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Astrologers in Bhubaneswar

The beautiful capital of Odisha, Bhubaneswar is a glorious religious destination for Hindus and Buddhists alike that is filled with ancient Oriya architecture and stunning temples. It is one of the three temple cities in the state that makes up the Golden triangle in Eastern India in the temple circuit. Bhubaneswar is popular not only for its festivals, food, appliques works but also famous fairs like Ratha Jatra, Car Festival and much more that attracts tourists from all over the world. The city is filled with numerous tourist attractions ranging from breathtaking temple architecture, monuments of ancient history, Buddist sites, museums, villages filled with arts and crafts and much more that will never cease to amaze. Bhubaneswar is also a wonderful city to host your wedding celebrations and festivities.

During the wedding planning in Bhubaneswar, a couple has to make many decisions, right from choosing the perfect wedding venue in Bhubaneshwar, caterers in Bhubaneshwar, to minute decisions like the kind of flowers they want for their venue’s decoration. Amidst all the tasks that you need to tick off your wedding checklist, don’t forget to find an expert astrologer in Bhubaneswar. Indian weddings are filled with multiple ceremonies and rituals and a consultation with a professional astrologer is considered rather important. An astrologer analyses your birth charts and planetary positions to predict the future for you and can even help you find the right life partner for a happy life. If you are confused about how to find the ideal astrologer in Bhubaneswar that would be right for you, worry not. WeddingWire India brings you the perfect solution. Visit the website today or download the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App store and explore the services that they can offer you. 

Bhubaneswar is a sprawling capital city with multiple locations and areas that you can explore as per your preference. WeddingWire India also provides you with a list of locations within the city that you can choose as per your requirement and create a preferred list of astrologers in Bhubaneswar that will be ideal for you. Apart from your wedding-related rituals and ceremonies, astrologers can help you with several other queries or questions that you may need guidance for. 

Each astrologer listed on WeddingWire India has a different description along with photos of the astrologers, videos of them performing rituals as well as reviews from past clients with their experiences. You can visit the website and explore it all to make an informed decision for your wedding ceremonies. Pricing for astrologers in Bhubaneswar differs from one person to another, as it can depend on the number of services they will be offering as well as their experience and fame in the city. The price range to book the services of an astrologer in Bhubaneswar can start from around INR 2,000 and can go up to around INR 15,000 or more, depending on their knowledge and expertise. So that you can choose the one as per your wedding budget and start your wedding festivities on an auspicious note. 

What are the services provided by astrologers in Bhubaneswar?

An astrologer is a wise and learned expert who is skilled in analysing difficult problems and provides simple solutions that will benefit you. Astrologers in Bhubaneswar can provide a number of services that you can choose from, as per your needs and requirements. Some of the services that they have expertise in include:

Remedial Horoscope - For any problem that you face in your life, astrologers in Bhubaneswar can provide you with remedial solutions that might help you. These could include certain chants, prayers, wearing certain colours on a particular day, gemstone rings, or any other remedies that would be customised as per your concerns. 

Vedic Astrology - Also known as Hindu astrology or Jyotish Shastra, it’s a moon-based system that covers all aspects of life and gives the most reliable and accurate predictions. It’s based on a belief that planets and stars have a powerful influence on our lives. 

Palmistry - They are also known as palm readers who practice fortune-telling by reading and analysing your palm and its lines. Palmistry is practised all over the world with numerous cultural variations. They can reveal individual personalities, character traits and predict the future.

Numerology - It’s an ancient study that draws meaning from different number combinations, symbols and letters in your life. It works on a belief that you can understand the world around you in a better manner by observing numerical patterns in your daily life, while your birthdate says something essential about your personality.

Vastu Consultation - Vastu Shastra is planning the layout of a building in a certain manner so that it balances the vibrations and energies in your home or office. Keeping and avoiding certain things in your home or office can bring positive vibes as per Vastu studies. Astrologers in Bhubaneswar can also provide you with Vastu consultations. 

Kundali Match-Making - It’s a compatibility analysis between the couple as per Vedic astrology. Birth charts and planetary positions for the couple are calculated to predict their future life before choosing a life partner. 

Colour Therapy - It is a holistic remedy that brings balance and health to mind and body. Different colours or lights are used to treat physical or mental health by balancing the body’s energy centres, also known as Chakras. 

Future Query Resolution - Astrologers in Bhubaneswar can also help you resolve any questions that you might have about your future or current life. They can help you solve your relationship problems and even help in career guidance by predicting which path in life will be more beneficial for you. 

Feng Shui - An ancient Chinese practice that charts to balance the energy or Chi with the help of scientific calculations. The philosophy of Feng Shui is arranging the pieces in living spaces to create balance with the natural world as it claims to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment. 

Janam Patrika - Astrologers can even prepare your birth charts which are also called Janam Patrika which comes in handy at the time of Kundali Match-Making if you are planning to get married or even predict the future or career if you wish to have a proper consultation. 

Gemstones - Certain gemstones are said to balance out our personality energies and astrologers in Bhubaneswar can provide you with knowledge on it. They can even provide you with certain healing stones as well to act as a remedy to your problems. 

Reiki - It is a Japanese healing technique, wherein the universal energy is said to be transferred from the palm of the practitioner to the patient in order to encourage emotional and physical healing. It works on a belief that energy can stagnate in a body that has gone through any physical trauma or emotional pain and this blockage can cause illness. Reiki helps to relieve this energy and heal from within. 

Tarot Card - Also a popular trend, Tarot card reading is a form of cartomancy where astrologers use a deck of cards to gain insight into a person’s past, present and future. They ask a question to the cards and then interpret what the cards can mean for a particular person.

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Frequently Asked Questions in Astrologers in Bhubaneswar

How much does an astrologer in Bhubaneswar cost?

The price that they charge can depend on the number of tasks that they will be performing. The price range for an astrologer in Bhubaneswar can start from around INR 2,000 and can go up to around INR 15,000 or more. Their price will also depend on their experience and expertise.

How soon should I book an astrologer in Bhubaneswar?

During wedding seasons and auspicious months, the demand for an astrologer is very high. It is, therefore, best to book an astrologer in Bhubaneswar months in advance to avoid any last-minute booking hassles. You can inquire about the consultation timings for an astrologer and book an appointment. Astrologers usually provide their consultation in person, through telephone as well as through video chats.

Can an astrologer in Bhubaneswar travel for destination weddings?

Astrologers can travel for your wedding in different cities as well but this solely depends on the pandit itself if they are willing to travel or not. You can find an astrologer in almost every city but if you have a particular family astrologer, then you should inquire about their travel plans well in advance and before booking. If an astrologer agrees to travel for your destination wedding, you would have to cover the travel and accommodation charges for him and any of his assistants that accompany him.

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