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Flower Delivery In Kolkata

India's second-biggest city, Kolkata, is popularly known as the country's Cultural Capital and referred to as the City of Joy. Kolkata is an artistic, cultural and intellectual city full of life and creativity in every sense. The city provides a beautiful combination of old colonial architecture juxtaposed with the modern lifestyle of its residents. Soaked in the layers of rich culture and heritage, you will be able to find an interesting story in every nook and cranny of this city. Home to one of the famous poets of all time, Rabindranath Tagore, Kolkata is a city with its soul. With beauty lingering in everything that this city offers, it also has some of the best florists in Kolkata that can make your celebrations one to remember for life.


Indian weddings are grand celebrations with fun-filled entertainment, traditional rituals and family gatherings unlike anything else. A lot goes in planning a perfect wedding ceremony, from finding a suitable venue in Kolkata to wedding photographers in Kolkata who can capture your wedding moments, a caterer in Kolkata who ensures the best culinary experience or a wedding DJ in Kolkata to make sure that there is not even a single dull moment around your wedding. As a couple, you have to take so many big and small decisions around your wedding festivities to ensure that your big day is the most memorable celebration of your life. While you are ticking off everything necessary from your wedding checklist, don't forget to search for a good florist in Kolkata that can provide you with beautiful floral arrangements and decorations to make your ceremonies complete. If you are confused about how to begin looking for a professional florist in the city, WeddingWire India answers all your questions. Explore the world of services that a florist in Kolkata can provide you from the comfort of your home, visit the website or download the WeddingWire India App from the Play Store or the App Store today. 


How to choose a florist in Kolkata with WeddingWire India?


WeddingWire India has an extensive list of florists on board, each one with a dedicated storefront to themselves. You can find all about the company, their portfolio of photos, videos of how they work, and reviews from past clients. All these will help you make a sound decision in choosing the right florist in Kolkata for your wedding ceremonies. As Kolkata is a big city with multiple locations, WeddingWire India provides you with a list of all the popular areas in the city that you can choose to explore. Choosing these locations as per your requirements will help you shortlist Kolkata florists who provide services in that area. 


While offering you a beautiful collection of flowers, florists can also provide you with incredible floral arrangements and different kinds of decorations. From outdoor to indoor, they can cater to all floral decoration requirements to ensure that your wedding celebration is one of a kind. Florists in Kolkata can offer you different services and packages to customise as per your needs and preferences. The price for an indoor decoration can range from INR 25,000 and can go up to around INR 2,00,000 or more. Similarly, the florists in Kolkata can also provide you with outdoor decoration packages with a cost that ranges from INR 50,000 and can go up to 3,00,000 or more depending on their experience and expertise. You can filter the options based on your wedding budget to avoid any spillover.


What are the trending decoration ideas you can choose for your wedding?


While planning an Indian wedding can be an expensive task to do, there are a lot of trendy DIY decoration ideas that can go easy in your pocket. Some of the floral arrangements and decorations that your florist in Kolkata can provide you include:


Pre-fabricated decor - You can choose venues that require minimal decorations as they already have everything set up from stage to seating areas. The venue itself will be enough to add glory to your wedding celebrations.


Lights - Fairy lights woven with beautiful flowers will indeed transform your wedding venue setting into a magical dream where you would want to begin your happily-ever-after with the love of your life. Fairy lights are considerably less expensive and will set the tone right for your celebrations. 


Centrepieces - Go for minimal centrepieces for your wedding that not only look refreshing and beautiful but will also not block the view of the stage when you're sitting and enjoying the festivities. 


Seasonal choices - Every season has different flowers that you can include in your wedding decorations. They are not only readily available but looks so wonderful. 


Vocal for local - Instead of getting exotic flowers imported from abroad, you can choose all the vibrant varieties available in the city. This will surely cut back on your transport costs. 


DIY-All-The-Way - DIY is all the trend, especially for weddings. Creating something yourself and including that as a part of your wedding decorations will not only make your ceremonies one of a kind but memorable for all your guests.


Almost real - You can also choose to include artificial flowers and foliages in your wedding decoration. They look almost real, and here you will not have to worry about the flowers dying too soon or looking bad after a few hours. 

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Frequently Asked Questions in Florists in Kolkata

Which flowers would florists in Kolkata use?

Florists will use only the fresh and available flowers at the last minute. But you must let them know about the theme that you want for your wedding functions and the type of flowers that you are looking to incorporate, for them to deliver their best.

How much would a florist in Kolkata charge?

The cost for florists will depend on the functions that they are covering. The price for an indoor decoration can range from INR 25,000 and can go up to around INR 2,00,000 or more. Similarly, the florists in Kolkata can also provide you with outdoor decoration packages with a cost that ranges from INR 50,000 and can go up to 3,00,000 or more depending on their experience and expertise.

Where can you find professional florists in Kolkata?

You can find the best florists in Kolkata from the comfort of your home by visiting the WeddingWire India website or downloading the app today.

What should you discuss with your florist in Kolkata?

It's best to discuss everything around your wedding with your florist in Kolkata before booking, like the theme you want, the flowers you need, your day and time of the event, their cancellation and availability policies and your decoration preferences.

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