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Aadya Farms Leisure Park

From ₹750
200 to 1000

Gold coins club & Resort

From ₹1,000
50 to 2000

Conrad Bengaluru

2 promotions -30% Discount
From ₹2,000
10 to 1000

Fiestaa Resort n Events Venue

From ₹800
15 to 1500

Goldfinch Retreat, Bengaluru

1 promotion -15% Discount
From ₹750
25 to 1000

The Tamarind Tree

50 to 2000


From ₹850
500 to 1500

Evolve Back Resorts

From ₹2,500
50 to 180

Golden Amoon Resort and Spa

From ₹1,500

Fantasy Golf Resort Inn

From ₹2,500
100 to 1500

Goldfinch Retreat

From ₹900
100 to 500

Dyaanin - A Rejuvenation Resort

1 promotion -10% Discount
From ₹750
800 to 5000

Tulips Resorts, Bangalore

From ₹1,000

Imera Spa & Resorts

1 promotion -5% Discount
From ₹1,000
70 to 1000

Aalankrita Resorts

From ₹1,000
25 to 1200

Jade 735 - Retreat By Design

From ₹600
2 to 50

Ramanashree California Resort

1 promotion -5% Discount
From ₹450
30 to 1000

Ambara Retreat

From ₹1,400
50 to 800

Wonderla Resort

From ₹1,500
50 to 250

Ramee Guestline Hotels & Resort, Bangalore

1 promotion -30% Discount
From ₹600
450 to 2500

Eagle Ridge Resort, Bangalore

From ₹1,400

Surabhi Villa, Bangalore

1 promotion -5% Discount
From ₹650
50 to 200

Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre

From ₹1,000
50 to 1000

Ivy Rossa Resort

From ₹1,000
200 to 2000

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Destination Wedding in Bangalore

Bangalore! The name conjures up images of serene lakes, ancient trees and beautiful gardens, as well as refreshing showers on a hot summer day. It is not just its beauty but also the opportunities it offers that draw people to the 'Garden City of India' in the heart of Karnataka. Officially known as Bengaluru, Bangalore is the capital of the state of Karnataka and is one of the largest cities in India. Bangalore is a picturesque city with Bangalore Palace, Cubbon Park, Lalbagh Botanical Garden, Hesaraghatta Lake, Snow City, and M Chinnaswamy Stadium awe-inspiring attractions of the city. Also known as ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ Bangalore became a key centre for high-tech industries, start-ups, and multinational companies such as Infosys and Wipro from the late twentieth century. Along with pleasant summers and mild winters, Bangalore is also a major educational hub in Southern India with notable institutions. No matter where you are from, Bangalore's charm and welcoming spirit can connect you to the city and make you say, "Namma Bengaluru."

Owing to India’s vast cultures, traditions, and customs, there are different kinds of marriages in India based on region, religion, community, and the personal preferences of the bride and groom. What remains the same is the enthusiasm, love, and joy amidst the wedding journey. Weddings in India are like no other. Weddings in India are no less than a festival among themselves. It is the festival of the union of two souls until death does them apart. A wedding ceremony is a time when friends and family join the bride and groom to wish them a lifetime of love and precious memories. The newlyweds gather their blessings and embark on the journey of a lifetime of affection and togetherness. 

As much fun as Indian weddings are, a lot of time and sincere effort goes into planning a flawless wedding, and such weddings need a plethora of vendors and excellent management. It starts with finalising a spacious and elegant venue and moves on to finest catering, skilled photographers and decorators, and much more. When it comes to a destination wedding in Bangalore, choosing the perfect venue to host the wedding becomes the most crucial decision in the entire wedding planning process. To make decision-making easier for you not only in selecting the right venue but other wedding services as well, WeddingWire India is here to your rescue. With WeddingWire India, you will have personal online assistance that will help you with your wedding services from the comfort of your home. Enter the world of top-notch services available for your wedding by visiting the website or downloading the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App Store today.

For many years, Bangalore has served as the country's leading information technology hub. Furthermore, this metropolitan area has also become the most popular wedding destination in the country. Many banquet halls in Bangalore, wedding lawns in Bangalore, and mandaps are growing in number, so you can find some of the best wedding venues in Bangalore on a budget that will make your wedding memorable without having a huge impact on your wallet. So you need not worry! With excellent connectivity from anywhere in the country, a destination wedding in Bangalore is a fantastic idea. Here's a compilation of budget-friendly wedding venues in Bangalore by WeddingWire India that allow a unique wedding experience. Wedding venues can offer a lot for many people. Still, most of the time, it is about choosing the perfect wedding venue to host all your wedding rituals, functions, and ceremonies effectively. Bangalore offers a wide range of open-air wedding venues. Whether you're from Bangalore or not, these are always worth considering. 


Best time for a destination wedding in Bangalore:

The climate of Bangalore is mild year-round, and one can visit this magnificent city any time of the year. During September through February, however, the weather becomes even more pleasant in the city, making a destination wedding in Bangalore a most enjoyable experience. Bangalore is at its best during the winter months. It rarely freezes in winter, with the minimum temperature hovering around 10°C. During this time, sightseeing and outdoor activities are most enjoyable in Bangalore, with the lakes and gardens to explore.

What is the cost of a destination wedding in Bangalore?


Interested in finding out what it would cost you to have a decent destination wedding in Bangalore? Let's take a look at the breakdown. If you are planning a three-day destination wedding in Bangalore with a guest list of 150 plus people, the cost would be somewhere in the range of 20-50 lakh. However, it depends significantly on the venue, the number of days, and the number of guests attending.


  • Venue: Your wedding venue plays a crucial role in determining your wedding budget. Choosing the same place for all your celebrations will surely help you save some money. Depending on the scale of your celebration and your budget, you can easily find a wide variety of budget and luxury hotels and resorts in Bangalore. 


