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Wedding Astrologers Hyderabad

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Find the Best Astrologers in Hyderabad

One of the sprawling cities of Southern India, Hyderabad is famous for its rich history and heritage. This city of Nawabs paints the perfect picture of old world charm coexisting with modern advancements. You can spot gorgeous glass buildings, beautiful gardens, shopping malls and whatnot in this metropolis. Hyderabad has many names due to its multifaceted features, like ‘City of Pearls’, ‘City of Nawabs’, the ‘Biryani City’ as well as ‘Cyberabad’. It is also a wonderful destination to host your wedding celebrations that you and your guests will remember for life.


A couple has to plan a lot of things around their wedding. With so much to do and so many things to tick off your wedding checklist, don’t forget to find a trusted astrologer before you start planning your big day. Astrologers are experts who study your birth charts and planetary positions to depict your horoscope and make predictions about your future. Consulting an astrologer before your wedding is one of the major steps in an Indian wedding as they provide auspicious dates and favourable time for the couple to tie the knot and bring them good fortune. Confused about how to find the perfect astrologer in Hyderabad for your wedding? Worry not, as WeddingWire India brings to you the ideal solution. Explore the world of astronomy and all the services that an astrologer in Hyderabad can offer you sitting right from the comfort of your home. Visit the WeddingWire India website or download the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App store right away.


Find your wedding astrologer in Hyderabad with WeddingWire India


Hyderabad is a big city with multiple areas and locations. To find an astrologer in Hyderabad around your home or venue, choose the locations mentioned on the WeddingWire India website/app. This will create a preferred list of astrologers in Hyderabad as per your preferences and required locality. Any location within the city can be explored and you can find your perfect choice right from the comfort of your home. As Indian weddings are filled with different functions, consulting with an astrologer provides favourable solutions for all of them. The price that they charge can depend on the number of tasks that they will be performing. The price range for a pandit in Bangalore can start from around INR 2,000 and can go up to around INR 15,000 or more. Their price will also depend on their experience and expertise. You can select the filter for the price range as well to find an astrologer in Hyderabad within your wedding budget.


Each astrologer listed on WeddingWire India has their own store page with details on the services that they can provide for your wedding ceremony, along with images or videos hosting rituals for weddings in the past. You can also read reviews written by real couples who have hired the services of these astrologers in Hyderabad. Their honest feedback will definitely help you make the right decision. . Some of the services that an astrologer can provide you include Vedic astrology that is rooted in ancient scriptures, Palmistry where they can predict the future by studying the lines on your hands, Kundali Milan to help you choose the right life partner as per your birth charts, relationship advice as well as career advice to help you live a life of contentment and happiness.


Things to consider while booking an astrologer in Hyderabad


Even the minute details around a wedding are carefully planned and organised, so why not choose an astrologer who is experienced,well-versed in your regional customs and rituals and quite knowledgeable. There are few things that you should keep in mind and consider while booking an astrologer in Hyderabad:


  • An astrologer should be proficient in their field of expertise and have knowledge of astronomy so that they can provide accurate predictions for you.
  • In the case of destination weddings, astrologers in Hyderabad can also travel to your preferred location but you need to inquire about the same beforehand to avoid any miscommunication and last minute hassles. 
  • Always inquire about the additional elements that an astrologer would require from you. They can ask for information regarding your birth time, birth charts, Kundali etc which will help them to answer your queries correctly. 
  • Some astrologers can even provide you with gemstones and remedies to help solve any problems that you are facing. To ensure that these issues are rectified in the best manner possible, provide as much information as you can.
  • Astrologers can be booked well in advance for consultations so that you have ample time to discuss your and your partner’s queries with them. Their consultations can be availed in person or through the phone as well and through video chats these days.
  • Astrologers work in a wide range of fields like Vastu consultation, Numerology reports, Remedial Horoscope, Future query resolution and much more that you can inquire about and choose as per your needs and requirements. 
  • Always choose an astrologer that has good experience and expertise so that they can provide you with quality services and there is little to no scope of any inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions in Astrologers in Hyderabad

How much does an astrologer in Hyderabad cost?

The price that they charge can depend on the number of tasks that they will be performing. The price range for an astrologer in Hyderabad can start from around INR 2,000 and can go up to around INR 15,000 or more. Their price will also depend on their experience and expertise.

Which services can an astrologer in Hyderabad provide?

Some of the services that an astrologer can provide include your Vastu consultation, Numerology reports, Remedial Horoscope, Future query resolution, Vedic astrology, Palmistry, Kundali matchmaking, relationship advice, career advice and much more.

How soon should I book an astrologer in Hyderabad?

During wedding seasons and auspicious months, the demand for an astrologer is very high. It is, therefore, best to book an astrologer in Hyderabad months in advance to avoid any last-minute booking hassles. You can inquire about the consultation timings for an astrologer and book an appointment. Astrologers usually provide their consultation in person, through telephone as well as through video chats.

Can an astrologer in Hyderabad travel for destination weddings?

Pandits can travel and perform your wedding in different cities as well but this solely depends on the pandit itself if they are willing to travel or not. You can find an astrologer in almost every city but if you have a particular family astrologer, then you should inquire about their travel plans well in advance and before booking. If an astrologer agrees to travel for your destination wedding, you would have to cover the travel and accommodation charges for him and any of his assistants that accompany him.

Where can I find an astrologer in Hyderabad?

The most tried and tested way of finding a pandit for your wedding is by asking around and looking for them in the nearest temple. But WeddingWire India can provide you with the best way of finding an astrologer in Hyderabad. By visiting the website, you can explore various options, and choose the one that suits you best. It is still advisable to meet your choice of an astrologer in Hyderabad once before booking so that you can inquire about their services and talk about how you would like your wedding ceremony to be performed.

Can I find a female astrologer in Hyderabad?

Absolutely yes. There are many female astrologers in the city. You can search and explore and choose the best one that suits your requirements. Some of the areas that you can explore with female astrologers include Tarot card reading, Tea and coffee leaves readings etc.

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