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Wedding Gifts and Favours Hyderabad

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Marriage Gift For Bride or Groom In Hyderabad

Wedding ceremonies are one of the biggest celebrations in India and also one of the most significant ones. While there are a million reasons to look forward to weddings, wedding gifts have got to be somewhere on top of that list. People like exchanging gifts in general and if the occasion is as grand as an Indian wedding, the effect of gifts is heightened immediately. However, there are a lot of things that need to be sorted to find the perfect gift for a wedding.


First and foremost, you need to start looking for the perfect place from where you can pick your wedding gifts and wedding favours. WeddingWire India has an extensive list of gifting vendors who are here to provide you with impeccable services as well as a wide range of gifting options to pick from. Out of more than 1000 wedding gift vendors on board, there are so many who provide best marriage gifts in Hyderabad. The WeddingWire India app allows you to check the prices and other options and pick the providers for the best wedding gifts in Hyderabad right from your homes. 


Apart from the couple receiving wedding gifts, couples and their families also shower their guests with tokens of appreciation in the form of wedding favours. The question remains the same for both the cases - “What will they want or like?” Learn everything about wedding gifts in Hyderabad and wedding favours ensuring that you make an informed decision right from the start. Be it the wedding budget, gifts under 1000 rupees, personalised gifts or a gift that leaves an impression to remember you by - you have come to the right place. WeddingWire India is your one-stop solution to find a gift that is perfect!


How to find the vendors who provide the best wedding gifts in Hyderabad?

  • WeddingWire India enlists a variety of options who are ready to provide you with wedding gifts in Hyderabad. Each storefront includes all the details that are necessary for you to shortlist the ideal vendors and gift options.
  • Hyderabad is a big city in the state of Telangana. If you have picked your wedding venue in Hyderabad, you might want to hire a wedding gift provider near your venue itself. For this, you can utilise the region filter and narrow the horizons by picking particular localities and sectors within Hyderabad like wedding gifts in Ameerpet , Banjara Hills, Kondapur and so on. 
  • Once you have filtered the available options by location, you will see a list of vendors who provide wedding gifts in those particular areas in the city that will pop up on your screen. You can now sort out the options based on whether you would like to get edible gifts on non-edible gifts. Yes, right from chocolates and handmade sweets to succulents and figurines/idols - you will get it all sorted right away.
  • The pricing filter for edible gifts allows you to pick a price per kg bracket in the filters whereas the non-edible gifts have a price per unit filter. Pick the filter that suits you best.
  • Prices for both edible and non-edible wedding gifts in Hyderabad start at around INR 100 and can go up to INR 2000 or more. The wide variety of options available with a wide range of prices are sure to leave you spoilt for choice. 
  • You can now move on to read the reviews of the vendors you have shortlisted and then get an appointment to figure out whether or not the particular vendor providing wedding gifts in Hyderabad is apt for your big day or not.


Types of wedding gifts in Hyderabad for couples

Wedding gifts need not be extravagant or one that necessarily burns a hole in your pocket. Gifts are reminders of love and blessings. So be it a token of appreciation for your guests in the form of return gifts or be it a gift you pick for the couple as your blessing - you must put in sufficient time and thoughts to pick it right.

Here are some ideas for the various types of wedding gifts in Hyderabad for millennial couples:

    • Edible gifts: There is no cap when it comes to picking edible gifting options. From beautifully packaged sweet savouries and snacks to made-to-order chocolates - the mithai ka dabba is probably one of the most significant and indispensable gifts at weddings in India.
    • Non-edible gifts: This is the category of gifts that includes a wide range of options. Right from personalised jewellery boxes to jewellery itself; electrical appliances and even furniture for the couples to set up their new home after marriage - non-edible gifts come in a plethora of shapes and sizes, utilities and aesthetic. You must identify the requirements and taste of the couple before picking a non-edible gift.


  • Personalised Gifts: Do not rush into picking a wedding gift for couple and end up picking something off the racks. Quite often these run-off-the-mill gifts do not hold any real sentimental value to the couple despite their price tags. Personalized gifts are the key to make your emotions leave a lasting impression on the couple as they embark on their new journey. Quality over quantity is the key to finding the perfect wedding gift for couples.



Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Gifts in Hyderabad

Do we get wedding favours in Hyderabad under INR 500?

Yes, there are a variety of vendors enlisted with us on our app/website. You will surely find wedding gifts in Hyderabad in your budget.

Will the wedding gifts vendors in Hyderabad charge a delivery fee for doorstep deliveries?

Most wedding gift vendors in Hyderabad quote a price that is inclusive of shipping or delivery too. However, you must ask for a proper budget breakdown of the quoted price to understand better and get clarity.

Can we order gifts from a different state?

There are certain wedding gift vendors in Hyderabad who are ready to deliver wedding gifts in other cities too. You need to confirm with the wedding gifts vendor in Hyderabad you have in mind.

What is the best wedding return gift for millennials?

There are a variety of gifts that millennials like and appreciate. For instance, plants/succulents and such sustainable gifts are making their way into the wedding gifts scene. You can also pick figurines and so on for home decor.

Who is the best provider of wedding gifts in Hyderabad?

There are a plethora of options available if you are looking for the best wedding gifts in Hyderabad.Almond House, Kaira gift world, Gift 2 Greet, Ozel Bir Sey and so on are some popular names that are looked up.

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