  • Number of days: Ideally, a destination wedding in Bangalore will last for three days. Try to include as many rituals and functions in each day so that you can finish the celebration in the shortest amount of time. The longer the festival takes, the higher the cost of the celebration.


  • Guest list: Typically, close family members and friends attend destination weddings. If you are planning a budget wedding, then the number of guests you invite shouldn't exceed 100-150. However, if you do not have any financial restrictions, you can ask as many people as you wish.


  • Budget estimates can also be influenced by other factors affecting your weddings, such as the wedding planner, photographer, makeup artist, or caterer. WeddingWire India has a lot of wedding vendors from all over the country. You can easily search vendors based on various categories, filter them based on your requirements, check reviews, and book them directly from the portal.

What are the best ways to save money on a destination wedding in Bangalore?


Weddings in palaces have become the most popular trend over the past few years, and it isn't going anywhere anytime soon. After all, what could be better than celebrating your wedding and taking a royal holiday at the same time? That doesn't mean you must spend more than you would otherwise. The following are tips for having a destination wedding in Bangalore on a budget:

  • Pick the right location - If you select a venue in Bangalore that is naturally beautiful, then you won't need to spend a lot on decor.
  • Select an off-season date for your wedding - One can't go wrong here. Off-seasons are the best times to get a good deal on all services. Moreover, you will have an increased chance of getting amazing discounts!
  • Book accommodation and events at the exact location - You'll be able to get better discounts due to bulk bookings, and transportation expenses will be lower. It will also save you a lot of time during the celebrations.
  • Make sure you book early - You have a better chance of finding a cheaper deal if you book sooner rather than later. Furthermore, bulk bookings will give you a better chance of success.
  • Keep your wedding itinerary simple - Don't overload your guests with back-to-back events. Organize a 1 to a 3-day wedding at most. Try to keep your guest list as short as possible. Approximately 50 - 100 people are recommended.
  • By choosing local dishes and drinks for the wedding, you can reduce the cost of food and beverages. Keep the menu modest in terms of the amount of food on it.


Frequently Asked Questions in Resorts & Destination Weddings in Bangalore

Do wedding resorts in Bangalore provide in-house decor?

There are various wedding resorts in Bangalore that provide in-house wedding decorators or provide you with a list of wedding decorators in Bangalore who work in collaboration with the resort. You can check these options out or speak to the venue and hire a wedding decorator of your own choice.

How much do venues for a destination wedding in Bangalore cost?

Most venues offer bookings on a price-per-plate basis, but some provide the rental price without catering. The price per plate for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals at venues for a destination wedding in Bangalore typically begins at INR 800 and can range up to INR 3,000 and more.

Will catering be included in the venue package?

If you have hired a wedding resort in Bangalore that provides you with in-house catering options, then the catering costs might be included in the package. However, that may not be the case in general. The catering costs are always added to the basic prices of booking a wedding resort in Bangalore.

Do venues for a destination wedding in Bangalore include decoration costs?

The resort packages usually include the costs of decoration. The list of impaneled decorators will be available to you when you make a booking. The majority of venues will have a list of decorators that they can recommend.

Are there any wedding resorts in Bangalore that are located in the city?

There are various wedding resorts and destination wedding venues located in Bangalore. While some of them are located in the outskirts of the city, some wedding resorts are also located within the city or in the near vicinity. You can pick a location on the filter and find one that suits you best.

Are there rooms available in venues for a destination wedding in Bangalore?

For the bride and groom, most venues provide complimentary rooms for getting ready and finishing touches. You may include the price of accommodation in your booking package if you wish to book rooms.

Do the wedding resorts in Bangalore serve alcohol?

There are various wedding resorts in Bangalore that serve alcohol. However, each wedding resort in Bangalore has a different alcohol policy so you must check with the particular resorts in Bangalore.

What capacity should I look for while booking a venue for a destination wedding in Bangalore?

After finalizing your guest list, you will know what capacity you should be looking for in a wedding venue and find the perfect one. All your guests should be able to fit in the venue you choose. The recommended capacity is not more than 150 guests.

Are there AC wedding resorts in Bangalore?

Yes, there are many AC wedding resorts in Bengaluru where you can comfortably host your wedding ceremonies even in peak summers. However, the weather in Bangalore is pleasing throughout the year and you can even pick one of the non-AC wedding resorts in Bangalore.

Can venues for a destination wedding in Bangalore be booked for more than one day?

If there are no other bookings and you book well in advance, you may book the venue for as many days as you wish. There will be certain times when the resort is available, which you need to ask about when making the reservation.

Do wedding resorts in Bangalore have indoor event space?

Wedding resorts in Bangalore have indoor event space in the form of a banquet hall, a community hall, etc. Some of these wedding resorts in Bangalore also provide accommodation for your guests along with a bridal room. You can check with the venue in particular.

Is having a destination wedding in Bangalore a good idea?

For your destination wedding in Bangalore, a resort is the best choice simply because it is budget-friendly and gives you a vacation feeling. The surroundings at resorts are full of greenery, flowers, and a sense of serenity, which provides the wedding with an air of natural luxury. Bangalore has some of the best resorts you can find, even at a low price. They offer affordable rates and have unique concepts that make each resort stand out.

How many guests can be accommodated in a wedding resort in Bangalore?

The wedding resorts in Bangalore offer a variety of options when it comes to capacity. Some resorts can accommodate 50 guests and those that can accommodate 2000 or more guests. You can pick one according to your requirements.

How much do wedding resorts in Bangalore cost?

The packages offered by the wedding resorts in Bangalore can vary from under INR 500 to INR 2999 when it comes to their price per plate. You can negotiate the prices as per your requirement or get tailor-made packages.

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