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 2 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Ultadanga, Kolkata
    • Rating 4.9 out of 5, 12 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Dum Dum, Kolkata
    • Wedding Photographers . Dum Dum, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 10 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Ajoy Nagar, Kolkata
    • Rating 4.8 out of 5, 4 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Behala, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 2 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Rajarhat New Town, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 6 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Kestopur, Kolkata
    • Rating 5.0 out of 5, 6 reviews
       · Wedding Photographers . Hatibagan, Kolkata

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