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Bridal Makeup Artists Surat

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Bridal Makeup in Surat

You will sparkle at your wedding by collaborating with the best makeup artists in Surat.


With a blend of heritage and modern development, Surat is a wonderful place to hold your wedding. The city is known for being one of the fastest developing and textile capitals in the world. A major reason Surat is a recognized city for quality diamonds is its ability to cut, shape, and polish them. Many breathtaking structures and monuments can be seen in Surat, including its 16th century castle. Additionally, the city has a thriving art and handicraft scene. Besides having a unique style, they have a collection of various types of handicrafts such as ivory, wood, and tin. Surat is known for having delicious and varied street foods, making it a popular destination for travelers. Taking into account exquisite taste and food items from other states, it deserves its nickname of ‘foodie's paradise.'


Hosting a wedding in Surat will definitely be an impeccable affair. Right from finding the perfect bridal lehenga in Surat, a gorgeous piece of matching bridal jewellery in Surat to the right mehndi artist in Surat who can decorate your palms - a bride has to tick off so many things from the wedding checklist to ensure that the wedding is planned flawlessly. And on that lengthy checklist, finding a bridal makeup artist plays a pivotal part. With all eyes glued to the bride constantly, makeup sure has the capacity to make or break your bridal look. So hiring the top bridal makeup artist in Surat is of utmost significance. In fact, WeddingWire India comes with the most suitable options for bridal makeup artists in Surat. Visit the website today or download the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App store to explore the top-notch service providers and their portfolios. 


WeddingWire India has listed some of the best makeup artists in Surat and each of their storefronts are a collection of important information that is displayed for your convenience. So each makeup artist in Surat has a storefront enlisted on the WeddingWire India platform that contains images from their past work, the types of services they provide, their prices and so on. Feedback from previous clients is also included for you to get an idea of what to anticipate. 


With the best makeup artists in Surat, you can choose from appealing packages that meet your specific needs. These makeup artists offer a variety of services. The bridal makeup packages price range starts from around INR 10000 and it can go to more than INR 20000. The party makeup package refers to the bridal makeup for the party reception or any other event apart from the wedding and their prices start from around INR 5000 and can shoot up to INR 12000. There is also the family makeup package that entails the family members’ makeup. It mostly refers to the mother or immediate family relatives. The price range of the family package starts from around INR 3000 and can go up to more than INR 5000. 


Makeup artists in Surat provide an assortment of hair and makeup services for weddings. To ensure a healthy and beautiful makeover, they use high-quality and authentic makeup brands. Various kinds of services will be provided to ensure you look gorgeous at every ceremony. Some of the services offered by bridal makeup artists in Surat include regular makeup, HD makeup, airbrush makeup hairstyling, hair extensions, eye lenses, eye makeup and lashes, nail extensions, and garment draping. Some makeup artists are also fine with destination weddings and make sure you look stunning at your wedding at any place on the globe. 


Here are some factors to consider when hiring a makeup artist in Surat:


Throughout the wedding functions, the bride has many events and responsibilities on her mind, so she has to make her presence memorable and unique. Here are some things to consider before choosing your makeup artist in Surat:


Budget - When choosing a makeup artist, you should consider your wedding budget. Depending on your budget, you can find makeup artists within that range. There are a number of options and choices at WeddingWire India that will be perfect for you.


Portfolio - Get to know what kind of work the makeup artist specializes in by reviewing their portfolio. A review of past client feedback can also help you make the right choice. 


Experience - The experience that a bridal makeup artist has, affects the type of services and type of makeup that they will provide you with. In fact, with more experience these bridal makeup artists in Surat are usually able to provide impeccable services and makeup looks that will surely turn heads.  


Functions -  Owing to a multitude of events, you might have different bridal looks in mind for each and therefore you might need to pick different makeup artists for each event depending on their field of specialisation. You can even pick one makeup artist for all the days if their services include your requirements for the pre and post-wedding ceremonies too. It is best to hire a makeup artist as soon as possible and make sure that you won't have to change them later. A number of makeup artists in Surat charge separately for separate events or even include them as part of a wedding package. 


Quality - Since makeup products affect the skin, they need to be authentic and of the best quality. Discuss with the makeup artist the quality of the makeup and products used in the makeup look. Similarly, you can avoid products that contain ingredients that you are allergic to, if you are aware of the same.


Trial session - The makeup artist may perform a trial makeup session prior to the wedding in order to show you the makeup as it will look on the big day and make you feel comfortable. They can show you how they work and suggest styles you might like on your special day. Some makeup artists will offer you a makeup trial for free, while others will charge you. This is also a great time for you to build a rapport with the bridal makeup artist in Surat and get into the comfort zone or build on the trust which is very crucial.

Technique - Before hiring a makeup artist in Surat, you should discuss the technique they will use. The most popular techniques at the moment are HD, airbrush makeup, and traditional makeup. They would recommend products based on the type of skin you have, the hour of celebration, and what looks good on you.

Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Makeup Artists in Surat

Which makeup is better, traditional or Airbrush?

Airbrush makeup is comparatively much more expensive than traditional techniques of makeup, as it requires much more patience and precision. If you wish to choose airbrush makeup for your wedding, it is always best to choose an expert in the field who has enough experience. However, many brides have picked traditional makeup for the ceremonies and have had no complaints either.

How much does a bridal makeup artist in Surat charge?

Bridal makeup artists in Surat can charge between INR 5,000 to INR 40,000, depending on the makeup artist. The charges for bridal makeup and makeup for guests and bridesmaids can differ but you can choose from the list of services that they offer to create your own bridal package. You can work on a tailor-made package too if need be.

Will the bridal makeup artist in Surat provide hair accessories or do the clients have to get them?

Hairstyles are often an exclusive part of bridal makeup packages and most of the time, the hair accessories are provided by the makeup artist and the cost for the same is included within the overall cost - of their services include hairstyling too. However, if you wish to bring your own hair accessories, you can. It will be best to discuss this beforehand with your makeup artist.

Are bridal makeup artists in Surat willing to travel for a destination wedding?

All the bridal makeup artists in Surat are professionals that are willing to accompany you to your destination wedding as well. But it will be best to inform them about the wedding destination prior to booking as in many cases, the couples might have to cover the makeup artist’s travel and accommodation expenses as well.

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