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Bridal Makeup Artists Kanpur

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Apart from being a stunning metropolis and the largest city of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is known as the ‘Leather capital’ of the country. With the gorgeous scenic view of colonial architecture and well-maintained gardens, it is the perfect location for your wedding. Kanpur is also home to some of the best bridal makeup artists who can wave their magic brushes and provide you with an enchanting makeover for your big day. Explore their world of skill, talent and beauty and choose the best for your bridal transformation.

Find more than 7000 professional makeup artists listed on WeddingWire India, and an impressive list of top and trusted bridal makeup artists in Kanpur. Every bride wishes to look her most beautiful self at her wedding and therefore has to choose a team of makeup artists that not only provide her with the best services but also ensure that all her requirements are matched for a comfortable experience. You will not only find skilled professionals from different parts of the city but also the varying services that you can choose from not only for your wedding but other celebrations too. Plan your wedding without any hassle with the WeddingWire India app and website that you can download from the App Store or Play Store.

Find the perfect solution for makeup artists in Kanpur with WeddingWire India

WeddingWire India has drawn up an extensive list of wonderful makeup artists in the city that provide expert services to all their clients by ensuring that they look breathtaking on their big day. Kanpur is a sprawling metropolis and finding the right makeup artist for you can be a difficult task. But you would not need to worry about it or be confused about all the choices that are available in the city. Your perfect solution is just a click away with WeddingWire India. With the app and website’s filter option, you can select the specific location in Kanpur where you have booked the wedding venues in kanpur and shortlist professional makeup artists in the area. You can explore bridal makeup artists by going through their unique descriptions, photos of previous work, videos about how they work and even reviews by the clients they have worked with, and choose the one that suits you best.

WeddingWire India has a filter option for prices as well so that you are able to find the right makeup artist in Kanpur within your budget. The price of booking a bridal makeup artist in the city can range from around INR 5,000 and can go up to around INR 40,000. You can select your price range bracket as per your preference. While brides are definitely the centre of attention for all the wedding ceremonies, these celebrations are also very important events for their best friends, sisters and other family members. All the makeup artists in Kanpur that are listed with WeddingWire India also provide party makeup for the brides’ close family and friends. The price for party makeup can range from around INR 2,500 and can go up to around INR 30,000. Brides all around get a single shot to fulfil their dream wedding look and therefore hiring a professional that can provide her with an elegant and flawless look becomes a little too necessary. The makeup artists in the city can provide you with a package full of bridal services that you can choose as per your preferences and even customize to suit your requirements. Some of the services that every makeup artist can offer you as a part of a bridal makeup package include hairstyling as per the popular trends, draping your wedding outfit, accessories like colourful eye lenses and eyelashes as well as hair and nail extensions to complete your look.

Trendy Bridal Makeup styles to explore

With time, makeup has become an art of expression, where the blank canvas of a face is transformed into a masterpiece by expert professionals. For weddings as well, there are a lot of makeup trends that you can explore but be always sure about what can suit you best. Some of the popular makeup trends include:

  • Regular/ Traditional Makeup - You can play it safe with light makeup that is done with a range of regular makeup brushes and blenders. There is not a lot of layering done here which makes it perfect for summer weddings.
  • Airbrush Makeup - Done with a hand-held air gun, this kind of makeup is very lightweight. The foundation base is sprayed on the face to create a smooth look. The best advantage of airbrush makeup is that it’s long-lasting and wouldn’t require any touch-ups throughout your ceremonies
  • .
  • High-Definition Makeup - HD makeup can provide you with a flawless matte look that is non-cakey up close. All the products used for this kind of makeup are high-end and will blend in your skin and highlight your facial features to provide a more natural look. It will hide all your blemishes and dark spots and make you look radiant at all times.
  • Popular makeup techniques provided by makeup artists in Kanpur

    While some makeup looks can seem experimental, it’s worth taking a risk and trying. Some of the trendy makeup techniques that you can keep an eye out for or try for your wedding are:
  • Natural Dewy - While you would be wearing a gorgeous lehenga and heavy jewellery, some of you might also want to ask your makeup artist in Kanpur to go light on your bridal makeup. To avoid an overall heavy look, you can choose a more soft and dewy makeup, known as a glass skin look for a flawless appearance.
  • Shimmer Bliss - Weddings are all about the glitz, glamour and a grand celebration where the bride would want to look her best. You can choose a shimmer eyeshadow, basic or colourful with nude lip colour and ask your makeup artists to tie the whole look together. You can even choose a highlighter to accentuate your facial features and get a glowing look.
  • Monochromatic - For any day function, you can choose a light makeup look with pink lips, cheeks and eyeshadow. There are certain colours that can suit your skin more than the others and you can get your makeup artists to create a perfect look for you using them.
  • Matte-All-The-Way - Perfect for summer weddings, matte makeup can give an impression of poreless skin and a pristine look. Associated with a dry and powdery look, it hides away all the shine and oil from the face to give a porcelain doll appearance.
  • Mineral - As the name suggests, this kind of makeup is done by products made with substances from the earth rather than synthetic products. As mineral makeup products have gentle ingredients, these products are best for sensitive skin. Also, they are non-comedogenic, which means better skin health for you.
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    Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Makeup Artists in Kanpur

    How can WeddingWire India help you in hiring the best makeup artists in Kanpur?

    WeddingWire India has a list of expert makeup professionals on its website that you can explore and choose as per your requirements. The filtering options will help you choose the area, price range as well as services that you are looking for and shortlist makeup artists that will be the perfect fit for you.

    What type of services are included in bridal makeup packages in Kanpur?

    Every makeup artist can provide you with a bridal makeup package with a list of services that you can choose and customise. Some basic services offered by every makeup artist and studio include bridal makeup, hairstyle, draping and accessories like eyelashes, eye lenses etc.

    Do professional makeup artists in Kanpur provide a free makeup trial?

    There is always an additional fee for makeup trials but you can always ask a makeup artist about how they work. If you book them for your wedding, you can negotiate a complimentary makeup trial.

    Does the makeup artist stay back at the location for any touch ups required during the event?

    Makeup artists usually don’t stay back after their work is done. But you can enquire about the same at the time of your booking and pay a little extra for the same if you require a makeup artist for touchups throughout your event.

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