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Wedding Photographers Aurangabad

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Best Wedding Photographer in Aurangabad

Recognized as the Tourist district of the country, Aurangabad is one of the primaeval cities of India. Situated in the northern part of Maharashtra, it attracts countless international and local tourists due to its notable tourist spots. It is the home to two world heritage monuments - the Ajanta and Ellora caves. Apart from that, Aurangabad is known for its classical structures and a large tray of spectacular art. The city cradles ancient monuments like Bibi Ka Maqbara, the tomb of Aurangazeb’s wife Rabia Durani and the Gates of Aurangabad, giving the name ‘City of Gates’. The Aurangabad caves are breathtaking, with carvings of religious significance and exquisite paintings and interiors. Besides the ancient structures and the fascinating caves, the metropolis is beaded with famous heritage collections like woodwork, Paithani sarees and different varieties of paan. Aurangabad is known for its historical, religious, cultural and national significance. It has seen incredible industrial development and is one of the fastest-growing cities globally. 


Indian weddings have numerous traditions and events that are tedious to plan out. A couple has a lot to note while planning their wedding and plentiful decisions to make. They can get caught up while deciding the right venue for the wedding, the perfect decorators who can set the dream theme, the best caterers to serve delicious food and creative photographers to capture the best memories of that special day. 


Aurangabad is a beautiful place to have your dream wedding conducted. If you find it hard to find a suitable wedding photographer in Aurangabad for your wedding, do not fear because we got you covered. WeddingWire India has the best solution for you. You can explore numerous wedding photographers from the comfort of your home with just a few clicks. Know everything you need to know about each photographer in Aurangabad by visiting the website or downloading the WeddingWire India app from the App Store or Play Store. 


With a plethora of wedding photographers in Aurangabad enlisted by WeddingWire India, you can find the perfect photographer for your celebrations. Each of these wedding photographers on board have storefronts on the app or website with detailed descriptions about how they work and the services they provide. You can explore their portfolios including the pictures they have clicked and videos they have taken to display their aesthetic and talents. Apart from this, feedback from their previous clients are added for you to make an informed decision. With so many locations and price ranges, you can use the filter provided and narrow down your options to fit your wedding budget easily.

The best wedding photographers in Aurangabad provide affordable and appealing wedding photography packages from which you can choose as per your budget and even customise according to your needs. The price packages vary on the number of days you have booked for. If you are planning to book a photographer for a 1 Day wedding shoot, the price range starts from around INR 25000 and can go to more than INR 400000. If you are planning to book multiple events for your wedding, you have the 3 Day Wedding Package. The price range starts from around INR 45000 and can shoot up to around INR 800000. You can also choose wedding photographers only for your pre-wedding photoshoot, which would only vary from INR 25000 to around INR 75000.

Wedding photographers in Aurangabad offer different kinds of photography services like

  • Candid photography
  • Drone photography
  • Traditional photography
  • Photobooths
  • Live Screening 
  • Cinematography


The wedding photographers in Aurangabad are creative and come with out of the box ideas to give you the best pictures for your wedding album. As Indian weddings have multiple traditions and events, you can avail of special services for respective occasions. You can avail of their services for occasions like engagement, pre-wedding, wedding ceremony, mehndi and sangeet, post-wedding and reception and much more. You can easily suggest and enquire and choose according to your budget. It is everyone's wish to capture those emotional moments from their wedding to remember for a lifetime. These professional photographers from Aurangabad can surprise you with their skills to capture amazing candid photographs of the people on your guest list who are attending the wedding. 


Things to keep in mind while choosing a wedding photographer in Aurangabad

Choosing a wedding photographer is crucial when you want to capture the best moment so that you can look back and enjoy it. Hence, these are some of the factors you need to remember when you are booking a wedding photographer:


Availability: Wedding photographers generally have a fixed schedule and could have various time constraints - especially during Saaya dates. You must choose a photographer from Aurangabad at the earliest, notify them and confirm their services well in advance. This is to ensure no discrepancies happen and that you get to hire the best photographer of your choice without any clashes.


Budget: Budget is a very important factor that can influence your choice of photographer. Once you allocate a budget, accordingly you can filter out your options and choose the best wedding photographers in Aurangabad. 


Reviews: You can go through previous works like photographs and videos to have an idea of what to expect when you pick them. On WeddingWire, each photographer has a detailed portfolio displayed on their storefronts to help you explore and compare. Feedback from previous clients is also listed along with their portfolios, helping you make the right decision. 


Experience: You must remember that any experience given by a particular wedding photographer can affect the way your wedding photographs turn out to be. Experienced photographers know their way to establish a good rapport to ensure that they read your moments right for good photographs and even greater candids. 


Style: While choosing a wedding photographer you must ensure that you choose one that matches the style or the theme of your wedding. You can experiment with different styles and suggest some unique ideas to the photographer such as traditional photographs, candids, drone shots, monochrome etc. 


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Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Photographers in Aurangabad

How much does the average wedding photographer in Aurangabad charge?

Wedding photographers in Aurangabad charge depending on the number of events covered and the equipment included. On average, they charge from around INR 45000 to around INR 700000. You can always enquire about the kind of photography services offered and choose what is best for you.

What are the different time packages that are offered in Aurangabad?

Photographers in Aurangabad provide different wedding shoot packages and charge accordingly. They have the 1 Day package where they capture the moments of your wedding and the 3 Day package which includes mehndi/sangeet/pre-wedding shoot, the wedding and the reception. They also provide packages for specific occasions at affordable rates. You can always contact the particular photographer to know more details about the different occasions included in the package.

Are photo editing services provided by wedding photographers?

All wedding photographers in Aurangabad ensure that they not only photograph the sentimental memories of your wedding but also elegantly edit them and give them in album forms.

How can I get a discount on wedding photography packages in Aurangabad through WeddingWire India?

While exploring the list of wedding photographers in Aurangabad on the WeddingWire India website or app, you can see the promotions and offers they offer. You can enquire and negotiate a deal with your selected photographer at the time of booking to avail of those discounts. You can even negotiate the packages as per your convenience.

Are photo booths provided by wedding photographers?

Some of the best wedding photographers in Aurangabad Boardinghouse offer services like a photo booth. You can check out the list of services provided by each photography company on the WeddingWire India website or ask them directly if they can make arrangements.

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