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Pavitra's, Jodhpur

From ₹2,150
600 to 10000

Hotel Garden Villa

From ₹400
100 to 150

Shiva Hotel

From ₹550
700 to 1500

Six Sense, Jodhpur

From ₹350
8 to 200

Hotel Niky International

From ₹4,000
35 to 200

Hotel Shagun Palace

From ₹400
50 to 150

Hotel Rajputana Palace

From ₹900
200 to 1000

Hotel Omni Plaza

From ₹180
50 to 200

Odhani Restaurant & Cafe

From ₹200
50 to 80

White House Event, Jodhpur

From ₹500
700 to 1000

Singhatiya Garden

From ₹350
300 to 1500


From ₹450
10 to 50

Hotel AR Excellency

From ₹300
15 to 70

The Spice Route, Jodhpur

From ₹300

Mapple Abhay

From ₹250
25 to 225

Hotel Imperial Plaza, Jodhpur

From ₹251
3000 to 4000

Mango Hotels, Ratanada

From ₹700
70 to 170

Sisodia Marriage Garden

From ₹1,100
400 to 2000

Hotel City Square, Jodhpur

From ₹700
50 to 150

Lords Inn Jodhpur

From ₹550
1 to 50


From ₹450
25 to 100

Camp Thar Osian

1 promotion -15% Discount
From ₹1,500
1000 to 2000

Sumangal Marriage Garden, Jodhpur

From ₹1,000
500 to 3500

Parshva Paradise Garden

From ₹1,000
500 to 2000

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Wedding Venues Jodhpur - Find the Best

Often couples want to tie the knot in a land as dreamy as the love between them. Come to think of a place close to your dreamy love? Rajasthan’s blue city Jodhpur is a perfect destination wedding venue with palaces, forts and mesmerising lakes playing testimony to your royal wedding. This crystal ‘blue city’ remains the choice of those who desire a wedding that offers a unique experience of a far less exploited charm. Located on the edge of Thar desert, Jodhpur is still a hidden gem with a majestic charm of its own, for lovers who wish to have a wedding unlike any other. This city of azure abodes is undoubtedly quite the place for a dream destination wedding. If that doesn’t convince you, we’re here to remind you that this could be your own version of a ‘YJHD’ wedding ceremony. It’s time to let your bollywood-y wedding dreams come true and find a wedding venue in Jodhpur from WeddingWire India’s list of top rated resorts, hotels or marriage gardens in Jodhpur

Jodhpur is also the perfect destination for a one of a kind  pre wedding shoot. A wide variety of royal architecture stands tall across the land that renders freshness and can add a distinct Rajasthani flavour to your photoshoots. If you are planning to host your wedding here, browse through WeddingWire’s list of trusted wedding photographers in Jodhpur, who can also plan your pre-wedding shoot.  The blue city stays mostly sunny year-round which gives the city its second name, ‘the sun city’, making the wedding venues in Jodhpur well lit and a big hit on Instagram. Now who doesn’t want a wedding that’s perfectly instagrammable? More interestingly, Jodhpur has a city enclave airport that keeps the city well connected to other metropolitan cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi and Mumbai so that your guests find their way easily to your perfect wedding destination.

Download the WeddingWire India app right now from the Play Store or the App Store, or log in to the website for hassle free wedding planning. WeddingWire India caters to all needs while you have the time of your life! All you have to do is log in to the WeddingWire India app or the website on your mobile device and you can access a wide range of quality wedding venues that Jodhpur has to offer. 

How to find the perfect Wedding Venue in Jodhpur?

Kickstart your royal nuptials in the land of the maharajas by following our tricks and tips to find a suitable wedding venue in Rajasthan’s second largest city by land—Jodhpur, amongst a wide range of options available with us at WeddingWire India. Here’s your plan of action to select a wedding venue in Jodhpur: 

  • Make a list of your non-negotiables: date, place of choice, estimated wedding budget, and your guest-list
  • Decide the type of wedding you want. 
  • Decide the kind of wedding venue you require. WeddingWire India offers you a range of venues such as Banquet Halls, Hotels, Marriage Gardens, Resorts and Destination Weddings, Wedding Lawns and Farmhouses, etc to choose from depending on the choice of wedding you want. 
  • Pick a venue and assess your requirements.
  • Recce your selected venue to ensure it meets your requirements.
  • Proceed the rest of the planning with your preferred vendor on WeddingWire India—India’s most trusted one spot wedding planning solution. 
  • You can enjoy your wedding with the quality of calm without losing out on the celebratory ambience that you will find in almost all the wedding venues in Jodhpur enlisted on the WeddingWire India app and website. The WeddingWire website and app offer a range of filters to make your journey of searching the perfect wedding venue smooth. WeddingWire India facilitates your wedding planning by connecting you with a multitude of wedding professionals who are A grade experts in their fields. You will find a minimum of 8 categories of filters on the search page for wedding venues that you can apply to easily find out the wedding venue of your desire in and around Jodhpur. Try including all your choices under each category of filter such as Region, Category of required search, Types of Service, Location, Per plate cost, Capacity, Venue type etc. to land up on your best match for wedding venues in Jodhpur. 

    Types of Wedding Venues in Jodhpur 

    WeddingWire India offers you a range of venues like - 

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    Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Venues in Jodhpur

    Which are the top Venues in Jodhpur?

    Which services are provided by wedding venues in Jodhpur?

    Wedding venues in Jodhpur offer quality hospitality services to make your wedding a grand success and a thing to remember. Some venues in Jodhpur provide multi-event space, valet parking, service staff, guest accommodation, in-housing catering availability, a wide range of sumptuous cuisine, and enlisted decor vendors. Services often vary from venue to venue and it is best to contact your venue and understand their service policies.

    What is the best time to book a wedding venue in Jodhpur?

    It’s always advised to book your wedding venue as soon as your wedding date is fixed and your guest list is finalized. In Jodhpur, wedding places get booked really quickly. So make sure you book yours at the earliest possible time.

    Do Jodhpur wedding venues allow outside vendors?

    This is strictly up to each wedding venue’s policies and it normally varies. While some wedding venues may allow outside vendors, there are some that do not. WeddingWire India suggests checking with your venue of choice and clarifying doubts regarding such policies.

    What should be the approximate venue budget for a destination wedding in Jodhpur?

    Destination wedding in Jodhpur depends on the number of pax, services and choice of venue. Normally rental only pricing range per day is ₹3,00,000 and more. It is best suggested to take it up with the venue and confirm the approximate venue budget.

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