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Banquet Halls Coimbatore

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Banquet Halls in Coimbatore

Tucked amidst the enveloping western ghats, Coimbatore is a panoramic city fondly known as Kovai. Perfect for a destination wedding, it is the second-largest city in Tamil Nadu, located on the banks of River Noyyal, surrounded by scenic beauty all around. From its supply of sweet Siruvani waters, heavenly Kovai Kutralam waterfalls, glittering Monkey falls, to Marudhamalai hills dotted with religiously and historically significant temples like Perur Pateeshwarar and Velliengiri render Coimbatore true beauty that is an amalgamation of modernity rooted in the city’s age-old culture and tradition. Coimbatore is not just heaven for its surrounding mountain ranges, sweet waters, gentle waterfalls but also a paradise with some of the best South Indian foods such as Nattu Kolli, Muttai Poriyal, Chengdu chicken, Jigarthanda, Puttu, etc. From temples that have withstood the test of times to buildings being built today, Coimbatore is constantly evolving as a city and civilization holding closely at its roots. As a rapidly growing economic and administrative hub of Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore houses many new and old industries, textile mills, and prestigious institutions. It is emerging as a strong center for Information technology as well. With such excellent facilities, a heavenly environment, and a breezy weather all year round, Coimbatore is a great place to be married at.


With its increasing urbanization, you can find some of the best wedding venues in Coimbatore, such as wedding hotels in Coimbatore, banquet halls in Coimbatore, resorts in Coimbatore, community halls, etc. If you’re looking for a wedding venue yourself, WeddingWire India suggests the top banquet halls in Coimbatore are a must for you to explore. As the name suggests, Banquet halls are an excellent fit for arranging big celebratory meals or throwing glamorous parties. In Coimbatore, there is no shortage of excellent quality banquet halls that are some of the best in Tamil Nadu. Your banqueting needs will surely be met here in Coimbatore, all you have to do is log on to the WeddingWire website or download the WeddingWire App on your mobile devices to learn more about the price, availability, location, etc. of the best banquet halls in Coimbatore.

Types of Banquet services: 

 Here’s a list of different banquet services that you can choose from on your wedding day. Many of these services are commonly used in many social events depending either on the type of menu or the size and extent of the event. Scroll up to start learning about the kinds of banquet services available in Coimbatore.


  • Buffet
  • A buffet is a banqueting service most commonly seen in everyday conferences, luncheons, birthday bashes, etc. There are stalls of food items lined up at a side of a venue passed by a queue of people serving themselves and returning to their table or seating of choice. Choosing buffets arranged by the wedding venues itself is a perfect decision for huge gatherings. It saves costs of hiring separate caterers in Coimbatore or too many attendants or waiters. 


    1. Reception

    The buffet-style arrangement is usually followed in the case of reception, where appetizers are served to the guests. These gatherings are generally less formal, and guests tend to roam about the wedding venue meeting, greeting, and chatting with other guests and the host.


    1. Food Stations

    These are food stops for people to enjoy food being made live in front of them by chefs. Food stations usually offer kebabs, pastas, street foods, desserts, etc. A similar kind of station where drinks are served is also a trend these days. Such a station is called a beverage station. 


    1. Cafeteria-style

    This might look like a buffet, but it’s usually handled by workers who control the servings, or the size of portions served to the queue of guests. It works like a charm when it comes to saving costs and wastage of food. It also helps prevent food shortages. 


    1. Plated banquet

    The least costly and most efficient style of servicing in a banquet. This involves guests being served with sized portions of food on a plate directly from the kitchen. The plates are arranged and assorted according to the food choices of the guests.


    1. Family-style

    This is a universal style of banquet service. Guests are seated around the table with food being served just as it is served during a typical dinner night at your house, straight from the kitchen to the dining table where guests can help themselves and pass the food around.


    1. Pre-set

    This is when food is already served on the table before the arrival of guests. This kind of setup is called pre-set and usually helps manage food and crowd effectively. You might have experienced food items like sandwiches, brownies, or even beverages like soda, fruit juices, being kept on your table before arrival. 


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    Frequently Asked Questions in Banquet Halls in Coimbatore

    Does serving alcoholic beverages require a permit?

    The banquet hall you're in should comply with the state's regulatory policies when it comes to serving alcoholic beverages because it usually does require a permit or a license for the venue to serve alcohol on its premises. The best way to serve alcohol is by not crossing any ethical or legal boundaries.

    What is the cost of hiring a bartender in Coimbatore?

    Cost of services provided mostly vary. Enquire from the list of vendors online to find out the exact cost of hiring a bartender in Coimbatore.

    Will I find any AC banquet halls in Coimbatore?

    Yes, you will find both AC and Non-AC banquet halls in Coimbatore that you can choose from according to your needs.

    Are the banquet halls in Coimbatore furnished?

    Yes, banquet halls in Coimbatore are mostly fully furnished. Should you need to make any changes, the venue manager must communicate the requirements for convenient arrangement.

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