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Price from ₹35000

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DJ Manish is a DJ based out of SP Road in Hyderabad city and is available to provide you with flawless services at your wedding celebrations. Music is one of the most important aspects of your wedding and it is a non-negotiable part of the whole celebrations that will add more fun and glamour to your wedding. It is not only for the fun part but it even enhances the ambience of the wedding with some rocking beats and a variety of versatile music.

Services Offered

DJ Manish is a professional musician who understands the spirit and ambience of the crowd he is playing in and makes sure to keep your guests entertained at all times. You can call him in for some jazzy beats to show off the thumkas or maybe some slow tunes to sit back, relax and sip on to some exotic drinks as the cocktails are on and you can also put on the hottest tunes from the chartbusters to dance your shoes off to, DJ Manish will do it all for you.

He has been in the music industry for 30 years now and he had started off playing as a professional DJ when he was a 19 year old. With time he has gained more confidence and he has also delivered flawless services in the field at many occasions and you will know it when he delivers his art at your functions to mesmerise the crowds and make your wedding memory with good music playing in the background.

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    From 35,000

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    Bollywood, punjabi, other

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  • What is your base location for providing services?
  • Which forms of payment do you accept?
    Credit card
    Bank card
    Bank transfer (NEFT)
    Mobile wallet
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    No refund policy
  • Which year did you/your company professionally start DJ-ing events?
    15 years

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